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Try The Air Bed 95% Of Our Customers Purchase And Tell Friends And Family About! And During Our Fall Monster Sale, Get An Instant $700 Cash Rebate, AND Automatically Get Upgraded To Our Premium Bamboo Outer Covering Worth Up To An Extra $450...A Total Savings Of Up To $1,150!


Discover The Secret About Our Line Of Astonishingly Comfortable Air Beds….With Thousands Sold, For Thousands Less Than Big Name Brands, Backed Up With Our 365 Night Trial Period!  Why Pay For The Leading Brand’s Rent, Payroll, & Glitzy Ads…We Take That Money, and Build It Into Our Beds!

  The Big Name Air Bed manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year in marketing and advertising to get consumers to buy their product. It only makes sense to venture that the cost for this advertising is built into the cost of their mattress, retail stores, and plenty of hovering sales guys, right? Consider this: an Air Bed is really made up of a few necessary components, which include the air bladder, a pump, some foam rails around the air bladder to help support it and provide shape, the outer quilted top, and a remote control. Basically, 5 ingredients. We’re not talking about a car, here, or is it just us?

When I Looked At What Really Goes Into An Air Bed, I Couldn’t Believe How Over Priced They Were, Considering What You Got, So I Decided To Re-Invent A Premium Line Of Air Beds That Deliver Amazing Comfort At A Reasonable Price… And I Backed Them Up With Some Serious Guarantees…And Our 365 Day Trial Period!

We’ve been in the specialty bedding business since 1994, and have spent 10 years selling and constantly refining our Air Bed Systems based on owner feedback. Since our own customers essentially act as our “laboratory subjects”, we’ve been able to precisely advance the caliber and quality of our air beds, creating three models that will meet almost anyone’s needs since you have the ability to adjust the comfort and support levels.

We discovered that only certain highly select materials, from the foam layers, to the air chambers, to the outer covering, and the pump system (which increases and decreases the level of air in the bed) can be used to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction-otherwise we simply couldn’t offer a full 365 day money back trial period. 

Many brands can’t afford to use top notch ingredients and carve out enough profit margin to pay for the overhead required to sustain retail stores, expensive TV, radio, and print ads, and other expenses. Cheap foam layers, inferior fabrics and filler material used on the outer covering of an air bed, poor quality pump systems, inferior design and way too many models to choose from cast a long shadow over the air bed market place.

 We’d like to share with you how we custom hand-craft three Air Beds that are well engineered, whose ever changing architecture enhanced by customer feedback gives us the unique ability to create an adjustable mattress that offers stratospheric support, comfort, and durability, allowing us to back them up with a bullet-proof warranty and a worry free, no questions asked, 365 Day Trial Period. 


What would possess an educated consumer to spend $5000 or even more, on an Air Bed, with the gimmick being that every person had a magical number that would mysteriously provide them with an incredible night’s sleep? The truth is, having sold the leading brand of memory foam mattress for several years, as well as many other bedding products, we understood perfectly well that big companies want the retailer to push the sizzle rather than the steak.

Ever notice how salespeople in mattress stores aren’t comfortable unzipping or opening up the guts of a typical mattress to show you what’s inside? As a seasoned veteran of mattress design, construction, and sales, I can tell you flat out, there’s good reason for that.


The Typical Decent Mattress Is Expensive…. And You’d Be Surprised What’s Hidden Inside That Pretty Outer Covering- In Fact, You Might Just Be Shocked! Just Try Asking A Sales Person To Let You Have A Look Under The Hood!

Most manufacturers really don’t want a customer to “look under the hood” and see what’s inside their beds. Next time you’re in a mattress store, try that out for yourself. Ask a salesperson to describe to you, or show you, what’s under that pretty outer covering. Chances are, if you got into details about foam density, or even what kind of foam layers and support materials were in the mattresses they sold, they likely wouldn’t be able to answer your question without handing you some brochures.

Quite honestly, lack of quality components and knowledge is something that is commonplace in the bedding industry, so many retailers really don’t want to answer detailed questions about “what’s under the hood”. Mattress making in general can be a nefarious business. Often, manufacturers will intentionally add “filler material” and “fill layers” using cheap foams, and even layers of compressed melted plastic and shredded garment fiber, used simply to give added height to the mattress, serving no practical purpose to make the bed more comfortable- or durable. Consumers are accustomed to looking at the outside of a mattress and are willing to pay for curb appeal rather than what’s inside.

