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Air Beds and Natural Latex Mattresses: Should You Choose to Buy Online?

Are you thinking of buying a new mattress?  Air beds and all natural latex mattresses are two of the fastest growing products in the mattress industry.  Should you choose to buy a mattress online?  What are the benefits or risks?

Any purchase can be risky if you don’t do your homework.  An online purchase is no different.  The article Should You Choose Online Shopping? has some general tips about shopping online, but most of them are too rudimentary to be very helpful.  Here are a few tips I can offer about purchasing an air bed or natural latex mattress (or any mattress) online.

Only buy from mattress retailers that are monitored by third parties like Shopping.com and the Better Business Bureau.

Only buy from a mattress retailer that will let you try your air bed or natural latex mattress for at least 180 days in your home and will let you return it if it doesn’t work for you.

Only buy from a mattress retailer that gives you a true money-back guarantee.  Do not accept a store credit or “comfort” guarantee, which is the same thing as a store credit.

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