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A Quality Natural Latex Mattress: You Don't Have to Spend $5000 to Buy One

I came across someone asking a question about how long a latex mattress should last and they were getting ready to pay close to $5000 for it!  I can’t imagine thinking about spending that kind of money without even knowing how long something would last!  I provided what information I could and wished the person luck.

A quality all natural latex mattress should come with a 20 year warranty and last 20 – 30 years.  They are not only comfortable, but durable and long lasting too.  I hope the person who wrote “I am considering buying a latex mattress, costing close to $5000 for a king size…” does a bit more research before making that purchase. How long is the latex mattress going to last?  How long is the warranty?  Is it an all natural latex mattress?  (Unfortunately up to 80% of all latex mattresses being offered as “natural” are made synthetically using petrochemicals.)

Before buying a natural latex mattress, do some research and ask questions.  Ask if the natural latex mattress is truly 100% natural, or if there are any petrochemicals used.  If the answer you get is vague or the salesperson tries to redirect you to something else, then the latex mattress you are looking at is not likely to be a truly 100% all natural latex mattress.

At Habitat Furnishings, we want you to be as informed about your mattress choices as possible.  Check out our guides to air beds and natural latex mattresses to learn everything you need to know about your specialty mattress purchase.