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Habitat Furnishings Offers Beautiful and Comfy Mattresses Collection

A good dream always seeks a perfect mattress. To buy a suitable mattress is considered necessary for an adequate sleep and a healthy lifestyle. With Habitat Furnishings mattresses we can be sure of the comfort, the durability, the soft and thick casting of the mattress.

The serenity with which you dream and the design that captivates you combine perfectly in the Habitat Furnishings Beautiful & Smart Mattress Collection.

As one of the most beloved fashion and home furniture brands in the world, Habitat Furnishings waterbed mattresses Collection has partnered with the King Koil mattress. Together, they have developed a collection of mattresses with craftsmanship and art for which the brand is known. The mattresses are assembled, manufactured and manufactured based on Laura’s unique fabric designs and are considered unique in their class.

Habitat Furnishings mattresses offer the best comfort, durability, soft and thick cast iron to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The mattresses not only offer comfort but they have the best designs and styles that go from the traditional to the contemporary. The unique collection that presents a variety of refined and ecstatic patterns offers visual attractions. The internal spring or foam manufactured by experts provides luxurious comfort and exceptional support.

The durability of the Habitat Furnishings airbeds is constant and its beauty is also directly proportional! With three options available to choose from, the ball is on the client’s court to find the right comfort.

The current models of Habitat Furnishings mattresses are Luxury and Elite and iAdapt. All type of mattresses offers the best collection; Whether it’s the look they envy or the body’s content, it ensures that you sleep well and wake up happy and rejuvenated.

Habitat Furnishings mattresses are practical online. The customization options give the customer an advantage when considering the latest style and elegance. With a few clicks, the customer can play with the designs and does not have to spend time and energy in regards to the price. It is affordable! Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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Choose the Best Mattress to Get Comfortable Sleep with Waterbed Mattresses

Nowadays, more and more people reduce their sleep hours and only sleep a few hours a night. The science of sleep does not deceive, a good night’s sleep is important for well-being and health, so if you are sleepless or tired of being in a bad mood every day, ask yourself why. Maybe your mattress does not suit you and you have not yet found the mattress of your dreams.

Who has not dreamed some day to find a mattress to place it as it should and be in Wonderland? The airbed mattresses of your dreams exists. Each of us has a mattress of our dreams, but for many we have not yet found it. We are very numerous on earth, but the choice of mattresses is also very broad. We all have different needs and everyone needs a carefully selected mattress to fulfill their dreams. Choosing the right one is important, because by spending a third of your time on it, the mattress really needs to be comfortable.

So, if you are wondering how to carefully choose the best mattress for you, here are some tips to help you:

1) Go to the Store to Choose it:

It is very important to go there to choose your mattress. You will not have any unpleasant surprises when you buy it.

2) Test the mattress yourself:

Once you’re in the store, what could be easier than trying the mattress you like? It is really necessary to lie in it to realize how comfortable it is for you.

3) Look at the mattress reviews:

Sometimes it may be more convenient to buy your mattress online, and in this case it is strongly recommended to check the comments on the Internet.

Before entering the store, feel free to see the best mattress reviews. Of course, it’s great to try the mattress yourself, but knowing which mattresses are best qualified by reading reviews and testimonials is even better!

4) Dare to the new:

Even if it can be an additional cost, do not hesitate to buy a mattress with accessories (sheets sets, mattress covers, heating sheets). All this may seem like a contraption, but it is far from it, and with it you will sleep like a child. Adjustable beds and viscoelastic mattresses are also inventions worth trying.

5) Imitate the Swedes for a double bed:

Airbeds prefer to use two single beds that are glued together and covered with a mattress so that each mattress is suitable for each person. For example, if Monsieur is strong enough and Madame is thin, he will prefer a hard mattress and she will prefer a soft mattress. And so, everyone can sleep peacefully and comfortably.

6) Keep the mattress (after buying your mattress)

If you want to enjoy your comfort for many years, the mattress should be maintained and this is essential to ensure a good night’s sleep and avoid allergies. So remember to regularly vacuum the mattress (to vacuum dust mites), ventilate it about once a week. It is also advisable to place a sheet under your mattress to protect it from perspiration.

