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All Natural Latex Mattesses: Stop Waiting for Store Sales and Shop Online

Are you looking for an all natural latex mattress?  Maybe you want to buy a natural latex mattress, but you’re waiting for your local mattress retailer to have a sale.  Why wait for a mattress store to mark down its overpriced inventory when it will still be overpriced?  The article Mattress Sales – Find the Best Deals suggests waiting for mattress stores to have sales, but you can get a great natural latex mattress at a great price by shopping online.

Online natural latex mattress retailers can offer great prices on latex mattresses due to their low overhead and small advertising costs.  Big mattress retailers spend millions every year on advertising and pass those costs onto you.

When buying a natural latex mattress online, here are three rules to remember:

1.  Only buy from an online latex mattress retailer that has been in business at least 7 years and is monitored by third party organizations like Shopping.com and the Better Business Bureau.

2.  Only buy from an online natural latex mattress retailer that lets you try your latex mattress in your own home for at least 180 days.

3.  Only buy from a mattress retailer that gives you a true money-back guarantee.  Do not accept a store credit or “comfort” guarantee (same thing as a store credit).  You may have to pay a small return fee, but this is a minor expense compared to losing a lot of money and still not having a mattress that you like.

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