All Natural Latex Mattresses: Find Your Perfect Natural Latex Mattress

Tire of tossing and turning?  Time for a new mattress?  Ready to try something more comfortable than your old inner spring mattress?  Perhaps you are thinking about an all natural latex mattress?  How can you find the all natural latex mattress that is right for you?

A 100% all natural latex mattress is extremely comfortable.  It’s also antimicrobial, resists mold and mildew, and is dust mite free.  It is free of any chemicals or synthetic fillers.  But beware of the imitators — up to 80% of latex mattresses being sold today are not all natural, but are made synthetically using petrochemicals.  Although they claim to be just like all natural latex mattresses, but cheaper, they are not.  Steer clear of any latex mattress that is not 100% botanically derived.

How do you find the all natural latex mattress that is right for you?  The only way to do this is to try it in your own home for an extended period.  We recommend 180 days or more.  If you don’t like it, you need to be able to return it and get your money back.  Do not accept a store credit or comfort guarantee (same thing as a store credit).  These can leave you out a lot of money and still without a mattress that you love.

At Habitat Furnishings, we are the web’s specialty bedding experts.  We offer detailed mattress information on our site.  Check out our air beds and our all natural latex mattresses.

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