If you have a foam mattress, it requires almost no maintenance. On the other hand, for a spring mattress, it is good to turn it from time to time to equalize the wear, approximately every three months and also avoid bending it because it will wear much faster. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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Habitat Furnishings Mattress Collection | Superior in Value & Quality

The quality of sleep that is achieved every night is directly proportional to our activities in our daily life. Dreams require sweat, determination and hard work to be fulfilled. This can only be achieved if you wake up in the morning refreshed and refreshed.

Comfortable and supportive mattresses play an important role in achieving a rejuvenating dream. With the variety of options available in the market, finding the best mattress that guarantees a good sleep is an uncomfortable task.

Habitat Furnishings airbeds mattresses have arrived to rescue your mattress requirement with the right selections that best suit your specific needs and preferences.

Two key benefits: comfort and support are always necessary for a mattress to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The third and fourth additional benefit, that is, the value and choice that Habitat Furnishings airbed mattresses provide, distinguish them in the bedding industry. With the Habitat Furnishings beds you are assured of the best quality over price.

The range of options offered by this brand of bedding is long. Here we have compiled the best types of bedding manufactured by this bedding company. These include:


Its function of temperature sensitive mode is infused with gel to provide pressure relief and temperature regulation. The mattress is reversible and features natural wool on one side and refreshing gel on the other. The combination of natural wool, plush foam and cooling gel allows you to stay cool during your night’s sleep.

Both sides of the mattress are protected with antimicrobial fiber. Therefore, these beds are resistant to molds and dust mites, which guarantees their long duration.

If you aspire to satisfaction, then Habitat Furnishings Cottage Collection is the best option.

These beds feature an advanced coil construction along with fiber and foam support to help improve body alignment. The beds are impregnated with unique gel foam that offers durability, comfort and pressure relief, keys to sleep well at night.

To reduce the decomposition of the edges, these beds are reinforced with metal edge wire at the edges. This prevents wear on the edges of the bed and, therefore, improves the life of the bed.

Experience the opulent comfort and support resolved with the Habitat Furnishings Paradise collection. These mattresses feature memory foam memory that reduces stress and offers a pleasant comfort. The final combination of high quality foam layers provides a higher density that adapts to the shape of the body and provides exceptional support.

These beds, along with the ability to eliminate pressure points, also offer long-term durability, which makes this material an excellent choice for exuberant comfort and reliable support.


These beds have the traditional concept of inner spring integrated with the technologically advanced construction of the coils. The Habitat Furnishings Veridian collection is 100% made in the United States.

The beds are designed to improve torso alignment to reduce throwing and twisting, improving sleep quality. Its exclusive infused gel foam improves sleep with luxurious comfort and helps regulate body temperature for a restful sleep.

The list of mattress variants offered by Habitat Furnishings never ends. In addition to the collection mentioned above, the brand is also famous for the manufacture of other products for beds.

The manufacturers of Habitat Furnishings mattresses along with luxury and comfort also care about the cost of the mattress so that they are affordable for the population. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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Habitat Furnishings Best Memory Foam and Eco-Friendly Mattresses

The mattress you choose makes all the difference for a good night’s sleep. You can be pernicious when buying shoes, since an incorrect selection can end up causing you pain. Similarly, the type of foundation offered by mattresses plays a vital role in ensuring that you sleep well and wake up rejuvenated.

With the growing race for money and status, the only time to collect is bedtime. Therefore, committing to mattress quality is not an option.

To find the mattress of your dream, you must first know some characteristics of a comfortable mattress. An ideal mattress is one that not only offers comfort but also reduces the stress level, provides an adequate alignment to your body and support pressure points.

All these attributes are available in airbed mattresses purchased from Habitat Furnishings.

There are many beds that make brands and almost all claims to provide comfort. However, Habitat Furnishings offers an advantage over them since the beds manufactured here are exceptionally ecological and extremely durable.

It is known that this prominent manufacturer of mattresses manufactures a wide range of memory foams, all of which offer unrivaled comfort and provide you with a restful sleep.


The key features of the beds manufactured here include:


  1. High Density:

As mentioned above, the beds made in Habitat Furnishings are environmentally friendly. The use of naturally renewable oil such as soybeans and coconut oils in its high density memory foam makes the product superior to those offered by its competitors. The diffusion of these oils in the manufacture of beds improves the level of density and durability of these mattresses.


