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Habitat Air Bed FAQs

What are the advantages of an Air Bed over other kinds of mattresses?

Without question, most people purchase an Air Bed because it offers adjustability. This allows you to custom set your bed at a range of soft to firm settings, and change it depending upon your needs. The flotation and buoyancy qualities of an air bed are desirable, as well, offering a generally more uniform, supportive feel, without the bottoming out problems found in conventional mattresses, largely due to the air bladders being designed to distribute weight better than foam or innerspring mattresses.

How can you offer a high quality Air Bed, with all of your special ingredients as you describe, at such a low price?

Because we are able to keep our overhead very low, and we do not sell our beds in retail store environments, we can build our Habitat Air Beds using what we believe are superior components, at a lower price than even the leading brand top of the line model…we do not have the huge marketing expenses that larger companies have, and therefore, we don’t have to pass those costs on to you. We also shop manufacturers to make sure we get the best prices possible, and ship factory direct to you, leaving out a lot of “middleman” costs.

Your No Questions Asked, Free Money Back Trial…is that absolutely for real?

Yes, it is something we believe in, and we realize that when you are buying something sight unseen on the internet, there is a leap of faith that you must take to try one of our beds. We believe so strongly in our product, and have such a low rate of return on our Habitat Air Bed Systems, that we back it up with a 90 night no questions asked trial period that really gives you the opportunity to evaluate it over a good length of time.

Can I use my existing bed and foundation pieces (box spring)?

You can certainly use your existing foundation, as long as it is a smooth, and continuously firm surface. The rule of thumb is, that if you can’t easily put your knee into it, it’s fine. A platform bed, with spaces less than 3″ between slats is also acceptable. You can use plywood, masonite, any smooth material.

The mattress I get will be brand new, not a used bed?

Everything we ship is brand new from the factory, not used or remanufactured. It is a Federal violation to sell used bedding by any retailer, so always ask these kinds of questions regardless of where you purchase your mattress. Always look for a business that is a BBB Online member, and has third party opinions and comments, such as those found on our website.

How long will it take me to set up the Habitat Air Bed System?

The setup time on our system is about 20 minutes. If you watch our assembly tutorial video, you’ll be a step ahead, and a lot of people like to watch our video while they are assembling their bed, pausing it as they go. Since it is a modular system, setup is easy.

Where do I place the pump?

Place the pump under your bed near the headboard, on a smooth surface which will allow the pump to ventilate properly. Most people with carpeting place it on a small piece of plywood, a ceramic floor tile, or something similar.

What kind of sheets do I need for my Air Bed?

You can use standard fitted and flat sheets. The Habitat Air Beds are 11″ tall, so most sheets purchased as standard sheets will fit. Deep pocket sheets will probably be too baggy, since they are cut to fit mattresses that are much deeper. Rule of thumb: try the sheets you have, then purchase new sheets if they don’t work.

Do I need to be home to accept my Habitat Air Bed System? What are the delivery details?

The Habitat Air Beds are shipped via FedEx Freight. You will receive a call before the bed is delivered, and have a scheduled time, so you’ll know when you’re getting your bed. The driver will offload the box and place it at or near your front door, garage door, etc. Since the box is large, we advise opening it up and carrying the component pieces to the room you are assembling the mattress in. Inspect the box to make sure it is not punctured, torn, or severely damaged and if so, make a note on the delivery receipt before the driver leaves or you sign. Small tears or punctures are normal, so examine the box to make sure the internal components are not damaged. We have very few problems with our shipping logistics. Please note that setup service, and removal of old bedding is not provided.

I can’t puncture the air bladder, right?

You can’t overfill the air bladders, because of pressure limitations built into our pump system. The Fabric Backed Vulcanized Rubber Air Bladders can withstand a great deal more pressure than the air pump is designed to produce. Practically speaking, the only way to puncture or “pop” the air chambers would be to stab them with a knife or other sharp object.

What kind of fire barrier do you use on your mattresses to meet the Federal Flammability laws?

To meet the FR1633 Federal Flammability Laws, any new mattress sold in the United States must meet strict standards to be legally sold. In fact, each mattress must be tagged with a “fire label” that insures the product has been burn tested with it’s outer covering on the mattress. These tests actually involve the application of direct flame to the mattress for a substantial amount of time.

Many companies use toxic, chemical fire barriers such as Boric Acid, typically sprayed on to a fabric piece, which is then buried near the top of the mattress, often putting you in direct contact with this material.

We use a non chemical fire barrier, either a layer of thin wool vissle, which is very dense and quite thin, so as not to interfere with the feel and performance of the mattress. This wool layer does not cause the mattress to sleep hot, and complies with all FR1633 laws. Depending upon the model, we may also use a cellulose barrier, which is essentially a fabric which is derived from wood pulp, but is densely woven so that it acts also as a natural fire barrier, without interfering with the feel and performance of any of our mattresses.

In any event, all of our mattresses are fully compliant, using hypo-allergenic materials which contain no toxic ingredients.