100% Natural Latex Mattresses



Alright, so here's the low down on why you should buy a pure latex mattress, rather than one of the over-hyped chemical beds which have suddenly appeared online, in stores, on TV, cluttering up your in-box, endlessly following you around on the internet.

Only botanical latex, which is a plant based material that is easily converted into a very comfortable and supportive sleep surface, can deliver a safe, fume free, restorative night's rest. You've already seen many other dealers online selling latex mattresses. But only Habitat offers a unique, proprietary recipe for a bed that delivers incredible comfort, support, and sumptuousness.

And, we've been doing this longer than just about anyone else out there- in fact, on the web, probably longer than most of our competitors combined- since 1994.  

And exactly why do we offer the industry's longest trial period? Because very few of our mattresses are returned, even after 365 days of use, during which you can give our mattress the most thorough battlefield test you can deliver. The fact is, you simply won't be parting with a Habitat Pure Latex mattress...which is the reason we're the most imitated and respected mattress store on the web.

And, because we've sold tens of thousands of our pure latex mattresses through the years, we've used our greatest asset- our customers- to give us their feedback about genuine personal experiences, delivering hundreds of authentic, real reviews. 



What you're buying when you purchase from us is not so much a mattress that we designed, but rather the collective experience of tens of thousands of satisfied Habitat Latex mattress owners- we listen to our customers advice and comments, and then make minor improvements to our mattresses, so you'll get a perfect bed, constantly being improved upon in real time - a truly "crowdsourced" reinvention of of the original, ground breaking Pure Latex mattress we invented years ago. What you won't get is a mattress designed by a couple guys who sketched out a bed in a Starbucks and gave it a really cool name.

Our Pure Latex mattresses are made using only the most premium ingredients, using only the finest plant based pure latex, harvested from fair trade plantations, handled with impeccable care and expertise, using the most modern facilities to process and create our latex cores (the solidified building blocks, or layers, of our mattresses).

We'll tell you that we strongly believe any decent pure latex bed should have a Dunlop latex base as the bottom or substrate layer to form a proper bottom layer so that it resists settling and bucketing, provides optimal buoyancy and support, and the top piece (except in the case of our 6" model, which of course, is all Dunlop) should be made using  Natural Talalay, to give you total "ahh" factor.

Because Dunlop natural latex has been battlefield tested in the industry since the 60's, it provides the most reliable support layer available. We source our pure Dunlop Latex from only the most experienced and respected plantations which produce top quality liquid latex that ultimately yields mattresses that last longer, resists compressing and rutting, and feels livelier, more buoyant, proven to stand the test of time. 

It's taken years to develop industry contacts that provide  exclusive access to the latex materials we can source. You can take advantage of our experience and our following, tens of thousands of happy customers who sleep restfully and peacefully every night.



The Anatomy Of A Perfectly Designed, Chemical Free Bed



Dunlop vs. Talalay Processes Explained

Our 6" mattress is made using one continuous piece of 6" Dunlop pure latex by itself, and our 8" and 9" models are laminated together using a softer 2" or 3" layer of pure Talalay latex, to provide what we call our "finish" or top layer, on top of the 6" Dunlop base.

Our Talalay latex is also purely botanical (no synthetic latex, only plant derived), but what makes Talalay only slightly different from Dunlop latex is that during the conversion from liquid to bouncy, jiggling solidified latex,  a flash freeze step is applied immediately prior to steam cooking the liquid latex to vulcanize it into a solid. This flash freeze step allows for finer dispersion of air bubbles, creating a finer, more velvety latex, ideal for top layers where body contact is made directly. 

Incidentally, there is a common myth within the latex mattress industry, and that is that Talalay latex is only available as a synthetic or partially synthetic material. The truth is, you can find synthetic or SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) Talalay, or blended Talalay (some SBR, some natural), or Pure Natural Talalay. Pure Natural Talalay costs more, so is often downplayed by either manufacturers trying to pitch the synthetic, cheaper stuff, or simply because they are not educated about the material. Habitat uses only pure, all natural, Talalay for our top finish layers.

A lot of people ask, why do you guys use Dunlop latex for the bottom layer of your mattresses rather than Talalay all the way down? The fact is, pure Dunlop latex has been used in the industry for over 50 years and is battle tested and proven to withstand decades of use, without compression or dipping and rutting. Talalay latex is best used, because of it's softer, more velvety feel, as the top "finish" layer to impart the ultimate yielding and body conforming-while still buoyant and uplifting- sensation.

