Considerations When Buying a Natural Latex Mattress

In the blog, Plush Latex Mattress – Basic Considerations in Buying Latex Mattress, the unnamed blogger seeks to help the reader with some basic guidelines in choosing a latex mattress.

The blogger correctly points out that a latex mattress is comfortable and alleviates pressure points when you sleep.  He or she also states that this added comfort from reduced pressure points will help stop you from tossing and turning so you will get a more restful night’s sleep.

The blogger continues on correctly pointing out that a latex mattress is very durable, will last for a long time, and is hypoallergenic. 

All of these things are fine points except for one thing… The blogger never distinguishes 100% botanically derived latex mattresses from latex mattresses that are made synthetically using petrochemicals.  Since up to 80% of latex mattresses are not natural latex mattresses and are actually synthetically made, this is a big point to miss.  The blogger uses the term “plush latex mattress” or “latex plush mattress” throughout the article without ever using the term “natural” or pointing out how true natural latex is 100% botanically derived.  It sounds to me like someone needs to go back and perhaps do a bit more research.

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