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Air Bed Luxury

In The Luxury of Air Bed Mattresses, the writer discusses his first encounter with an air bed, which he slept on while visiting his sister’s house.  I am quite familiar with these portable type air beds.

I have an Aero Bed that I travel with (my two boys and I can all sleep on it at anyone’s house), and a portable bed with legs that I have used in my guest bedroom.  That portable bed unfolds out of its own case with wheels, but it isn’t very portable.  The case is huge.  It is good for keeping in a large storage area in your house and pulling it out when you have guests, but it is way to big to travel with.  I used to leave mine out and made up in the guest room just like a regular bed.  It is now in storage and a “real” bed with an actual bed frame and mattress has taken its place.

The writer mentions these types of air beds, as well as the old camping air mattresses of yesteryear.  He also mentions air beds that are used as one’s primary bed.  These air beds have come a long way in recent years.  We are proud to be at the forefront of the air bed market and want to share everything we know about air beds with our site visitors.  To learn more and check out our custom designed air beds, go to Habitat Furnishings.