I have walked along side of a million dollar piece of equipment in a factory in Boston, that is used to make these plastic and shredded fiber mats, sold to every major mattress manufacturer in the US, simply made to act as filler. Incredible. So, we wanted to build a line of air beds that we were excited about, and we were eager to build them from the ground up, putting our experience in the specialty bedding industry to the test. After all, we had twenty years of “in the trenches” experience working with hundreds of unique bedding materials and components, and all along, our mission and mantra has been to listen to customers tell us what they felt a great bed really needed.

What that means is, we built an Air Bed line based on feedback from thousands of customers. Each bed we built would have ingredients that had a specific purpose and added comfort and support to the mattress.. inventedbyvideoslide



I Decided To Make A Better Air Bed — Crafted Using The Finest Components – At A Much Lower Price Than Other Leading Brand’s Big Sellers, Each Bed Individually Bench Built And Tested

Our goal was to research Air Beds thoroughly, approaching the design of our own models with a solid understanding of the technology involved. But more importantly, we wanted to hand pick the most comfortable and beneficial ingredients we could find using all of our resources. Individual layers that would work in symphony with one another to create support, pressure point reduction, effective weight distribution, and sumptuous support and comfort, and with the adjustability that an air bed system should offer.

The end result was to be able to offer up an extraordinary line of Air Bed Systems that our customers would truly appreciate. We wanted to build our beds with enough cherry picked ingredients and features to make it extraordinarily comfortable- but practical, and most importantly, offer them at an affordable price. Bottom line, we wanted to create Air Beds that have so much “Ahhhh” factor that you can’t wait to climb into bed at night…offered up at a price that will make you sleep soundly. In fact, we have sold thousands of our three Air Bed models, each completely bench built by hand right here in the USA, at our factory in Baltimore, MD.  






With Our Air Beds, You Get The Best Components At A Fraction Of The Price — And I Believe In Them So Much, I Am Offering You An Unheard Of 365 Night Money Back Trial On All Of Our Air Beds

We also wanted to be able to back up the product with both a generous return policy and a solid warranty. Our Air Beds are absolutely not sold in stores. We sell them here, on our web site only. We design and build our own Air Beds. By shipping factory direct, and since we are not supporting an infrastructure of retail stores, those costs don’t get passed on to you.

Costs like rent, payroll, insurance, air conditioning, and on and on. And, you don’t have to navigate through dozens of pages trying to determine which of the 25 models offered by the big boys is the right fit for you. We’ve whittled it down to just three models. That’s it. Got time to hear our story? Want to hear our CEO, Marc Anderson, tell you how we created our air bed lineup from scratch. It’s detailed but gives you a sensibility about who we are. At any time, you can scroll all the way down to get price information about our beds.  

Not only will you get an Air Bed owned by thousands of very satisfied customers, you’ll also get a whole lot more for your money. You’ll get everything you want from an Air Bed, including the dual adjustability (on Queen, King, and California King models), a luxurious, buoyant sensation, with great, therapeutic support and pressure point reduction qualities.

Most importantly, you don’t have to pay through the nose for maximum comfort and quality. We’ll even offer three foundation or base alternatives, or you can use a foundation you already have provided it is firm and resilient.


Read more to learn about who we are, everything you really need to know about buying a fantastic air bed, and what we have to offer…we think you’ll find that whether you choose our Habitat Arise® Air Bed, our Habitat Aloft® Bed, or our Habitat Ascend® Air Bed, you’ll find the perfect recipe for a restorative and life altering sleep experience.

Watch our assembly video, too, and get some great insight into how we build our bed…from the ground up, as well as understanding how simple it is to assemble your bed once it arrives. You’ll get an unbeatable price, a full 365 Night trial period, a solid 20 Year Factory Warranty, Great Customer Service from a dedicated company who uses the products we sell. Shipping is also absolutely free, and there is no sales tax if you do not live in Louisiana (our sales center is headquartered in the New Orleans area).

If you’re strongly considering an Air Bed, and you’ve looked at the leading brand or other manufacturers, it’s a bit overwhelming and often almost impossible to determine what you’re actually getting for your money. We think we’ve changed that, and if you read on, you’ll soon realize you don’t have to be an engineer, or have a background in hydraulics to make an educated purchase.

In a nutshell, the two most important ingredients in any well crafted Air Bed are the air chambers, which are the inflatable mattress components of the bed that provide the unique, buoyant support of an Air Bed, allowing you to adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress, and the pump system that controls the air flow into the air chambers.

