Best Quality Airbeds in Baltimore with innovative adjustable air mattress

Those who say that airbeds are not designed to replace the regular beds they are not honest at all. Because sleep on the Premium mattress frame and bed give you comfort like a baby get a comfort after the sleep of a week at the same place.
In this modern Era people are moving towards the innovative adjustable airbed and using them as a daily sleeper. The thing that makes them attractive is their design, built-in air pumps, comfort, high quality material and durability. We at habitat are expert in manufacturing and supplying Best quality waterbeds and airbeds. Just click to the below link and get our services as we now the choices of our customer and the new trends in market.
Here’s Why Users Chose Habitat Furnishing Airbed:

• The most important thing I want to mention here is its air holding property, this may be considered as the essential feature of the airbed but in the market there are many products that are not able to hold air for whole night and you may wake up at floor in morning. This kind of air leakage is never acceptable. This airbed system is the complete package with superb features.
• The durability of these beds is exciting and demanding. It’s just like to have a permanent solution over hundreds of mattress that looks like they will be last for lifetime but never.
• The overall look of our air beds is clean and attractive; you will found it different from others as you will unpack it. The material used for construction is of high quality. The designs are unique and precise. The model is constructed well under the team of experts.
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All Natural Latex Mattresses: What in the World is a Comfort Guarantee?

Are you looking to buy an all natural latex mattress?  Are you thinking about buying any type of new mattress?  The jargon can be confusing and, the reality is, it’s meant to be confusing.  What about all the different types of return policies and guarantees?  What is the difference between a store credit, a comfort guarantee, and a money-back guarantee anyway?  Here’s the scoop…

A money-back guarantee means that if you don’t like your latex mattress when you get it home, you can return it and get your money back so you can shop somewhere else.  You may have to pay a small return fee (look for $75 or less), but that cost is minimal compared to getting stuck with a mattress you don’t want and being unable to get your money back.  Read the fine print and watch out for restocking fees and other fees that cut into your return.  Look for an in-home trial period of at least 180 days to make sure you really like your mattress.

A store credit means that if you don’t like the mattress you chose, you can return it but you have to use the money you spent towards a purchase of a different mattress in the store.  You cannot get your money back and go somewhere else.  Since you already picked the mattress you liked the best and may not be able to find another mattress you like at this same store, this can leave you stuck with a mattress you don’t like and/or out a whole lot of money.  Steer clear of store credits.

A “comfort” guarantee is just a slick way of saying you are getting a store credit.  See the definition of store credit and steer clear from comfort guarantees.

Bottom line:  Only buy your all natural latex mattress from a retailer that lets you try it at least 180 days in your own home and gives you a money-back guarantee on your purchase.

At Habitat Furnishings, we specialize in air beds and all natural latex mattresses.  We offer money-back guarantees and 180 day in-home trials on all our mattresses and beds.

A Natural Latex Mattress… Better Than a Memory Foam Mattress?

One question we see and hear frequently is, “Which is better, a natural latex mattress or a memory foam mattress?”  Although it would nice to have a definitive answer for this question, it depends on your personal preference and what you want and need.  You wouldn’t want someone else to pick the car that is right for you, would you?  Sure, you want to make sure it is safe, reliable, and durable, but after that, what you want and need may be very different than what someone else wants or needs.

The article Latex Mattress Or Memory Foam Mattress – Which is Better? seems to seek to answer the memory foam versus latex mattress question but it really cannot.  Each are excellent mattresses and each have different benefits (besides outstanding comfort) to offer.  So what’s the best way to know which is the best mattress for you?

The best way to know if a mattress is right for you is to sleep on it for an extended period (at least 180 days) in your own home.  If you don’t like it, you want to be able to return it for a nominal fee and get your money back.  Don’t fall for a store credit or “comfort” guarantee, which is the same thing as a store credit. If you don’t like the mattress, you’d have to pick another one at the same store.  This mean you may be out lots of money and still not have a mattress that works for you.

Habitat Furnishings is the web’s specialty bedding experts.  We want you to be as informed about your mattress options as possible.  To learn more, check out our air bed and all natural latex mattress pages.

An Air Bed or Latex Mattress Can Eliminate Body Soreness

I came across a blog about someone’s mattress causing them to feel sore in the morning and it immediately reminded me of my own situation a few years back.  My husband and I were both having back pain (I was pregnant) and were sleeping on my approximately 15 year-old traditional spring mattress.  We got rid of the old spring mattress and BINGO!  No more back pain for either of us, even the huge pregnant lady!

