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About Us

Unites States Watermattress was established in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been manufacturing the industry’s finest water bed systems since 1983. We’ve also been building an outstanding line of digital air bed systems for close to twenty years as well, using our knowledge of flotation sleep science and integrating them into our unique air bed designs. We use only the finest components in our air bed systems, including premium grade memory foam, natural latex, high density foam, and our top of the line Innomax pump and air chamber system, also made in the U.S.A.

Our three model lineup of air beds are not only less expensive than other brands, but are built using hand selected materials, and each bed, including our exclusive quilted bamboo outer covering, is completely manufactured in our Baltimore facility. Rather than relying on third party manufacturers to build your air bed, we engineer, manufacture, and package each system on our own floor and ship it directly to your door.

Habitat has consistently been rated A+ by the BBB, receives stellar reviews on Yelp and Power Reviews, is frequently reviewed on Hub Pages, and is recommended by TheMattressBuyerGuide.com, one of the most respected third party mattress review sites on the web.

When you buy a Habitat Air Bed System, you're investing in a generations old company that has sold tens of thousands of bench built mattresses in U.S. retail stores and web sites, one at a time, and all of our customers have one thing in common..they all sleep well. One observation we hear from customers who chose our mattresses over the competitions is this: "I decided to buy from an established company so I know you'll be here if I have an issue with my bed."

And the response from us is always the same. If you do business with an online store that's been around for two or three years, there's risk. If you do business with a company that's been around for 23 years, the experience will likely be different.

The Habitat Design and Production Team is a seasoned group of industry veterans. We're a big extended family of fairly fussy mattress designers and builders. When we build one of our digital air bed systems for you, you can bank on excellent customer service for the life of your bed.