  1. Goodbye to the aches and pains:

The memory foams used in Habitat Furnishings highlight those found in other popular brands. Habitat Furnishings has been breaking new ground for years in terms of comfort and pressure relief. These beds provide perfect support for the contours of the body in order to substantially reduce pressure points and demonstrate correct alignment with the spinal cord.


  1. Hypoallergenic:

The mattresses made with Habitat Furnishings are resistant to mites and tomicroscopic powders that guarantee their long-term durability. These mattresses come with a 10 year warranty, which gives users the possibility to replace their beds for genuine reasons at any time during this period.


  1. Cooling comfort:

The materials used in the manufacture of these beds improve air circulation, allowing heat to escape and, therefore, provide cooling comfort.

Quality beds play an important role in determining quality sleep. However, people tend to ignore this fact and adapt to what they have. Your sleep time has a profound impact on your waking life.

Therefore, it is essential that we select premium quality Airbeds from expert manufacturers. The Habitat Furnishings mattress collection combines the latest technology to sleep to provide better quality beds that offer a spirit of tranquility. The unique collection features a diverse and euphoric pattern that provides luxurious comfort and exceptional support.

This is not everything. Mattresses are available in a wide range of prices to fit your budget. Buy beds of your choice among this incredible ocean of mattresses and improve not only your dream but also your mental and physical health. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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Airbed & Air Mattresses | Most versatile Sleep System Ever

Have you ever wondered why the great astronomers could make great discoveries at night? Nothing against his greatness, but the low quality of his mattress could be responsible for the deprivation of a good night’s sleep. It’s a joke!

If you are looking for the magic remedy to achieve a good night’s sleep full of happy dreams, you should have adjustable beds.

The medical benefits offered by adjustable beds, which were previously found in hospital rooms or in health institutions, are no longer just for hospitals. These beds are also growing in popularity for domestic use.

With the increase of health problems such as back pain, asthma, snoring, arthritis, insomnia, etc.,airbed mattresses are considered vital to help improve health problems and, therefore, improve the dream experience

What is an adjustable bed?
Commonly referred to as zero-gravity beds or electric beds, electric adjustable beds are those whose base can be raised and shaped to a number of different positions according to the user’s preferences by means of a multi-joint support surface.
Using memory foam or natural latex mattresses on adjustable beds is like the icing on the cake. Together, they help improve your sleep experience and, therefore, help eliminate health hazards.

Advantages of adjustable beds on flat beds?
There are several reasons why Airbeds are preferred to traditional flat beds. One of the main benefits is that it allows an ergonomically correct body position that supports the natural curvature of the spine during sleep.

The beds nowadays are no longer furniture to sleep. Today people read in bed, work on their laptops or watch television in bed. The adjustable beds are very suitable for all these activities. In addition, studies reveal that adjustable beds have therapeutic effects on the body designed to offer maximum comfort and individual adjustment capacity.

Therefore, during the night, during sleep, if your mobility is affected or if you suffer some kind of pain or discomfort, the adjustable beds will solve all your health problems. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

1. Improvement of breathing and blood circulation:
Sleeping on flat beds can cause problems associated with breathing and blood circulation. The adjustable beds allow you to tilt the upper and lower body in a more comfortable position.

The provision of individual adjustment capacity in these beds allows for better breathing and, therefore, helps the circulation of oxygen and blood to the vital organs of the body. Sleeping on adjustable beds eliminates problems such as congestion, sinuses and keeps fluids and mucus at bay.

2. Relief of arthritis:
Raising the top and bottom of the adjustable beds provides relief from arthritis. Sleeping on flat beds hardens the body and causes pain especially to people with osteoarthritis in arthritis of the spine or facets.

Sleeping on adjustable beds provides better support and reduces irritation by minimizing joint compression.

3. Relieve back pain:
It is possible that a flat bed does not provide adequate support for the spinal cord, resulting in back pain and, therefore, restless sleep. The 45-degree tilt of these beds provides support for the lower back. Lifting the foot of the bed reduces the pressure on the spine. People suffering from lower back pain find adjustable beds much more comfortable than flat beds.

