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Air Mattress Good for your Health & Comfort | Air Chamber | Air Pump

Air Mattress Good for your Health & Comfort | Air Chamber | Air Pump

A good night’s sleep establishes the optimal scenario, not only physical, but also mental. With respect to physical performance, rest and recovery are essential for the best physical performance. If you are well rested, you will address the social, professional and physical challenges in the most advantageous mental and bodily state. Certainly, a positive attitude and confidence can be linked to physical performance, but physiological and biological systems must be fully recovered to function at their maximum.

Airbed mattressesA good night’s sleep, in itself, is not a performance enhancer, although it does contribute to a good mental and physical foundation to help perform at the highest level. After consecutive nights of good sleep, you can expect to see sustained results in your physical performance. On the other hand, a bad night’s sleep, or consecutive nights of bad bed, can negatively affect your performance.

In my experience as an Airbeds, I understand how important it is to sleep and rest in good quality to achieve your best performance. As a researcher, I consider three areas of utmost importance for athletes: training, nutrition and rest. For example, without enough sleep, reaction times are affected, sustained performance decreases and there is a decrease in overall physical functioning. In addition, vigilance and alertness are compromised, which will result in poor performance and possibly injuries.

While a good night’s sleep can not lead to record performance, loss of sleep will affect physical performance, reduce work productivity and affect mood and disposition. Lack of sleep is associated with anxiety, depression and mood disorders, while adequate sleep improves attitudes, moods and promotes feelings of self-esteem and competence, all of which are related to physical performance. Habitat Furnishing also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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