Habitat Titan Big & Tall Latex Mattress



We get calls all day long from people desperately searching for a mattress that is designed for bigger folks. The reality is, not everyone is teeny tiny, and although there are plenty of mattresses out there that will work, there really hasn’t been a mattress specifically designed to offer the appropriate support and comfort needed for people of stature.

We’ve been selling our Titan® Pure Latex Mattress for years, but have only offered the mattress to people who call us and describe their situation, and offer us their weight and height, so we can properly get them on a mattress that works. This year, we decided to advance our Titan® program into our main lineup and we created it’s own page and category.



We’ve field tested this mattress with hundreds of scholarly bigger guys and gals who have given us feedback, allowing us to refine the design through the years. It’s available to you now, after being carefully tweaked and tinkered with by actual users.

Our Titan® Pure Latex Mattress is crafted using higher densities of pure, botanical latex, than found in our regular line up. Because pure latex is a natural material, you’re also buying a healthier, non-toxic, chemical free mattress, which is naturally dust mite, mold, mildew, and even bacteria resistant. These organisms do not like the acidic qualities of pure latex, unlike synthetic latex, or virtually any other kind of mattress you can buy.

The Titan® mattress is made using two unique layers. The overall height of the mattress is 8″ tall, and consists of two layers of pure latex, one firmer than the other. The bottom 6" layer is a 44 ILD pure latex (very firm, but still yielding and giving with substantial weight being applied), and a top 2″ layer using a 36 ILD pure talalay latex (medium firm) to provide yielding and giving qualities for pressure point areas like shoulders and hips. The problem with conventional mattresses is that folks over 225 lbs., of typical height, tend to "bottom into" their mattresses, creating painful pressure points rather than allowing your body to "float", which pushes weight and pressure to the side, rather than downward.

The Titan concept is to provide a more supportive surface that resists downward pressure, which is typical design flaw with most mattresses. In addition, a more dense yet flexible material like pure latex is uplifting and "pushes back" against your weight, making it far easier to turn, and to get in and out of bed.

Each Titan® Latex Mattress is crafted by hand, and the two layers are laminated together using our non-toxic water-based adhesive to prevent migration and shifting of the two layers, a common problem with companies that build mattresses that are unglued. Your Titan® mattress arrives at your door already encased in our organic cotton outer covering, so it’s ready to go when it arrives at your door.


Why A Mattress Made With Pure Latex And Not Springs Or Memory Foam?

That’s a good question, and the answer is simple. First of all, hundreds of folks of stature have come to us seeking something better than what they currently had. When we queried most people, we found that the vast majority of them were dissatisfied with their innerspring mattress which had either ultimately failed, never provided enough uplifting support, or simply was either too soft, or too firm.

Also, many people had fallen prey to memory foam, which typically works for those of average height and weight, but can collapse and sink, so much so, that you have to dig your way out to either get out of bed, or even to turn over. This wakes you up, disturbing REM sleep, and is the reason why many people arise in the morning feeling unrested and fatigued.

Pure Latex has unique qualities that, when used in the right combination, can offer just the right level of buoyant, uplifting support, while still providing a yielding and giving quality that makes turning effortless. They properly distribute weight horizontally rather than straight down, which is the real problem with conventional innerspring and memory foam, or even high density synthetic foam beds.

Also, the density of pure latex used in our Titan® mattress is supportive enough so that you can sit on the edge of your mattress and take shoes on and off, or comfortably arise in the morning without fear of sliding off of your mattress.


Features And Benefits Of The Titan® Pure Latex Mattress

  • Designed To Comfortably Accommodate Individuals Each Weighing 250-400 lbs- Up To 2 Individuals
  • Offers Uplifting Support And Comfort Distributing Weight Horizontally Rather Than Downward
  • Immediately Responsive, Making Turning Effortless
  • Natural Antimicrobial Resistant, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Chemical Free
  • Organic Cotton Cover Pre-Installed On Mattress
  • Mattress Arrives Vacuum Packaged And Rolled For Easier Handling
  • 365 Day No Questions Asked Trial Period
  • Free Shipping, No Sales Tax
  • Top 2″ Layer Is 36 ILD Pure Talalay Latex, Bottom 6″ Layer Is 44 ILD Pure Latex
  • 20 Year Factory Warranty With 10 Year Full Replacement

An Unbeatable Trial Period And Warranty

Because we’ve had years of experience building our Titan® Pure Latex Mattress for thousands of satisfied big and tall customers, we want you to feel as confident and as comfortable as we do about taking a leap of faith and trying out our mattress. Not only do we back up our product with a full year trial period, which allows you to return the mattress with no questions asked if you don’t love it (there is a modest $99 return ship fee which is taken off of your full refund), you’ll also enjoy a comprehensive 20 year Factory Warranty which provides ten years full replacement value on the following defects or failures:

  • Depressions Or Rutting Greater Than 1″ On The Top Surface Of Mattress
  • Outer Covering Including Sewing, Stitching, And Quilted
  • Lamination Of Top And Bottom Layer
  • Faulty Workmanship
  • Structural Defects

It’s very important when you purchase your Titan® Pure Latex Mattress to make sure it is placed on the appropriate foundation or platform. The warranty does not cover using unapproved slatted deck type surfaces unless the slats themselves are a minimum of 2.5″ wide with no more than 3″ of open space between each slat. You can also use a solid top foundation. The deck or platform should be strongly supported underneath, since the mattress will follow the contour of whatever you place it on. Best test: you should be able to easily stand on top of the foundation and not notice any deflection or indentation on the surface.

Click here to view the Euro Bed Base, which is our suggested base to use if you do not have a platform or existing foundation for you Titan® Pure Latex Mattress.

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