We spent a lot of time studying materials used in the fabrication of air chambers, which are of course, the heart of an air bed, and discovered that there are a wide variety of materials used in their fabrication, including Natural Rubber, PVC (polyvinylchloride, a strong plastic used for plumbing pipes, etc.), Urethane (more or less, synthetic plasticized rubber), and Nylon.

While many competing air bed manufacturers claim that materials such as Urethane, Nylon, and PVC are the state of the art material of choice, when we tested them side by side, we confirmed what the leading brand’s bedding engineers already knew. Natural rubber air chambers, with a tightly woven fabric backing for structural support, felt more elastic, and offered a far more giving and “cushy” feel, both at firmer settings as well as at softer settings while still being resilient. You don’t feel like you’re swimming on your mattress, because of the flexibility of latex rubber air chambers vs. synthetic, plasticized materials.


Also, natural rubber doesn’t bottom out or feel “mushy” at softer settings, compared to the stiffer synthetic materials, and provided the best weight distribution and pressure point reduction, which is critical when you are considering the flotation benefits only an Air Bed can offer.

Don’t Get Baffled By “Baffles”!

Another consideration when shopping for air beds that can be confusing is the concept of “multiple air chambers” and “baffling”, or compartmentalized areas within the air chambers, which assist in evenly distributing the air flow. Manufacturers often try to convince you that the more complex the air chamber design is, the more comfortable they must be.

We test drove numerous air chambers with both simplistic designs, and more complex, so-called “zoned” air chambers. When filled to proper pressure offering a good, supportive level of comfort, it was really hard to tell the difference. Quickly we learned that, to buy a really good air bed, you did not have to spend as much time laboring over multi-chambered bladders and baffles vs. single chambered, less complex bladders. Also, it’s important to remember that the fewer baffles there are in an air bed bladder, the less adhesive materials will be used at the seams and along surface edges, which means less likelihood of leaks down the road.

Admittedly though, we found that some baffling to facilitate air movement is a good thing, since it genuinely helps distribute air more evenly, resulting in more uniform support. For example, whether you sat on the edge of the bed, or laid on your side in the middle, we observed that air is more effectively distributed to enable the air chambers to maintain their shape and elasticity, when a moderate amount of baffling is present.The baffling is created by building in very simple gussets, or walls, that run from head to foot in the air bladders, keeping the bladders from expanding vertically when filled, to maintain the shape of the air bladder, so that you don’t end up rolling to the center or outside of the mattress.


The Pump: Heart And Lungs Of An Air Bed

medical grade pump used in our air bed

Probably the most critical component of an adjustable Air Bed system is the pump used to control air flow, and the remote controls attached to the pump.

Most pumps are computerized, have self-limiting features built into them to prevent overheating, dramatically increasing their lifespan, capable of lasting for decades. The key things to look for are quick disconnect fittings, which make it easy to connect and relocate, well muffled or quieter pumps (even the best sound dampened pumps make a slightly desirable humming sound which can’t be avoided), an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating, and a long electrical cord with ground connector. Also, the pump should be freestanding, not built into the bed, to allow for good ventilation.


With both our Habitat Arise® and our Habitat Ascend® Air Bed Systems, we utilize a pump system engineered and built by a company that designs pumps that has been battlefield tested in thousands of households, designed to resist attacks of every kind- vacuum cleaner collisions, curious kids, over-zealous moving men, anything you can imagine.

Built with a beefy unbreakable outer housing, heavier air hose connection nozzles, and air chamber hoses that are reinforced with steel wire and outfitted with the largest connector barrels in the business, it’s a highly robust, sturdy and fully sealed system designed for extreme lifespan and durability. It features quick disconnect fittings, marine rated O-ring seals, so that when you pump up your bed, it stays inflated.

It’s almost mesmerizing sound is not disturbing or alarming, unlike other brands we tested, some of which sounded as loud as a Hoover upright vacuum cleaner. It’s built with power in mind, fills our air chambers quickly, and is designed for years and years of reliable use.

Take a look below at a leading brand’s aquarium style pump that we purchased from a disgruntled customer who owned a leading brand model, and then removed the pretty outer covering, vs. our superior piston pump, shown at right, a sealed pump that will far outperform any other pump in the industry lasting for decades with no service or maintenance required. Our pump fills and empties many times faster than other big time leading brands.


