Best Quality Airbeds in Baltimore with innovative adjustable air mattress

Those who say that airbeds are not designed to replace the regular beds they are not honest at all. Because sleep on the Premium mattress frame and bed give you comfort like a baby get a comfort after the sleep of a week at the same place.
In this modern Era people are moving towards the innovative adjustable airbed and using them as a daily sleeper. The thing that makes them attractive is their design, built-in air pumps, comfort, high quality material and durability. We at habitat are expert in manufacturing and supplying Best quality waterbeds and airbeds. Just click to the below link and get our services as we now the choices of our customer and the new trends in market.
Here’s Why Users Chose Habitat Furnishing Airbed:

• The most important thing I want to mention here is its air holding property, this may be considered as the essential feature of the airbed but in the market there are many products that are not able to hold air for whole night and you may wake up at floor in morning. This kind of air leakage is never acceptable. This airbed system is the complete package with superb features.
• The durability of these beds is exciting and demanding. It’s just like to have a permanent solution over hundreds of mattress that looks like they will be last for lifetime but never.
• The overall look of our air beds is clean and attractive; you will found it different from others as you will unpack it. The material used for construction is of high quality. The designs are unique and precise. The model is constructed well under the team of experts.
• You can use such bags for your own business promotion as the free bags does works and the custom logo printing can also be used.

Organic Bedding

London Luxury rolling out AllergyLuxe organic, says the article on  London Luxury announced the launch of its 100% organic AllergyLuxe Organic Bedding Collection.  It will be carried at select Bed, Bath, & Beyond stores as well as on their website.

The sheets will be 300-count and will use organic dyes that are chemical-free.  The colors that will be available are khaki, pistachio, caramel, bluemis, or chiffon.

More and more people are looking to live their lives with organic products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals.  Organic bedding is a great companion for a completely organic mattress, the 100% botanically derived natural latex mattress.

True natural latex is 100% natural and truly organic.  It is antimicrobial, dust mite-free, and resists mold and mildew.  Since it contains nothing artificial, it is also completely recyclable.  It is perfect for those with allergies, asthma, or those who just want to live a clean, green lifestyle.

Unfortunately, up to 80% of latex mattresses are made synthetically with petrochemicals.  It is important that when you are looking to purchase a completely organic natural latex mattress that you do a bit of homework to make sure what you are getting is truly all natural.  To learn everything you need to know about 100% natural latex mattresses, check out our information at Habitat Furnishings.

Waterproof Mattress Pads

Anyone who has had children understands this one… How do you protect your mattress from the inevitable messy spills that come from little ones or those having a problem where wetness could ruin a mattress?  The answer, as spelled out in this blog by Fran Sloan, is to get a waterproof mattress pad. 

One little urine or vomit incident can ruin a mattress.  A waterproof mattress pad is a way to protect your mattress investment.  In our house, we have personally experienced everything from urine to vomit to the occasional bloody nose and our waterproof mattress pad has saved the day every time.

This blog also mentions waterproof mattresses and their disadvantages over a waterproof mattress pad.  Since there is usually a small window of time that most people require protection for their mattress, I can’t imagine buying a mattress for the sole purpose of handling life’s little wet emergencies.

If comfort and quality is what you seek in a mattress, make sure you check out our custom designed air bed or our 100% natural latex mattress.

Bedding Kickoff at the Las Vegas Market

Furniture Today announces that the Las Vegas Market will salute our industry, the mattress industry, with a day of special activities.  The World Market Center is calling the events Kickoff to Bedding 2010.

The day of events will start Tuesday, February 2, at 8 a.m.  There will be round table discussion of bedding trends and what companies will be offering for 2010.

Later that day there will be a discussion presenting research on consumer views on “green” bedding.  At Habitat Furnishings, we are proud that our green 100% natural latex mattress is 100% botanically derived and completely natural.  This is in stark contrast to many other “natural” latex mattresses, 80% of which contain petrochemical synthetic latex.

To read more about the Las Vegas Market, go to

So-Called "Organic Dry Cleaning" For Our Covers

All of our products feature removable and dry cleanable outer covers, and we constantly receive inquiries from customers as to where to take your cover for “organic” dry cleaning. Our natural latex mattress line has a zippered cotton and wool cover which cannot be machine washed. The wool vissle fabric layer underneath the cotton, which allows us to meet all Federal flammability standards without the use of such harsh chemicals as Boric Acid, (did you know that Boric Acid is also the main ingredient in many insecticides?) will shrink if machine washed. The quilted top on our Air Bed systems will also shrink if machine washed, and should be dry cleaned…many of our natural latex customers, concerned about toxic hydrocarbons used in dry cleaning, can find a dry cleaner who uses a non-solvent method of dry cleaning, so that you are not exposed to PERC, the hydrocarbon compound known as perchloroethylene. PERC is a highly toxic compound that has the typical dry cleaner smell, very volatile, and has been classified as a probable human cancer causing chemical by the EPA. Beware of so-called “Organic Dry Clean” services offered at your local dry cleaner. In our research, we found that many operations still use hydrocarbon chemicals in their process, and since hydrocarbon are a carbon based chemical, the term “organic”, which includes all carbon string compounds is very deceiving…Many dry cleaners are using DF-2000, the newest toxic version of dry cleaning solvent, considered safe only in comparison to what it hopes to replace…PERC. So, if your dry cleaner is offering “Organic” dry cleaning, you need to ask…are you using PERC or DF 2000?, because if they are, you are not receiving “all natural” or “organic” non-toxic dry cleaning at all. In fact, Organic Dry Cleaning technology in our country generally uses one system that really is safe. It takes extra time and skill on the part of your dry cleaner, and the use of special equipment, so expect to pay more.

