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An Air Bed: A Great Choice for Comfort

In the blog The Adjustable Air Bed Mattress. A good choice in Beds?, the unnamed writer states that most people are afraid to trust in what is relatively new (air beds versus the traditional bed) with just a short test at a store.  I have to agree with that since most air bed retailers won’t give you your money back if you don’t like your new air bed.

The good news is that buying an air bed doesn’t have to be risky.  In fact, at Habitat Furnishings, buying an air bed is absolutely risk-free.  We give you a full 180 days to try your new air bed at home.  If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back.  And we are talking about a true money-back guarantee here – not a “comfort” guarantee or store credit.  (FYI – A “comfort” guarantee is a store credit!  Don’t be fooled by that one!)

If you are intimidated by trying something great (an air bed) because it is relatively new and you think it would be too risky – Fear no more!  An air bed is extremely comfortable and our air bed is about half the price of the “leading brand’s” top of the line model.  In fact, our quality air bed is just a little bit more than the “leading brand’s” basic model, but with many more features!  To learn more about how you can try a new air bed risk-free, go to Habitat Furnishings.