Combined, these two ingredients, using our proprietary densities and sources, offer the most comfortable, supportive, and longest lasting pure latex mattresses you can buy.

The ideal latex mattress will disperse and distribute your weight horizontally, outward- instead of downward, such as  the effect typically found on conventional innerspring mattresses and other sleep materials like memory foam, where your body immerses into a pit, pushing pressure points down, rather than spreading uniformly, reducing pressure and relieving pain.

Also, the instantly responsive, buoyant, super-elastic and lively feel of pure latex floats you up to the surface of the mattress, and you enjoy a more levitating like sensation, enabling you to turn effortlessly, enjoy deeper REM sleep while relaxing muscles, connective tissues, and joints.

Incidentally, many latex mattress retailers are eager to sell you a bed made with "interchangeable layers" that are not laminated together using adhesives, which is code for "it's cheaper not to glue the layers together, so we're going to create a reason for you to buy an unfinished product from us".

Fact:  buy a latex mattress that isn't properly laminated together, and you'll be unzipping it and restacking and rebuilding your "interchangeable mattress" on a fairly regular basis. Unglued layers slowly chafe against one another, causing deterioration and breakdown, and eventual collapse and indentations.


Fact: buy a latex mattress that isn't pure top to bottom latex, but rather made with mysterious filler material with names like "dream foam" and "ultra foam" and you'll be returning it within months once it develops that first rut or depression... that's if you still can return it. Also, materials like memory foam, and almost all high density polyurethane foams tend to sleep hot because they are so dense, collecting heat. (Tip: we offer a 365 Day Return Policy)


Fact:  buy a latex mattress that is made using conventional techniques with quick set adhesives, and you're likely buying a mattress made with as much as a quart of glue that is going to off gas formaldehyde, VOC's and other toxic chemicals, rather than just pure, clean air. But, if you purchase a mattress built using a non-toxic, water based adhesive that contains no VOC's, no formaldehyde or heavy metals, PBDE's, or other petroleum compounds, like we do, your lungs and body will thank you for decades to come.

Fact: If you buy a chemical bed, that is a foam mattress or even an innerspring mattress filled with petroleum based materials, it will sleep hot, acting as a heat sink, collecting and gathering hot spots, rather than distributing the heat through a natural, open celled structure. Check out the heat map above comparing pure latex with memory foam and the typical innerspring mattress.

Fact: The right way to sort through pure latex beds? Buy a mattress without a Dunlop base layer, and you won't get the buoyant, uplifting sensation you could have. You'll get a bed that feels lifeless. The best combination: Put the Talalay on top and the Dunlop below. Dunlop latex has been in the marketplace for more than 50 years, it works, it's time proven, it's purely natural, and made directly by converting raw liquid latex to solid mattress cores.






We designed three unique pure latex mattresses, each offering different levels of support and comfort. Because we're the only designers and botanical latex mattress builders that have more than two decades of experience, with tens of thousands of our mattresses in the field, we've been able to tweak and adjust our recipe to accommodate almost every conceivable body type and offer three simplistically designed beds, the most streamlined lineup of pure latex beds available anywhere.

There's absolutely no need to build a 10" or 12" tall pure latex mattress. The primary reason for this is that pure latex is fairly heavy, and adding more pure latex only increases cost without added benefit, and makes handling a latex mattress more difficult. Also, we don't add layers of mystery foam between our pure latex layers to increase height. You'll get strictly pure, unadulterated latex top to bottom in all three of our models. 

Each of our pure latex mattresses is outfitted with our pure organic cotton cover which is pre-installed on your mattress. We use only the finest unbleached cotton, trimmed with our signature mint green piping treatment which is the true hallmark of the best pure latex mattress you can buy.

Our organic outer encasement is durable, and even includes a zipper along the bottom edge, in the event you ever need to replace it due to liquid spills, stains, damage from pets or kids, moving damage, anything. You can replace the outer encasement for a reasonable price-unlike conventional mattresses that have to be replaced if you damage the outer cover.

We also use a non-chemical fire barrier which meets all FR1633 Federal Flammability Code requirements without the use of nasty toxins like boric acid, or sprayed on barriers, such as those widely used in the mattress industry today.