The method uses liquid CO2 under high pressure, which acts the same way biodegradable soaps act, removing dirt and cleaning almost all fabrics more effectively than even solvent based dry cleaning. At the end of the process, the liquid CO2 converts back to a gas, leaving behind only clean, dry clothes. Clothes cleaned in this truly “organic” fashion, using the CO2 technology, are cool to the touch and have absolutely no odor. Better for the consumer and even those who have work in the dry cleaning environment. Added benefit: there’s no shortage of carbon dioxide in the world, and these machines operate at lower temperature, saving energy.

Certified Organic Cover In The Works

Many of our customers who are interested in our natural latex mattress program are becoming increasingly concerned about buying a bed that consists of eco-friendly, “green”, and non-hazardous materials. Certainly, a natural latex mattress that contains only 100% botanical latex, such as our lineup, is a huge leap in that direction. The trend in the bedding industry to use terms like “natural” and “organic” is very confusing, first of all, because no one really knows what that means..Does it mean that your bed is completely free of nasty chemicals that can cause me harm? Does it mean that my bed is edible? The fact is, there are many stores where you can buy a mattress that may have some natural materials in it, such as botanical latex, wool, cotton, etc., but you will also find other, non-natural, noxious compounds such as formaldehyde adhesives used in the construction of the mattress. More and more, customers are asking for a completely “green” bed. Is that possible? The answer, we think, is yes…if you can get a certified organic cover. The concept of certified organic material is universes apart from a so-called “natural” cover. A certified organic cover contains materials that can be proven to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fire retarding chemicals such as boric acid, formaldehyde compounds, and other hazardous materials. With such documentation, a botanical latex mattress with a certified organic cover (ours will be organic cotton, perhaps some bamboo fiber, and a thin layer of wool vissle as we currently use, would be truly a “green” bed. Watch our video on the green, sustainable qualities of natural latex, by the way… very helpful. How close are we? Well, our current covering on our natural latex mattress has organic cotton in the covering, but the wool and other materials are not certified-documentable, in other words. But soon, within a few months, our new cover program will be all certified organic.. and we are very excited about this. Best part is, it will not affect the price of our factory direct program, so you will save money buying a truly eco-friendly, all natural latex mattress, a truly healthy bed.

The New Fire Regulations..And Our Unique Cover!

    The new federal fire codes for mattresses manufactured in the U.S. went into effect on July 1, 2007. The regulations, collectively known as CFR Part 1633, require that all mattress products meet rigid open flame testing which essentially meets or exceeds even the tough California regulations. Many of our customers have asked me, “How do you guys meet the you use any of the notorious PBDE chemicals, brominated materials, or other chemicals?”. I certainly understand the concern, especially since we sell a botanical product that is all natural, with no petroleum based compounds anywhere near our product. First, to put everyone’s mind at ease, PBDE’s (polybrominated diethyl ethers) aren’t even used in the U.S. any longer to treat foam or other materials, and haven’t even been manufactured here since January of 2005.

What’s really cool, though, is how our manufacturer, and our resident “in-house” textiles expert, Mark, developed an innovative, all natural covering for our Natural Latex mattresses, which meets the CFR Part 1633 regulations. Up until July 1, 2007, our Natural Latex mattress came with an organic cotton cover, that had no fire retardant material or qualities in it. So, we wanted to use the organic cotton cover as the main element of our exterior casing, because everyone loved the wonderful feel of the material and the fact that the fiber itself was not harvested from cotton product using herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals.

The organic cotton cover we offer now has an additional blend of wool fiber called wool “vissle” woven into it. The wool fiber is encased with silica (not be confused with colored silica gel, which is toxic because of dyes added to the sand), which of course, is made from… pure sand. The process is unique, and involves mixing the wool fiber with a slurry made using the silica material, so that it coats the wool fiber, basically coating it with a protective and fire resistant layer of flexible glass (no, it’s not scratchy like fibreglass, and in fact, is remarkably soft, soothing, and insulative, like the flexible coating on speaker wire, for example). The end result is an all natural, fire resistant fiber covering which is chemical free, and because of the wool vissle, provides insulation so the material sleeps cool in summer, warm in winter. We’re really excited about it, and everyone who’s received them on our new compliant product, has raved about the unique qualities of the fiber.

Let us know what you think of our new organic covering!

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