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Basic Model Air Bed In The Works: Our Arise® Air Bed

Recently we launched our Habitat Ascend Air Bed System, which features a 2″ Natural Latex, and customers have loved the extraordinarily plush and cushier feel. We also incorporate the same 2″ layer of high quality memory foam in the Ascend model as well, to make sure the bed is highly functional at relieving pressure points as well as providing good weight distribution. Since it is a little higher price wise than our previous models, we’ve received a lot of feedback from folks who wish we had a less expensive, more simplistically designed model that was within their grasp, perhaps in the $1400 range for a queen, versus the $1899 Queen Ascend pricepoint. Our original Habitat Air Bed offered a memory foam layer and a layer of convoluted high density foam, but didn’t have the natural latex layer (the layer that provides the “plusher” feel of the Ascend bed). We are currently developing a more basic model, called the Arise Air Bed System, that will be in the $1400-1500 price range in a queen, with the same basic “chassis” that we use in our Ascend bed, our fabric backed vulcanized rubber air chambers, hardwired digital remote system, premium side rail design, our wonderful Hollofil quilted top which will not pack down over long term use, and our high quality memory foam layer. It will also include a softer High Density foam layer to offer some “cush” factor to the bed, without the higher cost of our natural latex layer. Look for this more conservatively priced bed to appear on our website around April 1 or so. We’re excited about offering a more diverse line of Air Beds on our site so that we can meet the needs of our highly discerning customer base. But building a great Air Bed takes a lot of chin scratching and research! Look for our Habitat Arise Air Bed to appear soon, with  great in depth videos to help you visualize our latest innovation.

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