Evening Dreams Big & Tall Mattress

The Habitat Evening Dreams Mattress..Designed For Big People By Big Thinkers.


Why It's Hard To Find The Perfect Plus-Size Mattress

Shopping for a great mattress can be a nightmare, especially if you're trying to find one that doesn't really exist. People of stature do not last long on conventional mattresses - and the reason for that is simple. A comfortable and supportive mattress for plus sized people is hard to design. Only certain materials can be used that provide proper support and comfort so you don't bottom into the bed, slide off the edge while putting on your shoes, allow you to share a bed without feeling like you're trapped in a bowl together, and most of all, offer the longevity and durability you expect to get out of your investment. 


If you're done spinning in circles trying to find a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and lasts more than a year or so, and you've given up on driving to retail mattress stores only to find uneducated sales people who don't understand mattress making terminology like Indentation Load Deflection or Foam Density, maybe you should let the experts help you out. We've been designing, manufacturing, and offering our own line of hand crafted mattresses for 24 years.

In fact, we were the first online store to offer a mattress designed specifically for people of stature, introducing our Titan Latex mattress more than 8 years ago.

Made Without Metal Coils-Designed To Last For Decades


Our Evening Dreams mattress is completely unique in the bedding industry. Made using high performance foam layers that provide cushy comfort while at the same time offering great support with no sink or bottoming out, it's made specifically for people 250 lbs and over, and that's on each side of a queen, king, or California king bed. You can transfer easily in and out, sit on the edge of your mattress to put on your shoes without sliding off, and the outer covering imparts an extra sumptuous feel to the mattress that you have to feel to believe.

The best part about the Evening Dreams mattress is the way it's made. Using highly specialized foam, battlefield tested for more than 50 years in the industry, you'll get the support you need. No digging your way out every time you want to move or turn. And no trapped sensation. Bottom line, no need to box with your mattress for eight hours.

Designed without metal coils, which ultimately fail over time, the Evening Dreams bed will outperform and outlast any other mattress in its class, including the big name brands that offer beds that do not have time tested ingredients. Best of all, there's no digging your way out of your bed.



The covering on the Evening Dreams mattress is made using a highly proprietary process found nowhere else. The fabric contains a 100% natural treatment, infused into the weave itself, using Geranoil, a chemical free vegetable oil based material that provides anti-bedbug, anti-dust mite, anti-mosquito, and anti-moth protection, protecting the interior layers of your mattress. Quilted ever so slightly using a softer high resiliency foam, it allows you to nestle and feel cradled, while still experiencing unparalleled support. Sleeps comfy and cool, with no hotspots. 

Our unique recipe of 2.25 inch gel foam, which provides the finished top layer of the mattress, gives you a bit of a "melting" sensation as you lie down, cradling your body, and is supported by two layers of high performance foam, one firmer than the other, cradling and lifting your body off of the surface of the bed. We'd almost like to say it, but it's generally frowned upon to claim that a mattress can levitate you. The top support layer of high resiliency foam, directly under the gel foam layer, is 5.5" tall, 36ILD firmer density, and is engineered to distribute weight uniformly while providing yielding qualities. This extraordinary material has been around for 50 years, and to this day, there exists no better supportive foam that has stood the test of time, with no mashing, compression, or failure. Manufactured by Firestone, it is a unique ingredient you simply won't find anywhere else. Under the top two layers of support and comfort foam is a base layer of  3" 30ILD high density foam designed to provided a supportive foundation, and to eliminate motion transfer. The overall height of the finished mattress is 11" including the quilted outer covering.

An Elegant And Simple Design- Engineered By Mattress Industry Veterans

We can pitch our mattress to you all day long, but we back up our schpiel as well. You can purchase an Evening Dreams mattress today, and you'll enjoy a 120 night trial period to test it out. If you don't absolutely love it, give us a call, and we'll arrange to pick it up, and give you your money back. You'll also get a solid 20 Year Manufacturer's Warranty that provides 10 Year Full Replacement, should the mattress fail in any way, and the remaining 10 years provides 50% replacement coverage, an almost UNHEARD of warranty for any mattress. And.. you'll get FREE shipping when you buy your Evening Dreams mattress.

If you are under 225-250 lbs., and prefer a firmer mattress, there's no reason you won't absolutely love the Evening Dreams mattress. No sinking, no wet sand feel, guaranteed. No metal coils, no "mystery foam", a mattress that cradles and supports, and works for back sleepers, sidesleepers, and even belly sleepers. Our outer covering sleeps cool and comfy.


  • Specifically Designed For People Weighing 250 lbs Or More, On Each Side Of The Mattress
  • Crafted Using High Performance Foam Layers, Not Springs
  • Support Layer Composed Of Firestone High Resiliency Foam Found Nowhere Else
  • Provides Excellent Back Support, Promotes Spine And Posture Health
  • Sumptuous Gel Foam Layer And Quilted Top Offers Luxurious Feel
  • Geranoil Infused Outer Fabric Protects From Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Mosquito, and Moth Infestation
  • Bulletproof 20 Year Factory Warranty, With 10 Year Full Replacement Component
  • Unprecedented 120 Night Trial, Full Refund If You're Not Totally In Love With Your Mattress
  • Vacuum Packaged And Rolled, Easy Setup And Install
  • FREE Shipping
  • Use Existing Firm Foundation, Platform, Or Base, Or Our EZ Sleep Foundation, Which Assembles In Minutes.
  • Arrives Approximately Two Weeks After You Place Your Order

Your Evening Dreams mattress ships either FedEx ground or Freight, depending upon size. Your mattress arrives rolled in an airtight, vacuum packaged sleeve, inside of an outer box. The mattress is delivered to your front door. You should leave your Evening Dreams mattress in its rolled plastic sheathing, and place on top of foundation piece, carefully cutaway plastic, and mattress will unfurl and return to original size within 30 minutes. The mattress can be slept on within 30 minutes of unpackaging.


Although specifically designed for plus size folks, the Habitat Evening Dreams mattress is perfect for people who want a firmer, more resilient mattress. If you shy away from pillow top mattresses, or that wet sand feel from a memory foam mattress, and definitely prefer a very firm bed, the Evening Dreams mattress could be perfect for you.

Order Today And Start Getting The Rest You Deserve!

  • Designed To Comfortably Accommodate Individuals Each Weighing 250-400 lbs- Up To 2 Individuals
  • Offers Uplifting Support And Comfort Distributing Weight Horizontally Rather Than Downward
  • Immediately Responsive, Making Turning Effortless
  • Geranoil Infused Outer Cover Provides Natural Antimicrobial Resistance, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Chemical Free
  • Mattress Arrives Vacuum Packaged And Rolled For Easier Handling
  • 120 Day No Questions Asked Trial Period
  • Free Shipping, No Sales Tax
  • High Performance Foam Only- NO Coils
  • 20 Year Factory Warranty With 10 Year Full Replacement

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