Mattress Causing Body Soreness? reminded me of our former plight.  So many people have body soreness or back pain for no other reason than their mattress needs to be replaced with a new, more comfortable mattress.  We spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, so why are so many of us stubbornly hanging onto old beds or buying cheap ones to save money?  As I admitted, I was guilty of this in the past, but I will never be guilty of it again!  We spend way more time on our mattresses than on our sofas or in front of our TVs, so it’s time to start treating our mattress purchases with the seriousness, thought, and money they deserve.

We are Habitat Furnishings – the web’s specialty bedding experts.  We want you to be as educated as possible when it comes to purchasing a mattress.  Check out our air bed and all natural latex mattress info.

An Air Bed or Natural Latex Mattress for the HGTV Dream Home

Every year I oohh and aahh over the HGTV Dream Home.  This year is no exception.  This year’s HGTV Dream Home is a beautiful masterpiece in New Mexico.  It is, of course, like something out of a magazine (or a TV show!) and is beautifully furnished by Ethan Allen.  Every year I enter to win the HGTV Dream Home and I never win, but that’s not my complaint.  Let me explain…

We spend more time on our mattress than on anything in our home.  We spend about a third of our lives in bed.  I’m sure the HGTV Dream Home has really nice mattresses, but I searched the entire product listing and could find no mention of the mattresses.  Sure, I saw every type of duvet, sheet, pillow, sham, and bedroom accessory in the world, but no mention of a mattress!  The beds sure are fancy, but no mention of a mattress!  Every detail in the house is absolutely perfect, but no mention of a mattress!

To the HGTV execs – How about an absolutely comfortable and durable air bed or natural latex mattress for your absolutely gorgeous home?  Latex mattresses and air beds are just the thing to make your almost perfect dream home absolutely perfect!

Mattress Sanitizing for Dust Mite Allergies – Choose Natural Latex Instead

In The Wall Street Journal Online, Laura Johannes ponders the question Does Mattress Cleaning Treat Dust-Mite Allergies?  Johannes points out that while mattress sanitizing does likely kill dust mites, that scientists say that there’s no proof that mattress-sanitizing services are any better than less expensive methods of getting rid of dust mites.

A growing number of companies will come to your home to clean your mattress, but I have a better idea.  If dust mites are a concern, or if someone in your house has allergies or asthma, you need to look into purchasing a 100% natural latex mattress.

Forget the company to rid your mattress of dust mites! A 100% natural latex mattress is dust-mite free.  It is also antimicrobial and resistant to mold and mildew.  It is extremely durable (look for a 20 year warranty), but when you are done with it, it is completely recyclable. 

Unfortunately, up to 80% of latex mattresses are not completely natural, but are synthetically made using petrochemicals.  Make sure you are clear about what you are buying when you choose a natural latex mattress.  To choose a mattress that will be free of dust mites, you need to make sure you are buying a 100% natural latex mattress.

To learn everything you need to know about natural latex mattresses, click on our links.

Sleep Facts and Your Mattress

In the article Bed, Mattress and Sleep Facts the unnamed author points out some very interesting (and sometimes gross) things about our mattresses and beds.  Since there are no citations for the article, I’m not sure how many of these things are actually verifiable “facts,” but they are interesting.

Here are a few of my favorites and my comments on each:

*We use our beds more than any other item of furniture.  (This is an obvious one.)

*The average life of a mattress is 10 years.  (Our high quality latex mattresses and air beds have a 20 year warranty.)

*A comfortable bed will give you around one hour’s extra sleep a night.  (This is a huge reason to have a comfortable bed.)

*You move approximately 60 – 70 times a night with up to a dozen full body turns.  (That is amazing!  I know some people who don’t move that much in a day!)

*You grow 2 cm during the night because your spine is compressed during the day and has a chance to straighten at night.  (I’m not sure if you can call this “growing,” but is this why I feel like I look thinner in the morning?)

*85% of doctors believe there is a link between old beds and asthma.  (Very interesting.  I would love to read the research on this.)

*Your mattress can double in weight with dust over 10 years.  (Gross!  This is why people should get a natural latex mattress – it’s dust mite free.)

*10% of your pillow weight may be made up of dead dust mites.  (Time for a new pillow!)

If you don’t want to deal with all this nastiness (it’s grossing me out just writing about it!), check out a natural latex mattress.  100% natural latex is antimicrobial, antibacterial, dust mite free, and inhibits mold and mildew.

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