Hardwired Digital Remotes That Can’t Get Lost And Respond Instantly


As far as the remote control is concerned, we learned that much of the marketing hype and gimmick of leading manufacturers was centered around the mysterious and magical nature of the “number” which shows up on the digital screen on the remote control as you pump up or deflate the air bed.

But, we sat back and scratched our heads at this one. Why not pump the mattress up until it felt comfortable, then, if your mood changes, either pump it up some more, or deflate the thing? At first we thought the digital readout feature might be an unnecessary frill, but it pays to do your homework.

Customers who buy the big name leading brands enjoy the digital remote, and like the idea of having a point of reference when using the programmable memory feature. And if you can pay less for basically the same thing, why not have all of the bells and whistles as well? So, we designed our Air Beds using the same, very simplistic, straightforward hard wired remote control that you won’t lose, with an easy to read digital readout along with 2 programmable memory settings.


Side Rails And Perimeter Support Foam- The Hidden Secret To A Great Air Bed

One of the inherent design flaws of most Air Beds, including some of the leading brands, is the tendency for the sides of the bed to “bow out”, or flex outward when weight is applied to the bed, especially near the center where the two air chambers meet. This results in a “caving in” or sinking sensation between the two air bladders as they separate, and is a common complaint with customers.

We became keenly aware of this problem in our research.It turns out that it’s easy to fix, and involved completely eliminating the use of a so-called “I-Beam” down the middle of the bed. Incredibly, some leading brands actually claim that this “I-Beam” is really an added feature to help “support and distribute” weight, when in reality it is a “band-aid” designed to mask a design flaw. At lower, softer settings, an I-Beam becomes painfully obvious, as air pressure in the bladders causes them to sink lower than the I-Beam and surrounding perimeter rails.

The solution: a unique, patented, perimeter support rail system, which goes around the entire bed. Since our Air Bed uses a softer rubber air chamber design, at the edge where the chambers meet the foam side rails, there is no discernible transition between surfaces, which creates a smooth continuous feel across the entire surface of the bed.This quality is not found in other manufacturer’s air beds and is also a common complaint with leading brand customers.

In addition, to prevent separation of the bladders and the resulting “caved in” sensation in the middle of the Air Bed, the side support rails we used in our unique design are connected head to foot, and side to side with a specialized “tensioning” fabric, which prevents the rails from bowing outward, eliminating that sinking and “caving-in” feeling.The tension created between opposite side rails by the connecting fabric layer eliminates the bowing out problem, preventing separation between air bladders… so that you won’t disappear between them.


It’s What’s Inside That Makes Our Air Beds Worlds Apart From The Competition…And It Makes Them Astonishingly Comfortable, Available At Much Lower Prices.

Since we’ve been in the bedding business for 20 years, we know what it takes to create a great “finished feel” when it comes to designing a mattress. It’s no different with an Air Bed, because the right chemistry of materials immediately above the air bladder can greatly accentuate and compliment the overall perception of the mattress, greatly enhancing the adjustability factor offered by the air bladders.

If the quality of the materials on top of the air bladder is inadequate, then you’re not taking advantage of the “accumulated” effect of all of the components of the mattress, which should be wonderfully comfortable and buoyant, especially with an Air Bed, with a great range of adjustability.The quality of the materials used in our support layers under the quilted outer top was of paramount importance, and in the end, is what makes both of our Air Bed models astonishingly comfortable. Skimping on the quality of our foam support layers was something just not in our nature.

However, because we sell our Air Beds factory direct, and don’t have to support an infrastructure of retail stores or a network of dealers, we can build a far less expensive bed with superior components. We wanted to make sure, for example, that our Air Bed systems, were built on the same “chassis”, meaning all models would have the same outer liner and our highly responsive stretch-knit bamboo outer cover, which is crafted using a proprietary process which provides an all natural fiber but with the yielding and giving qualities of a flexible material.

This allows you to experience subtle changes in comfort and support by allowing the foam layers beneath to be in close proximity to your body, rather than separating them with a poofy, over quilted top which in fact distances you from the very materials that you are paying for, and that provide benefit!

Both of our Air Beds are built with our fabric backed vulcanized rubber air bladders, and includes our medical grade pump with digital remotes.We did not want to skimp on the most important components, regardless of which model you choose. Both models feature our premium high density foam side rail support system, as well as our 1″ high density foam support layer underneath the air bladders. Our two air bed models, built on the same foundation of quality, offer two great options to choose from, at two different price points.

