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Habitat Furnishings Know Your Choices In Bedding Comfort | Digital Airbeds & Mattresses

Habitat Furnishings Know Your Choices In Bedding Comfort | Digital Airbeds & Mattresses

Sleeping problems can be caused by a series of factors ranging from physical discomfort, stress and environmental factors to pathology. For the “average age” person, a better quality of sleep can be as simple as a new mattress. Surprisingly, most people do not consider that they can survive their beds to the same extent that they realize they can survive their car or their dishwasher. Based on our research, I believe that a new mattress is an important factor to achieve a better sleep. As we found and suggested, if a new mattress can significantly improve the quality of sleep, it is a much healthier alternative than many other options. Habitat Furnishing also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

  • Airbed mattressesWhat we have seen in our studies is that replacing an older mattress (5 years or more) with a new, good-quality, medium-sized mattress can significantly reduce discomfort such as shoulder and back pain, and stiffness of the back, and can significantly increase the quality of sleep and comfort. Not only were such benefits obtained immediately, but they were maintained over time. In addition, research has found that certain behaviors and symptoms of stress decrease with a higher quality of sleep that leads us to believe that lack of sleep is associated with stress. Therefore, by reducing stress we can expect to improve physical, psychological and emotional factors.
  • Most mattresses come with a manufacturer’s warranty for 10, 15 or 20 years, but this only refers to the materials and not the structure or support. There are many factors that determine the time when one should replace a mattress. For example, what was the initial quality of the bed? How much does the person who sleeps in bed weigh? Heavier people can put more stress on the mattress support system, which reduces its longevity. Surprisingly, the average age of people’s mattresses is around 10 years, which means they have surrendered more than 25,000 hours of support. That’s more than 1,050 days spent on the mattress! I think it’s too optimistic to believe that your mattress can maintain its original support for so long and with so much use.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, a good rule of thumb is to occasionally evaluate the quality of your Airbeds and the quality of your mattress. Like any frequently used product, mattresses should be replaced regularly. After five to seven years of use, a mattress can no longer provide the comfort and support necessary for an optimal rest. The Habitat Furnishing recommends that you evaluate your mattress within five to seven years to determine if a replacement is needed.



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