4. Insomnia relief:
The positioning of adjustable beds according to individual preferences provides relief against insomnia of the most frequent sleep syndrome. Achieving the perfect position in the bed provides better circulation of blood and oxygen that helps to sleep and ends the nights of shaking and turning.

Now that we have learned the importance of sleeping on adjustable beds, get rid of the discomfort and problems that inhibit deep and restorative sleep and opt for adjustable beds.

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Airbed Mattresses Pocket Friendly, Durable and Comfortable

Have you ever wondered what is the key to happiness and well-being? Some of you can give money as the main priority.

A study by a renowned magazine revealed something out of the ordinary. In the survey, people were asked to choose between money and sleep. The result of the experiment showed clear support for a deep sleep.


There are many possible reasons for insomnia such as mental stress, depression, medical conditions and bed choice.

If the latter is the cause of the difficulties in falling asleep, we have a solution for your problem.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of products that vary in design, firmness and depth, making it easier for you to choose the right one according to your needs. The range of mattresses offered includes:

1. Springs mattress

2. All foam, including memory foam mattress, foam gel and latex foam mattress

3. Hybrid mattress

Airbed mattresses are designed to provide exceptional support and comfort in parallel with unique sumptuous designs.

If you should blame your bed for inadequate sleep, then it’s time to replace your mattress. Habitat Furnishings mattresses provides many advantages:


1. Advanced comfort and durability:
Symbol mattresses produce mattresses that adapt to the shape of the body. These mattresses are very elastic and cradles your body when you sleep. In addition, these beds are manufactured to leave minimal impressions in the bed, which contributes to lengthen the life of the mattress. All Symbol Mattresses products have been tested for quality and are backed by an extended warranty.

2. Antibacterial properties:
Mattress manufacturers ensure a perfect sleep in every detail. These beds are designed with products that have antibacterial properties, so they are resistant to molds and dust mites.

3. Cleaning:
These Airbeds are resistant to dust and dandruff, making it easy to clean Symbol mattresses. For example, vacuuming or sweeping the bed with the broom is the simplest method you can adopt to keep your mattresses clean. If the surface of the mattress becomes dirty or dirty, the use of upholstery shampoo is recommended.

4. Avoid the ripple effect:
Is your dream interrupted by the movement of your partner? Symbol mattresses are designed to minimize the rippling effect of your partner’s movement and, therefore, encourage a deeper and more restful sleep. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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Habitat Furnishings Know Your Choices In Bedding Comfort | Digital Airbeds & Mattresses

Sleeping problems can be caused by a series of factors ranging from physical discomfort, stress and environmental factors to pathology. For the “average age” person, a better quality of sleep can be as simple as a new mattress. Surprisingly, most people do not consider that they can survive their beds to the same extent that they realize they can survive their car or their dishwasher. Based on our research, I believe that a new mattress is an important factor to achieve a better sleep. As we found and suggested, if a new mattress can significantly improve the quality of sleep, it is a much healthier alternative than many other options. Habitat Furnishing also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

  • Airbed mattressesWhat we have seen in our studies is that replacing an older mattress (5 years or more) with a new, good-quality, medium-sized mattress can significantly reduce discomfort such as shoulder and back pain, and stiffness of the back, and can significantly increase the quality of sleep and comfort. Not only were such benefits obtained immediately, but they were maintained over time. In addition, research has found that certain behaviors and symptoms of stress decrease with a higher quality of sleep that leads us to believe that lack of sleep is associated with stress. Therefore, by reducing stress we can expect to improve physical, psychological and emotional factors.
  • Most mattresses come with a manufacturer’s warranty for 10, 15 or 20 years, but this only refers to the materials and not the structure or support. There are many factors that determine the time when one should replace a mattress. For example, what was the initial quality of the bed? How much does the person who sleeps in bed weigh? Heavier people can put more stress on the mattress support system, which reduces its longevity. Surprisingly, the average age of people’s mattresses is around 10 years, which means they have surrendered more than 25,000 hours of support. That’s more than 1,050 days spent on the mattress! I think it’s too optimistic to believe that your mattress can maintain its original support for so long and with so much use.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, a good rule of thumb is to occasionally evaluate the quality of your Airbeds and the quality of your mattress. Like any frequently used product, mattresses should be replaced regularly. After five to seven years of use, a mattress can no longer provide the comfort and support necessary for an optimal rest. The Habitat Furnishing recommends that you evaluate your mattress within five to seven years to determine if a replacement is needed.