Our fabric fire barrier layers are made using either a thin layer of natural wool or a thin layer of natural cellulose (compressed, but breathable wood fibers, which resist combustion due to the density of the fabric).



There are no toxic materials or non-natural materials used in the production of our mattresses whatsoever. Even the adhesive we use to laminate our mattresses together is a water based material that contains no formaldehyde or heavy metals, VOC's, or other nasty components found in almost every mattress made in the industry today.

Even the trendy hybrid mattresses you find at the top of almost any mattress search page are made using quick set, VOC and formaldehyde based glues. It's fast, and great if you are in the business of stamping out beds at a production, hammered pace- but we build our beds one at a time, and though the water based adhesive takes more technical expertise to apply and more drying time to cure, we think you'll agree: it's worth the wait.

Our outer cover, which is pre-installed on your mattress in our factory, is carefully crafted using unbleached cotton, lightly quilted, so that you don't get any motion transfer, but get all of the sumptuous qualities that pure latex can offer, like the highly responsive elastic feel, and the floating, buoyant qualities that no other bed can deliver.
We've spent years perfecting our organic cotton cover so that it reacts perfectly with our mattress and your body.


Your mattress arrives vacuum packaged and rolled so that it remains unscathed and protected during shipment, and is easier to install and trek up steps or around corners than mattresses that are in typical large bags or boxes, loose and floppy, and hard to handle and install.

We recommend removing the rolled mattress from the outer shipping box in the entry area of your home, and transporting the mattress in the hermetically sealed bag to the bedroom, placing it on the foundation or base, and then carefully cutting away the plastic bag.


The mattress will expand rapidly as it takes on air, and is usually fully reconstituted within 5-10 minutes. Plop the mattress up and down a few times, and it will be ready to use!


Weight considerations can be a factor when selecting a latex mattress, and if you are over 250-275 lbs, or prefer a mattress that is extremely firm, we suggest you take a look at our Big & Tall page, which features our Habitat Titan Pure Latex Mattress.

Take a look at our bar chart to the left, or the quick guide below to help select the proper Habitat Pure Latex Mattress to maximize the benefits that each mattress will deliver to you. Typically, our 8" Pure Latex Mattress is our biggest seller, since it offers both uplifting support, but with a softer top layer to deliver more yielding, sideways weight distribution which alleviates pressure, but also provides ideal support for back sleepers too, by filling in those gaps such as lower back areas, to provide yielding, yet uplifting support. You will never experience that wet sand feel found in memory foam or mystery foam mattresses that are mass produced and widely available on the internet. 


  • Extraordinary comfort and support provides restorative, rejuvenating sleep.
  • Botanically derived ingredients, no VOC's, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or other toxic ingredients next to your nose at night.
  • Water based adhesives, no toxic VOC based glues used
  • Antimicrobial, resists mold and fungal organisms, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic and excellent for individuals with respiratory issues.
  • Makes turning effortless, easy to transfer and getting in and out of bed a breeze.
  • Resists dipping, depressions, rutting, and compression.
  • Ships vacuum packaged and rolled, easy to handle and set up.
  • 365 Day Trial and easy return policy.
  • Owners and team answer phones and use the beds we sell.
  • 20 Year Factory Warranty with 10 Year No Questions Asked Full Replacement Component
  • FREE Shipping, No Sales Tax For All Non-Louisiana Residents (company is headquartered in the New Orleans area)
  • In Business Since 1994, longer than most of our competitors.
  • Shipped from several of our facilities in strategic geographic areas to reduce time our product is on vehicles.




Our 8" model also appeals to people who are flip-floppers, or generally restless sleepers, and often quiets restless limbs. If you desire a slightly more immersive, more giving, and more "cushy" feel, go with our 9" SkyBed®, which delivers just a bit more softness. It is the choice of anyone with pressure point concerns, and for those used to a softer but supportive mattress, but without sacrificing the ability to easily turn or transfer.



