Regal Tranquility Mattress


When we designed what has now become one the best selling Natural Latex Mattress, we never imagined that we'd venture back into the coil mattress market, because we really wanted to focus exclusively on top to bottom latex mattress design. After all, coil mattresses are notorious for motion transfer, being too hard, not being effective at weight distribution or reducing pressure points. So why would we create a mattress that included an innerspring element built in?

We've always been intrigued about improving upon something that is an iconic piece of Americana. Even our digital air bed line has a model that includes pure latex, but what about the classic innerspring mattress?  Could it be improved upon, so that it could offer unique qualities no other mattress could?

Why spend thousands more for big name brands that pad their prices by adding filler layers that add little value or comfort to one of the most important investment you'll make?




Our design team was already tinkering with pocketed coil systems when we realized we could incorporate pure latex into a coil mattress, provided each coil worked independently to micro-manage small areas of the body with such subtlety that the individually placed pocketed coils would react much like the keys on a piano, responding to pressure applied even in very small areas, to avoid swallowing your body into a pocket, much like a memory foam mattress does- very inefficiently reducing pressure. Each and every component built into our Regal Tranquility adds luxurious comfort and amazing support!



We knew we'd need a coil system that had at least 1,000 small coils of various sizes to properly accommodate different zones of the body, tighter and stiffer coils for the edge of the bed for sitting and transfer, softer coils for pressure point areas like hips and shoulders, and moderately firm areas for proper back support.





Using this concept and finding the perfect pocketed coil layer for the foundation of the mattress, we wanted to create a bed with astonishing pressure point management, and added a 3" layer of our natural latex above it, allowing for buoyant support, and ease of turning, and even better horizontal weight distribution rather than pinpoint downward pressure that hurts and tightens muscles.

Above our latex layer, we positioned a 2" layer of pure Jomma wool to reduce motion transfer even more and adding an insulating barrier to diffuse heat away from the user. An organic fabric was chosen for the outer encasement, or covering, to provide a clean, non-toxic surface to our Regal Tranquility mattress.

Our Regal Tranquility was designed by our company owner, Marc Anderson, who has over 22 years of mattress experience. We wanted to be able create a mattress that was a hybrid vision of everything he knew about mattress craftsmanship, all built into one bed. Even the facility where the Regal Tranquility is built and shipped from had to make sense. He knew through contacts in the industry that there was only one option- a father/daughter team in Lansing, Michigan that runs a boutique production shop with extreme attention to detail and precision. In fact, each Regal Tranquility we make is custom made for you.


Marc knew he had something magical in the works, when our team first connected all of the dots and built the first prototype. Like most inventors and designers, you always want to leave your mark - and create a product with unique advantages and benefits not found anywhere else.

We had been experimenting with gel foams, the newest generation of advanced open cell elastic foams, capable of spreading weight horizontally so dramatically that it pushes weight outward and away.

We incorporated a 2" topper pad of the finest gel foam we could find, wrapped it in the same organic fabric as that used in the mattress itself, and placed it on top of the bed as a separate topper and pillow top, but integral to the mattress as a whole - supportive, yielding, cradling, nest-like, levitating, and flat-out amazing.

Our Habitat Regal Tranquility is not just astonishing because it was designed by people as if they were creating their own personal perfect bed, it's unique in the marketplace. We invite you to get more restorative sleep, wake up pain-free, and look forward to going to bed for once in your life.




When you order your Habitat Regal Tranquility Mattress, you'll get our 365 Day Trial Period. Try it for up to a full year, if for any reason you don't like it, we'll come and pick it up for a modest $99 return ship charge, and happily refund ALL of your money.

You'll get a 30 year Factory Warranty (15 year full replacement component up front and 15 years pro-rated on the back side).  You'll experience our convenient packaging system which protects the mattress and makes installation easy. We vacuum package and roll our Regal Tranquility mattresses, so they ship in a smaller, more manageable box, directly to your threshold (front door or garage).



Thom Hickey, a customer in San Francisco, California, probably put it best, even though we have notes from customers in boxes.

"I purchased the Regal Tranquility with the Gel Foam Topper. I love this bed so much I can't even tell you.

I have sciatica that flares up from time to time and I've always treated it with firmness. But firmness doesn't lend itself to the best sleep for me. Before buying this mattress, I had been sleeping on a Sleep Number bed for years and years - what a shame and what a waste.

I now know what a real bed can do. This bed is the absolute perfect balance of soft and forgiving on top but with a firmness underneath that supports my underside hip (I'm a side sleeper) enough that my sciatica hasn't fired up once since buying your bed.

The bed doesn't sleep hot or cold to me, it's just right. I sleep so soundly that my life has improved as a result of buying this bed. I know that sounds like an overstatement, but it isn't."

Alan and Teresa Carlson, also wrote to us to tell us what they thought of their brand new Regal Tranquility-

"The comfort level of our bed we recently came to appreciate even more after spending a week on a motel bed.  The mattress, along with the gel topper, cradles you in such comfort, we find ourselves getting up fewer times during the night, as we are able to attain a deeper sleep since getting the Regal Tranquility Mattress.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful, quality product.  We appreciate all you did to assist us during the ordering and delivery of our bed, also.  Yours is an A+ company in our book!"

Madeleine Loyd, a customer in Covington, Louisiana wrote: "We purchased a Regal Tranquility mattress in November 2015. I can honestly say it was love from the first night. It is a soft, "cushy" mattress, but it is still supportive. Both my husband and I are sleeping well during the night, not to mention sleeping until late in the morning!"


Features And Advantages Of The Habitat Regal Tranquility Mattress

  • Uniform And Uplifting Support, Whether On Side Or Back That Eliminates Pressure And Distributes Weight
  • A Softer, Yielding, And Nestled In Sensation, Without Bottoming Out-At Any Weight Or With Any Body Type
  • Cooler, Refreshing Sleep, With No “Hot Spots”, Unlike Memory Foam, And Conventional Mattresses
  • Effortless Turning, Which Keeps You In Deep, Restorative Sleep Longer
  • Eliminates Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip Pain By Maintaining Proper Spine Alignment And By “Load Broadening”, Which Is An Effect Caused By The Interaction Of The Pure Latex, Gel Foam, And Outer Fabric Causing Weight To Be Distributed Only Horizontally Rather Than Vertically
  • Minimal To Zero Motion Transfer, By Calming Restless Sleepers Due To Nestled In And Subtle Body Immersion With Gel Foam Layer
  • 365 Day “Bullet Proof” No Questions Asked Trial Period- Modest $99 Removal Charge, Picked Up And Hauled Away
  • Industry Smashing 30 Year Warranty– 15 Years Full Replacement For Any Defect, 15 Years Pro-Rated, Unheard Of In the Bedding Industry
  • Overall Mattress Height 16″- Height Of Pocketed Coil System 8″, Natural Latex Layer 3″, Jomma Wool Layer 2″, Base Foam Layer 1″, Gel Layer 2″
  • Beaded Gel Foam Topper, For Extraordinary Sumptuous Support, FREE For A Limited Time, With Organic Fabric And Corded Edge
  • Distributes Load Horizontally, Rather Than Vertically, Obliterating Pressure Points And Hot Spots


Once you place you order you can expect to receive your Habitat Regal Tranquility mattress in about two weeks.