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An Air Bed or Latex Mattress Can Eliminate Body Soreness

I came across a blog about someone’s mattress causing them to feel sore in the morning and it immediately reminded me of my own situation a few years back.  My husband and I were both having back pain (I was pregnant) and were sleeping on my approximately 15 year-old traditional spring mattress.  We got rid of the old spring mattress and BINGO!  No more back pain for either of us, even the huge pregnant lady!

Mattress Causing Body Soreness? reminded me of our former plight.  So many people have body soreness or back pain for no other reason than their mattress needs to be replaced with a new, more comfortable mattress.  We spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, so why are so many of us stubbornly hanging onto old beds or buying cheap ones to save money?  As I admitted, I was guilty of this in the past, but I will never be guilty of it again!  We spend way more time on our mattresses than on our sofas or in front of our TVs, so it’s time to start treating our mattress purchases with the seriousness, thought, and money they deserve.

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