  • We recommend putting children on our pure latex mattresses at any age as they transition to their own bed. The 6" model is typically the model of choice, and hundreds of satisfied parents have confirmed this. Best for healthy, growing backs, it offers proper spine alignment, support, but with good yielding and give.
  • Our pure latex mattresses are hypoallergenic, contain no perfumes or fragrances, and are ideal for those who suffer from migraines or other neurological problems that involve exposure to odors or VOC's that can offer trigger events.
  • Back or neck pain sufferers, those with fused vertebrae, neuropathies, including sciatic nerve pain, fibromyalgia sufferers, and those in bed for more than 10 hours per day do best on our 9" SkyBed®, because of the more yielding and nestlike qualities of that model.
  • Couples where there are large weight differences should call us for expert advice. We consider height, weight, and sleep habits, along with physical condition when making the right choice for you.


Oh, And Don't Take Our Word For It...Listen To What Our Actual Owners Have To Say About The #1 Selling Pure Latex Mattress On The Web- The Only Web Site With Reviews Recorded By Real Customers!


"I purchased a latex bed because I had suffered a back injury - broke my back in five places. So I needed to get something more comfortable to sleep in. And ... I like it, it works. Its what I needed."
Amanda Foss

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"The moment that the bed arrived we were delighted, have slept great ever since - no problems whatsoever. And also the service at Habitat Furnishings was exceptional. ... It was great to talk to a real person instead of just to just a machine. We have been very, very pleased all the way around"
Garner Hixson

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"I absolutely love this bed.  My back has never felt better and my bed is now my oasis. I recently purchased an all natural latex mattress at the recommendation of a family member who just couldn't say enough about how comfortable his new bed was.  Wow! As a mother of three who hasn't had a good night's sleep in 9 years, his testament was an accurate one. I absolutely love this bed.  My back has never felt better and my bed is now my oasis.  It is the single most comfortable place to be in my home, and I can't keep my kids out of it.  I highly recommend trying all natural latex to anyone  before wasting time shopping for mattresses elsewhere."
Kim Algo

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"I love my natural latex mattress. This is the most comfortable and gently, softly supportive bed I have ever had. And it is doing great things for my dust mite allergies since it doesn't allow dust mites."
Jody Olenquist

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"It is simply the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on. I transferred over from a $2500 ... spring bed, and its fantastic. The service so far from Habitat has been fantastic. I got my bed 10 - 15 days faster than I thought I would. Marc is a fantastic manager."
Dave Amcher

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"We recently purchased one of the latex beds, ... it was delivered promptly and we are really excited about it.  But the thing we are most excited about is the sales people at the Habitat Furnishings. They are not pushy, they're not like every other mattress salesmen with their used car techniques. These guys cared about my wife's feelings and they cared about what we were looking for. And they really worked with us.  And the mattress came, and my wife is 7 months pregnant, she thinks it is great.  Its a great night's sleep."
Jen & Adam Kearns

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"My wife and I had searched for months and months for a bed that is not only durable but extremely comfortable. And luckily we found one at Habitat Furnishings. I've got to say that the latex bed is the best bed we ever had. So if you are on the fence, give it a shot"
Bill and Natasa Pavlovic

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"I'm calling to let you know that I ordered my bed for my two year old who has very, very bad skin problems, eczema. And it has made a difference so far. And in addition to that, I'm pregnant and I actually can sleep better in her bed than I can in my own. So it makes is hard that we both are happy about sleeping in that bed. I've been fighting her for it. Thanks so much and we appreciate your service."
Terry DiCastro

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"I love my new mattress. But then I fully expected to. I slept on one for many years and was frustrated I couldn't find one anywhere till I finally got on the web. I can't say enough good things about it. Extremely comfortable. I don't toss and turn as I was doing before. No backache in the morning. Maybe some stiffness, but we will blame that on age. Anyway, I am delighted with it. I've told my friends and if they ever get wise enough they will buy one"
Mary Jackson

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"I purchased a natural latex mattress from Habitat Furnishings a couple of months ago.  And I have to say it has been terrific.  It surpassed my expectations in comfort.  I wanted a comfortable mattress made out of natural materials and this is why I chose Habitat Furnishings natural latex mattress. I would highly recommend this mattress to family and friends alike."
Donald Donovan

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"The natural latex mattress is just like floating on air. And wonderful support. I hate to get out of bed in the morning, believe it or not. I'm very happy with it and have recommended it to other family members."
Larry Rabb

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"I'm very happy with the natural latex mattress I purchased.  My wife likes a soft bed, and I like a hard bed. So it was surprising, but we both find the natural latex mattress to be very, very comfortable."
Kevin Prihod

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