Our Flexible Knit Bamboo Top Cover – It’s The Icing On The Cake On Our Air Beds

When you’re talking about comfort and mattresses in general, perhaps the most important consideration is what’s on top…the icing on the cake if you will. Our unique “flex-knit”bamboo top cover, included in both of our Air Bed models, as we describe in our videos on this page, tops off the “accumulated effect” that we speak about in our video. The unique sensation created by all of our support layers work in concert with our air chamber system, providing the astonishing comfort offered only by our proprietary design.

Best of all, the flexible top on both of our Air Beds is made using hypoallergenic Bamboo fiber, which offers superior air distribution and ventilation, keeping the mattress cool, and allows the foam layers beneath to properly stretch, flex, and respond to body formations, offering additional softness and “cush” factor to the top of the bed, which is great for both back and side sleepers. If you’re a hot sleeper, like many of us here on the Habitat team, Bamboo is a great fiber to sleep on, being cooler, less dense, and more breathable.




We Back Up Our Line Up Of Premium Air Beds With An Unbeatable, No Questions Asked 365 Night Trial And Solid 20 Year Factory Warranty With Unheard Of 3 Year Full Replacement Component-On All Parts Including Pump And Air Chambers

We spent almost two years researching various Air Bed manufacturers and Air Bed component suppliers to find what we believed was the most seasoned and driven company in the industry to custom build our Habitat Arise®, Aloft®, and our Habitat Ascend® Air Bed Systems. We wanted to work with a company that was grounded in the flotation bedding industry, meaning that their focus was more on engineering and a robust understanding of bedding materials, than promotion and marketing.

We discovered and then partnered up with a world class company called U.S. WaterMattress, Inc., a business with a 40 year history of innovation in flotation bed systems, with a tremendous eye for detail and quality engineering and workmanship. We designed our mattresses, procure the ingredients from proprietary sources, and the units are sewn, assembled, cut to fit, pre-assembled prior to shipment, and bench tested on site at our fabrication facility, one bed at a time.

The bed designers at U.S. WaterMattress, Inc., located in Baltimore, MD, work regularly with our concept team to engineer and constantly improve our Air Beds to our exacting specifications and requirements. Your Habitat Arise®. Habitat Aloft® or Ascend® Air Bed System arrives in one easily managed box with U.S. WaterMattress markings, the signature of quality of an Air Bed manufactured by our hand picked experts, with four decades of experience engineering flotation bedding systems.

Finally, our secret. We build our beds “piece meal”, one at a time, completely by hand in the USA, by obtaining all of our components from a variety of resources, carefully hand selected, not just relying on one convenient resource. It’s a lot of work, but the end result is a quality bed built with ingredients that will deliver comfort and durability, for many years to come. It’s not a bed built in China, or on an assembly line where the components are stuffed into a bag of fabric with a pump tossed into the box.

Because we have been in the specialty bedding business since 1994, we have many unique sources for quality materials unavailable to most manufacturers. We’re not buying bulk quantities of discounted foams that are imported in containers and not scrutinized or periodically given the once over by our team. Every piece of hand selected foam layers, pump and air chamber sets, bamboo fabric, foam rail sets, and all other ingredients are physically inspected as they are hand packaged and placed in your box.

We like the fact that cutting edge technology can be accessible to our customers at a reasonable price using the best materials available, and we are proud to offer our “custom crafted” air bed to you. The Habitat Arise®, Habitat Aloft®, and Habitat Ascend® Air Bed Systems are available only through our web site, and you will not find them in retail stores anywhere.

Since we ship factory direct only, we can offer the extended 365 Night Trial period, as well as absolutely free shipping. And, if you are not completely satisfied with our product for any reason during this trial period, you can return it, no questions asked, for a modest $75 return ship fee. Everything else is refunded directly back to your credit card.


How The Arise®, Aloft®, And Ascend® Air Bed System Ships and Assembles

Your Habitat Arise®, Aloft®, or Ascend® Air Bed System arrives Ready To Assemble, with Quick Set Up Instructions. Since your bed arrives in one box, it is delivered to your threshold or garage, via FedEx freight. You’ll get a phone call ahead of time to schedule an appointment, and the driver will bring your box to your door.

Upon moving the box into you main living area, you can open them and remove the components, taking them into your bedroom and assembling the bed on your existing solid top foundation or one of three foundation options shown below. Assembly is easy, takes about 15-20 minutes. Follow along on our Assembly video tutorial found above, and use the included inventory sheet and setup instructions shipped with the system.

