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Airbed & Air Mattresses | Most versatile Sleep System Ever

Airbed & Air Mattresses | Most versatile Sleep System Ever

Have you ever wondered why the great astronomers could make great discoveries at night? Nothing against his greatness, but the low quality of his mattress could be responsible for the deprivation of a good night’s sleep. It’s a joke!

If you are looking for the magic remedy to achieve a good night’s sleep full of happy dreams, you should have adjustable beds.

The medical benefits offered by adjustable beds, which were previously found in hospital rooms or in health institutions, are no longer just for hospitals. These beds are also growing in popularity for domestic use.

With the increase of health problems such as back pain, asthma, snoring, arthritis, insomnia, etc.,airbed mattresses are considered vital to help improve health problems and, therefore, improve the dream experience

What is an adjustable bed?
Commonly referred to as zero-gravity beds or electric beds, electric adjustable beds are those whose base can be raised and shaped to a number of different positions according to the user’s preferences by means of a multi-joint support surface.
Using memory foam or natural latex mattresses on adjustable beds is like the icing on the cake. Together, they help improve your sleep experience and, therefore, help eliminate health hazards.

Advantages of adjustable beds on flat beds?
There are several reasons why Airbeds are preferred to traditional flat beds. One of the main benefits is that it allows an ergonomically correct body position that supports the natural curvature of the spine during sleep.

The beds nowadays are no longer furniture to sleep. Today people read in bed, work on their laptops or watch television in bed. The adjustable beds are very suitable for all these activities. In addition, studies reveal that adjustable beds have therapeutic effects on the body designed to offer maximum comfort and individual adjustment capacity.

Therefore, during the night, during sleep, if your mobility is affected or if you suffer some kind of pain or discomfort, the adjustable beds will solve all your health problems. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

1. Improvement of breathing and blood circulation:
Sleeping on flat beds can cause problems associated with breathing and blood circulation. The adjustable beds allow you to tilt the upper and lower body in a more comfortable position.

The provision of individual adjustment capacity in these beds allows for better breathing and, therefore, helps the circulation of oxygen and blood to the vital organs of the body. Sleeping on adjustable beds eliminates problems such as congestion, sinuses and keeps fluids and mucus at bay.

2. Relief of arthritis:
Raising the top and bottom of the adjustable beds provides relief from arthritis. Sleeping on flat beds hardens the body and causes pain especially to people with osteoarthritis in arthritis of the spine or facets.

Sleeping on adjustable beds provides better support and reduces irritation by minimizing joint compression.

3. Relieve back pain:
It is possible that a flat bed does not provide adequate support for the spinal cord, resulting in back pain and, therefore, restless sleep. The 45-degree tilt of these beds provides support for the lower back. Lifting the foot of the bed reduces the pressure on the spine. People suffering from lower back pain find adjustable beds much more comfortable than flat beds.

4. Insomnia relief:
The positioning of adjustable beds according to individual preferences provides relief against insomnia of the most frequent sleep syndrome. Achieving the perfect position in the bed provides better circulation of blood and oxygen that helps to sleep and ends the nights of shaking and turning.

Now that we have learned the importance of sleeping on adjustable beds, get rid of the discomfort and problems that inhibit deep and restorative sleep and opt for adjustable beds.

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