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Air Beds: Why Pay Too Much? There is More Than One Air Bed Manfacturer!

Perhaps you were interested in an air bed, but checked out “leading brand” and thought they were way overpriced.  (They are.)  You know the one I’m talking about… The one with the big budget advertising and the number settings it claims magically improve your sleep.  See… You do know who I’m talking about.  That’s because they spend tens of millions every year so you will know who they are.  Does that mean you have to buy your air bed from “leading brand?”  Absolutely not!  In fact, you can get a quality top-of-the-line air bed at about half the price of “leading brand’s” biggest selling basic model.

The article Mattresses – How Many Kinds Are There? is what got me thinking about this.  Air beds weren’t even mentioned in the article (and even water beds were mentioned!) and I wondered to myself, is this because no one thinks of any other type of air bed beyond “leading brand?”

At Habitat Furnishings we spent two years designing our two quality air beds, the Habitat Arise Air Bed and the Habitat Ascend Air Bed.  They are extremely comfortable and you can try them for 180 days in your own home and get your money back if you aren’t happy.  They’ve received rave reviews and are about half the cost of “leading brand.”  Check them out at Habitat Furnishings.