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How Airbed System helps you to make your reading habit more relax?

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Most people use their beds for a variety of activities; From watching television to reading or just relaxing, the bed can be the focal point around which daily activities revolve. Even though a person spends a third of their life asleep, the quality of their mattress is low on the list of concerns. If a full night’s sleep leaves a person fatigued, stiff and sore when he wakes up in the morning, it might be time to start buying a mattress.

#1 Airbed SystemThe life expectancy of most spring mattresses is about eight to ten years, but with good quality materials, a mattress of internal springs can last from eleven to fifteen years. In general, the more you spend on a quality mattress, the better your performance will be. Unfortunately, even the best spring mattresses will decompose over time due to daily wear. The springs inside the mattress are designed to cushion the body while reclining on the mattress, but the constant crushing of the springs will eventually deform the material. Essentially, throughout the prolonged time of crushing and receding, the springs will lose their elasticity. As this happens, the materials cradle the body in a less efficient manner, resulting in a deformed mattress that can not provide the necessary support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Airbed mattresses made of visco-elastic foam and latex foam usually last from ten to fifteen years. Like internal spring mattresses, repeated compression can distort the shape of the foam that comprises the body of the mattress. This deformation can lead to restless nights of sleep, as the body looks for the most comfortable position in a foam pad that will no longer be in tune with the correct shape for optimal support.

Premium mattress foundation protection Another reason to look for a new mattress is a matter of hygiene. While a person sleeps, their body is being reconstructed, including the layers of tissue that make up skin cells. As a person moves while he sleeps (changing, pulling and turning), he is removing small layers of skin cells that the body is constantly replacing. These millions of dead skin cells accumulate in the mattress; Worse yet, this collection of dead skin cells offers excellent nutritional value for dust mites that enjoy living within the safe confines of their mattress. When the mites eat those dead skin cells, the remains have to go somewhere; It is estimated that approximately one pound of dead skin and fecal material from dust mites will accumulate per person per year in a mattress.

On dead skin and the small mites that feed on it, people sweat at night. Mattresses, especially foam mattresses, can trap this moisture within the matrix of building materials. The end result is that the interior of a mattress can promote the growth of mold and fungi, which produce spores that can cause allergic reactions and the appearance of asthma.