Relieving Back Pain With Yoga Exercises

In the U.S. back pain is one of the biggest complaints that send people to the doctor.  Having strong back muscles, strong abdominal muscles, and good flexibility are three things that can help prevent and alleviate low back pain. 

The blog Back Pain:  Relieve Your Aching Back With These Best Yoga Exercises offers three exercises that the unnamed blogger recommends using, as his or her only credentials, “Based on my experience…”  The blogger at least states that these three exercises are only a suggestion and you should find a capable instructor.  I will take that further and say that if you suffer from back pain you should be cleared by your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

The three recommended yoga exercises are sun salutation, the corpse, and the cat pose.  The blog gives instructions on how to do each, but again, I would recommend clearance from your physician and an actual instructor with qualifications before taking advice from a blogger who fails to list his or her name and credentials on the blog.  (This person may indeed be qualified to make yoga recommendations, but I couldn’t find this info with the blog.)

One safe way to ease back pain is to make sure you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress.  Two specialty mattresses that are gaining popularity for their comfort and durability are the natural latex mattress and the air bed.  Both have been found to ease back pain over a traditional mattress.

Fun Winter Fitness Tips

The web site is the source of an article that is more fun than a snowball fight, entitled 10 Winter Fitness Tips.  The author is a diabetic with suggestions for keeping fit in the winter.

Below are the author’s ten tips with my comments:

The gym – I agree.  This is always a good suggestion if you are really going to use it.

Stationary bike or treadmill – Once again… Good suggestion unless you use them to hang your clothes on.

The exercise ball – This one is good for a limited number of activities.  It can’t replace a whole fitness routine, but you can do resistance exercises on it.

Sledding with your children – Walking back up a big hill is a great workout and a sledding is a great way to spend active time with your kids.

Building a snowman – Not the greatest workout in the world, but if the snow is deep you can get a good workout walking around in it.

Snowball fight – As long as you don’t throw ice at each others’ faces, this can be a lot of fun.  Running and dodging snowballs, as well as throwing them, is fun exercise.

Ice skating – A good workout if you know how to ice skate.  Not too much of a workout if you are just learning.  (Too much leaning, holding, and falling!)

Mall walking – Many malls are open early for walkers to get some walking in.  This is much more effective than claiming to get a workout when you are shopping.

Shoveling snow – Make sure you are prepped for this one.  Shoveling snow is not for rookies.  Many a heart attack or back ache have come from weekend warriors trying to shovel snow.

Hanging Christmas lights – I don’t see this as much of a workout, but maybe we hang lights the lazy way in this part of the country…

Bottom line – Get create with your winter workouts, especially if you are someone who is not into the cold weather (like me).  After a hard workout, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.  An air bed or natural latex mattress is just the right way to rejuvenate after a hard day of snowball fights!

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