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Air Beds and Latex Mattresses: Choosing Where to Buy Them Online

So you're looking for a new mattress, maybe a specialty bed like a latex mattress or an air bed.  Mattress ads now follow you everywhere, from Facebook to YouTube to TV and Radio. Every company seems to tell you that their products are the best, but who should you trust and how do you know you're getting a good deal? You hear that you can get some good deals online, but how do you choose a good online retailer?

When is comes to buying specialty bedding, like an air bed or natural latex mattress, here are a few suggestions.  These suggestions are for mattress retailers, but some of them are great for any online shopping experience.

1.  Buy from a site that has reviews collected from a third party like PowerReviews (our review provider), BazaarVoice, TrustPilot, or the Better Business Bureau.  A site can't make up its own customer comments or satisfaction ratings this way.

2.  Shop at retailers who clearly spell out their return policy and guarantees.  In the case of buying a mattress, look for an in-home trial period that gives you enough time to determine whether the mattress is right for you. A true money-back guarantee (not a store credit or "comfort" guarantee, which is a tricky way of saying you have a store credit) is essential.  You need to be able to try your mattress at home for an extended period.

3.  Shop at retailers that are secure.  Services like McAfee Secure regularly test sites.  Make sure all your information, including credit card numbers, will be encrypted.  Make sure shopping cart and checkout pages have the green SSL padlock near the URL bar in your web browser. Check the site's privacy and security policies.

4.  See how long a company has been in business and operating under its current name.  Name changes or a short time on the web can send up red flags.

You can make a great air bed or natural latex mattress purchase on the web.  Just make sure you do your homework first so you know you are dealing with a reputable company.