About Us

Who Is Habitat Furnishings?

In 1994, the owner of Habitat Furnishings, Marc Anderson, opened several retail stores in the Washington, DC area and by 1998 had expanded his mattress business to the web, becoming one of the first online mattress retailers..ever. For more than 23 years, Habitat Furnishings has set industry standards for the finest mattresses made in the USA.

Long before the creators of Casper, Tuft And Needle, Lull, Loom And Leaf, Zenhaven, Purple, and other companies were dropping eggs on their mattresses in their pajamas, Habitat was designing their own line of handcrafted mattresses and perfecting them by using customer feedback as their recipe to constantly reinvent and improve their lineup of legendary beds.

We were one of the first companies to perfect vacuum package and rolling our pure latex mattresses, one of the first companies to offer a purely natural chemical free mattress (most other companies use synthetic foam layers in their beds, including those mentioned above), and developed a pure latex mattress designed for larger folks, long before that became "a thing". 

We created a lineup of three extraordinary adjustable air bed systems that are not only less expensive than other brands, but also built using much better ingredients.

Habitat has consistently been rated A+ by the BBB, receives stellar reviews on Yelp and Power Reviews, is frequently reviewed on Hub Pages, and is recommended by MattressReports.Com, one of the most respected third party mattress review sites on the web.

Habitat Furnishings also created the world's first pocketed coil hybrid mattress using pure latex, and Jomma wool, creating the world's most luxurious and forward thinking mattress ever designed, and to this day it sells for a fourth of the cost of big name leading brands so-called "Black" mattresses.

When you buy a Habitat Mattress, you're investing in a generations old company that has sold tens of thousands of bench built mattresses in U.S. shops, one at a time, and all of our customers have one thing in common..they all sleep well. One observation we hear from customers who chose our mattresses over the competitions is this: "I decided to buy from an established company so I know you'll be here if I have an issue with my bed." And the response from us is always the same. If you do business with an online store that's been around for two or three years, there's risk. If you do business with a company that's been around for 23 years, the experience will likely be different.

The Habitat Team is a seasoned group of industry veterans. Our Pure Latex mattress team in Tampa and Boston are family businesses we've been partnered with since the beginning. Our Air Bed division in Baltimore actually started out making water beds, and helped us designed the most incredible line of digital air beds in the industry. Our Regal Tranquility Pocketed Coil Latex Hybrid Mattress is built by a father/daughter team in Lansing, Michigan. We're a big extended family of fairly fussy mattress designers and builders. And we hope to be around for another 23 years.