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Those who say that airbeds are not designed to replace the regular beds they are not honest at all. Because sleep on the Premium mattress frame and bed give you comfort like a baby get a comfort after the sleep of a week at the same place.
In this modern Era people are moving towards the innovative adjustable airbed and using them as a daily sleeper. The thing that makes them attractive is their design, built-in air pumps, comfort, high quality material and durability. We at habitat are expert in manufacturing and supplying Best quality waterbeds and airbeds. Just click to the below link and get our services as we now the choices of our customer and the new trends in market.
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• The most important thing I want to mention here is its air holding property, this may be considered as the essential feature of the airbed but in the market there are many products that are not able to hold air for whole night and you may wake up at floor in morning. This kind of air leakage is never acceptable. This airbed system is the complete package with superb features.
• The durability of these beds is exciting and demanding. It’s just like to have a permanent solution over hundreds of mattress that looks like they will be last for lifetime but never.
• The overall look of our air beds is clean and attractive; you will found it different from others as you will unpack it. The material used for construction is of high quality. The designs are unique and precise. The model is constructed well under the team of experts.
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Relieving Back Pain With Yoga Exercises

In the U.S. back pain is one of the biggest complaints that send people to the doctor.  Having strong back muscles, strong abdominal muscles, and good flexibility are three things that can help prevent and alleviate low back pain. 

The blog Back Pain:  Relieve Your Aching Back With These Best Yoga Exercises offers three exercises that the unnamed blogger recommends using, as his or her only credentials, “Based on my experience…”  The blogger at least states that these three exercises are only a suggestion and you should find a capable instructor.  I will take that further and say that if you suffer from back pain you should be cleared by your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

The three recommended yoga exercises are sun salutation, the corpse, and the cat pose.  The blog gives instructions on how to do each, but again, I would recommend clearance from your physician and an actual instructor with qualifications before taking advice from a blogger who fails to list his or her name and credentials on the blog.  (This person may indeed be qualified to make yoga recommendations, but I couldn’t find this info with the blog.)

One safe way to ease back pain is to make sure you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress.  Two specialty mattresses that are gaining popularity for their comfort and durability are the natural latex mattress and the air bed.  Both have been found to ease back pain over a traditional mattress.

Coping with Low Back Pain

I came across an article entitled Understanding and Coping With Low Back Pain by someone simply listed as “Shaun.”  According to the article an estimated 26 million Americans deal with frequent or chronic low back pain.

There are many different conditions that can cause low back pain.  Some of these things include normal wear and tear due to aging, injuries or trauma, or sometimes something as simple as incorrectly lifting a heavy object, like putting a heavy suitcase into the trunk of a car.  Low back pain can also be a sign of a problem such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or a herniated disc.

Lower back pain is not a condition that should be ignored. It is important to seek medical attention to find out the cause(s) and possible treatment(s) for your low back pain.

Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some point.  The important thing to do is to make sure sure the problem doesn’t become chronic or reoccurring.

According to the article, here are some things that your health care provider may suggest to help ease your low back pain:  (You can read the details about each by clicking on the above link.)

Rest – But only for a short time.

Medication – This would be based on the type of pain and your medical history.

Exercise – Exercises that strengthen your back and abdominal muscles (core muscles) are helpful.

Massage Therapy – This can be used as part of a comprehensive plan and can be combined with physical therapy, acupuncture and medication.

Many people seek relief from their lower back pain by choosing a more comfortable mattress.  Although not cure-all for a back injury, a comfortable mattress can help relieve low back pain and even eliminate it if your mattress was the cause of your pain to begin with.  Two mattress that you should check out are an air bed and a 100% natural latex mattress.

Your Sofa Choice and Back Pain

According to the blog posted on Earth Times by “dpa,” Poor sofa choice can lead to back pain.  Last year I helped a friend shop for a new sofa and can appreciate what an important choice this is.  The article states that a combination of poorly designed chairs and lack of activity can lead to back pain.  (This is according to a spinal health association in Germany, AGR.)

According to AGR, people who spend long hours in front of a TV or monitor are candidates for back problems.  I can personally attest to this.  Although lack of activity is not an issue for me, I am currently shopping for a well-designed chair that will be more comfortable when I am working in front of the computer.

AGR says that seats need to align with a person’s upper thigh and that the height of the seat should be adjustable.  The seat should also be wide enough and the back needs to be adjustable and up to shoulder height.  Built-in back lumbar support is helpful too.  (That is what I am looking for in an office chair.)

The above advice may work for an office chair, but what about a sofa, which usually serves people of varying sizes?  My advice – Get off the sofa and get moving!

Another way to help with back pain is by choosing the right mattress.  Everyone spends much more time in bed than on a sofa or in an office chair.  Two very comfortable mattresses to check out are the 100% natural latex mattress and the air bed.

Lifting Properly to Avoid Back Pain During the Holidays

The article Christmas turkeys are a pain in the ‘back’, literally gave me a chuckle but also spurred me to write about lifting properly to avoid back pain.  At one time or another, most people are guilty of lifting heavy items improperly.

