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Air Bed Review Sites: Whom Do You Trust?

So you’re ready to shop for an air bed and you want to do your homework.  Where do you go for information about air beds?  What air bed reviews can you trust?

It’s true that on the web anyone can write anything they want about anything at all.  Many air bed and mattress review sites are actually owned by retailers or manufacturers that want to steer you to their site.  Many review sites are written by people who want to make advertising money and know absolutely nothing about the product.  So whom can you count on?

The answer is that you can count on well-known third party review sites like Shopping.com.  A retail air bed website will only post positive reviews on their site.  On a site like Shopping.com the retailer cannot alter, censor or change the reviews in any way.  What the shopper writes is what you see… Without any interference from the retailer.

At Habitat Furnishings, we are proud of our perfect five-star rating on Shopping.com.  We pride ourselves on offering two quality air beds on our site, the Habitat Arise® Air Bed and the Habitat Ascend® Air Bed. We are also proud of our quality customer service. To make sure our customers are happy, we offer a complete 180-day money-back guarantee on all our beds.  That’s not a store credit or comfort guarantee, but an actual money-back guarantee.  To learn more go to Habitat Furnishings.

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