Approximate ship time from the day you place the order averages 10-14 calendar days from the day you place your order. And again, each Air Bed we sell is custom made to our own specifications, designed for maximum comfort and ease of assembly. You will receive an email with your tracking number so you can prepare for arrival.




Need A Base For Your Air Bed? Get The Mattress By Itself Or With A Foundation

We often get asked by our customers whether they should buy an Air Bed mattress by itself or whether they need to get it as a complete set with a foundation. An Air Bed requires a firm, resilient surface, and many older “box spring” style foundations simply don’t offer the proper support. Obviously, if you’re changing sizes, you’ll need a new foundation.

Here’s our best advice: If your existing foundation (or solid top, rigid foundation or “box spring”) is fairly new (less than 5 – 7 years old) and has a supportive, firm surface, you should be able to save a bit and just buy the mattress by itself. To test whether your current foundation is still up to snuff, take off your existing mattress and stand in the center of the foundation. If it does not depress or indent more than one inch, it is perfectly acceptable.

We also offer a matching set of foundations designed specifically for our Habitat Air Bed Systems. These foundations are crafted using Black Spruce by an Amish cooperative in Pennsylvania, and the frames are brought to our factory in Baltimore where they are fully upholstered.

They’re hand crafted to last a lifetime, and carry the same 20 year warranty that our Air Bed systems do, and will not compress, indent, or form ruts.

A Foundation System For Your Air Bed That Is Hand Crafted And Designed to Last A Lifetime


If you choose to order our Habitat Air Bed Premium Foundation, they arrive in one box, and in twin and twin long sizes, there is one piece. In all other sizes, including full, queen, king, and California king, they are in two split pieces that fit side by side on your existing metal or wooden bed, headboard and footboard set, and they are 8″ in height. The overall height of an Arise and foundation set would be 19″, and an Ascend and foundation set would be 21″, from the lip or edge of the existing base that you are using.

Looking for a platform style setup, don’t have a metal or wood bed base, and want some storage underneath your mattress? Our Euro Bed Base is a great option, made of tube steel, and using an adjustable deck type panel system, it will support up to 3400 lbs. in a King or Cal king version. The Euro Bed Base system is 12″ tall, and offers a huge amount of storage space underneath. A 12″ bed skirt can be used to conceal the base and your stored items, giving it a conventional, tailored look.


An Adjustable Bed Option For Our Habitat® Air Bed System That Gives You The Ultimate Sleep- And Relaxation-Experience


You can also use our Habitat Ascend, Aloft, or Arise Air Bed system with certain adjustable bases, like our Leggett and Platt S-Cape® System that we offer here on our site. You can read about the S-Cape system here. Should you order the adjustable base at the same time with our Air Beds, the beds siderails are notched acccordingly so that the mattress properly articulates with the adjustable bases, allowing for a broader and better range of motion. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about our adjustable base option.

Rock Solid Business Reputation and Secure Online Ordering

Habitat Furnishings has 20 years of retail bedding industry experience . Most other air bed manufacturers, including the leading brand, have far fewer years in the trenches. We’ve been a member of the BBB since 2003 and participated in the BBB Online Reliability Program since 2003 as well. In all this time there has never been a single unresolved issue or question filed with the BBB about Habitat Furnishings.


Our Habitat Air Bed System Line Up: Three Models To Choose From… Our Arise®, Aloft® and Ascend® Air Bed Systems


The Lowdown: Perfect For Back Sleepers, Those Seeking Firm, Resilient Support, Neck And Back Issues, Firmer Model


Once You’ve Selected Your Mattress, You Will Be Given the Opportunity To Order One Of Our Foundation Options If You Choose






The Lowdown: Perfect For Side And Back Sleepers, Softer, Relieves Pressure, Distributes Weight, Is Cushier, More Yielding And Nestlike



Once You’ve Selected Your Mattress, You Will Be Given the Opportunity To Order One Of Our Foundation Options If You Choose






The Lowdown: Perfect For Side, Belly, And Back Sleepers, Highly Responsive, Buoyant, Softer, Excellent For Those Needing To Nestle In, Our Most Popular Model 





Once You’ve Selected Your Mattress, You Will Be Given the Opportunity To Order One Of Our Foundation Options If You Choose

Order Today- Call 1-800-313-2591

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