This article, which is out of London, states that the British College of Osteopathic Medicine reports more back injuries after Christmas than any other time.  The BCOM claims that failing to bend the knees properly when lower the turkey into the oven can pull muscles in the back and lead to strained ligaments.  They also suggest that carrying too many heavy shopping bags also can lead to “turkey back.”

Dr. Ian Drysdale is quoted as saying, “When you’re lifting the turkey out of the oven, bend your knees and keep your back straight.  Don’t stoop or twist and you’ll avoid unnecessary pulled muscles.”  When it comes to shopping, Dr. Drysdale says, “When it comes to shopping sprees, make sure you avoid carrying all your bags in one hand – try and distribute the weight as evenly as you can.”

I think there are other factors that contribute to back pain this time of year.  They include shoveling snow, cutting down or carrying Christmas trees, reaching and over stretching to decorate trees, pulling decorations out of the attic, hanging lights, putting items together, and tossing your young relatives into the air during family visits.

One way to help ease your back pain is by sleeping on a comfortable mattress.  Two comfortable specialty beds you should look into are the air bed and the latex mattress.

Back Related Problems Increasing

The Bonati Spine Institute offers up that Reports Indicate Back Related Problems Increasing in U.S.  I don’t even have to read the article to know this is true, and there are many reasons why.

Why are back related problems increasing?  Most of the reasons are lifestyle related.  People are heavier, less fit, and have weaker core muscles (back and abdominal muscles).  Those who carry their excess weight in the middle are at a greater risk of back problems than those who carry excess weight elsewhere.

Dr. Bonati is quoted with his views on the increase in back pain and how to treat it.  He says the best way to cope with back pain is exercise and weight control and says surgery should be a last resort.

Many people with back pain issues find relief with specialty beds like a natural latex mattress or air bed.  Both are good options for those looking for a way to sleep with less pain than with a traditional mattress.

Low Vitamin D May Be to Blame for Winter Back Pain

Experiencing low back pain this winter?  This article from Stop Aging Now offers up an interesting conclusion from Stewart Leavitt, PhD, Executive Director of Pain Treatment Topics.  After doing a review of research (meaning he reviewed research already done by others), Dr. Leavitt found that patients with chronic back pain usually had inadequate vitamin D levels.  When given adequate vitamin D, their pain either stopped or was relieved significantly.

Although this article suggests that supplementing with vitamin D may be a simple solution to relieving years of nagging back pain, my question would be why are these people vitamin D deficient to begin with?  Could it be that people with chronic back pain do not get outside and get enough vitamin D (from sun exposure) and then begin a cycle of vitamin D deficiency and chronic nagging back pain?  I think this is something worth looking into.

In the meantime, check with your health care provider to see if you are vitamin D deficient.  If you have chronic nagging back pain in the winter, it certainly can’t hurt to check out Dr. Leavitt’s theory.  To this article in its entirety, go to

Many of our customers have found that our 100% all natural latex mattress has helped them with their chronic back pain or discomfort.  To read more about our 100% latex mattress go to Habitat Furnishings.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Want three simple ways to improve your posture?  Then check out this article with a few easy tips to improve your posture.  Think good posture is just for looking good?  Wrong.  Good posture is important for keeping your bones in healthy alignment, promoting better body movement, taking strain off your joints and muscles, keeping abdominal organs functioning well, and helping to avoid back pain.

This article gives you 3 very simple things you can do each and every day to improve your posture.  They will only take a few minutes each day.

Another way to help avoid back pain is by sleeping on the proper mattress.  Two mattresses we recommend are a 100% natural latex mattress and a well-designed air bed system.  Both are great choices, depending on your wants and needs.  You can check out how to choose between and air mattress and a 100% all natural latex mattress by going to Habitat Furnishings.

To read this article in its entirety, go to,0,1366458.story.

Natural Latex: Good Results For Neck And Back Pain

As our natural latex business has exploded, more and more customers have called me back after sleeping on their new latex bed to tell me how much relief they’ve had from chronic neck and back pain. Amazingly, some of the folks have been “through the mill” as I call it..having tried everything from the leading brand of memory foam bed, expensive high end pillow top mattresses, all kinds of air beds, water beds, and urethane foam beds. The elastic qualities of Natural Latex are hard to duplicate, and when trying them out for the first time, many people have told me that the support they get in the head and neck area is completely different form anything else they’ve tried. You don’t sink in or bottom out, and when you move, especially if you are a side sleeper, natural latex “instantly responds”, and there’s no “waiting for the bed to catch up to you” in the words of one of my customers who has suffered for decades after being rear ended in a car. Other customers have indicated that since “foam rubber” (which is an archaic term for Natural Latex, but nevertheless accurate) does not accumulate body heat like petroleum based foams, it is far more soothing and you don’t have to constantly reposition yourself because you are overheated. One question people often ask me is “Which of your two models should I choose?”, which is why we highly recommend watching our videos which, step by step, evaluate both our 6″ and 8″ models so you can choose the right fit. You can watch our videos on our site,, scroll down to choose the “..which model might work best for you” video, which is really in-depth. Latex bedding, even though it’s been around for decades, is becoming a mainstream bedding option now, and in many cases, we’ve found that pain relief is a driving force behind this.

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