About Us

About the Habitat Furnishings Team

The staff at Habitat Furnishings have been involved in specialty bedding since 1994. Marc Anderson, the company president, started out in retail bedding, as the original founder of Ellen’s Futons, a Washington, D.C. based chain of futon stores. He also created and founded Habitat Futons and Furnishings, a New Orleans, Louisiana based chain of futon stores, which also featured Tempur-Pedic® memory foam products, and he eventually became one of the largest web based dealers of Tempur-Pedic® products, being ranked as the 35th largest volume dealer, out of 6,500 during 2005-2006.

The business ultimately became Habitat Furnishings, and his experience with other types of bedding expanded, as he frequented trade shows, visited manufacturers, and developed a reputation in the bedding industry for developing products as customers asked for them. As time went on, Marc sensed that the bedding industry’s climate was changing, as customers became more interested in green, natural products, such as Latex. He began aggressively researching the subject, since many of his customers were beginning to ask if he carried natural Latex mattresses in his line. Already very popular in Europe, the all natural Latex mattress tidal wave was sweeping into the U.S., so Marc intensified his research, and established a relationship with a specialty bedding manufacturer who was willing to work with him to create a line of all natural Latex mattresses that had absolutely no synthetic ingredients.

After the Natural Latex line took off, Marc responded to many other customer’s requests for a high quality Air Bed system. What intrigued him the most was why people would pay so much money for the leading brand’s bed, when after doing some simple research and designing what he believed was a superior air bed, he found that the cost to the consumer should be astronomically less. We then started working with another manufacturer, designed the Habitat Air Bed systems, and consumers were saving literally thousands of dollars, and getting a much better product.

Who We Are And How We Work – Behind The Scenes

Habitat Furnishings is an experienced, seasoned company, with knowledgeable sales staff, and a product line that is backed up with dependable warranties, great customer service, and connectivity. If you need to speak to the owner, all you have to do is call! Some of our sales team members have been with us for over twelve years, with the average being about 9 years. This insures that you get seasoned support and knowledge if you call us for help.

Our team includes a group of women who not only use the products we sell, they are seasoned experts on all facets of our product line and business. Whether you call, email, or chat, our employees are eager to help in any way possible. Our team includes from left, company president Marc Anderson, comptroller and accounting manager Lori, operations manager Courtney, and sales team leader Yvette. Our mission is to grow and thrive well into the future.