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All Natural Latex Mattresses: Natural vs. Synthetic

Thinking about a new mattress?  Maybe you are thinking about an all natural latex mattress.  Perhaps you have some questions about all natural latex mattresses and how they are made.  Are all latex mattresses in the marketplace completely and 100% all natural?  No, typically they are not.  Read on…

A completely all natural latex mattress is 100% botanically derived and contains nothing artificial.  It is extremely comfortable, antimicrobial, dust mite free,  and resists mold and mildew.  It’s not only great for those with allergies and asthma, but for anyone who wants a healthier sleeping environment free of allergens and chemicals.

Both natural and synthetic latex have very similar qualities, are non-toxic and will last equally as long, but if you prefer a plant based latex mattress, Habitat Furnishings offers a variety of mattresses made using botanical latex. If you prefer a synthetic latex bed, say for example if you have a know latex allergy, Habitat can build a custom mattress for you using synthetic latex as well, offering the same warranty, 365 day trial, and comfort level.

Habitat Furnishings, the web’s specialty bedding experts, sells only 100% botanically derived latex mattresses.  Check out our site to learn more about all natural latex mattresses and their benefits.