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Air Mattress Good for your Health & Comfort | Air Chamber | Air Pump

A good night’s sleep establishes the optimal scenario, not only physical, but also mental. With respect to physical performance, rest and recovery are essential for the best physical performance. If you are well rested, you will address the social, professional and physical challenges in the most advantageous mental and bodily state. Certainly, a positive attitude and confidence can be linked to physical performance, but physiological and biological systems must be fully recovered to function at their maximum.

Airbed mattressesA good night’s sleep, in itself, is not a performance enhancer, although it does contribute to a good mental and physical foundation to help perform at the highest level. After consecutive nights of good sleep, you can expect to see sustained results in your physical performance. On the other hand, a bad night’s sleep, or consecutive nights of bad bed, can negatively affect your performance.

In my experience as an Airbeds, I understand how important it is to sleep and rest in good quality to achieve your best performance. As a researcher, I consider three areas of utmost importance for athletes: training, nutrition and rest. For example, without enough sleep, reaction times are affected, sustained performance decreases and there is a decrease in overall physical functioning. In addition, vigilance and alertness are compromised, which will result in poor performance and possibly injuries.

While a good night’s sleep can not lead to record performance, loss of sleep will affect physical performance, reduce work productivity and affect mood and disposition. Lack of sleep is associated with anxiety, depression and mood disorders, while adequate sleep improves attitudes, moods and promotes feelings of self-esteem and competence, all of which are related to physical performance. Habitat Furnishing also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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Adopt a Better Choices In Bedding Comfort with Digital Airbeds

The right mattress for a good night’s rest is the one that satisfies your personal comfort and support needs. But before you start buying a new mattress, you should know some basic aspects of bedding. With a little general information about mattresses on the variety of options available, it will be easier to choose the right bed for you, and get an excellent night’s rest.

• INNERSPRING. The most purchased type of bedding uses the hardened steel coil stand in a variety of configurations. Different types and layers of upholstery provide insulation and cushioning between your body and the spring unit, resulting in a variety of comfort options.

• FOAM. Solid foam mattresses also offer a wide variety of sleeping sensations or “sensations”. They can be made of a solid core or of several layers of different types of foam laminated together. The advanced technology in polyurethane foams, the refinements to traditional latex and the new foams (“memory”) have added to the choice of comfort, support and performance.

Airbeds. The air mattresses are now designed to look like the familiar mattress / box spring combination, with a full air core that provides the support instead of an internal springs unit or a foam core. These designs also offer a range of “sensations” and, in general, are adjustable to suit the individual needs of the sleepers.

• OTHER SLEEP OPTIONS. There are many popular mattress alternatives to meet the comfort, support and space needs of people, including futons, adjustable beds and water beds. Futons are a popular alternative for those who need a day couch and a mattress at night. Electrically adjustable beds allow sleepers to adjust the head and feet of the bed to the most comfortable position. And most waterbeds are now designed to look like the mattress / family base, with a full core of water that provides support, along with layers of upholstery for insulation and surface comfort.

Regardless of the type of sleep system you decide to buy, always evaluate a mattress for comfort, support, durability and space. The mattress that best addresses these needs is the mattress for you.

• COMFORT. Today’s premium mattress / foundation sets are designed to provide superior comfort. New and luxurious cushioning materials and extra soft surface treatments create a more comfortable and comfortable feeling.

• SUPPORT FOR. A good mattress and a base will gently support your body at all points and will keep your spine in the same way as a person with good standing posture. Pay special attention to your shoulders, hips and lower back, the heavier parts of the body.

• DURABILITY. It is the quality of the materials used and the way they meet that determine the time during which the mattress and base will provide comfort and support.

• SPACE. The reduced rooms can turn sleeping into a night fight. A healthy person moves 40 to 60 times a night, including dozens of full body turns. You need freedom of movement while you sleep and to help you relax while you sleep. Make sure your mattress gives you room to move comfortably at night.

Habitat Furnishing also provides airbed mattresses,  Airbed pump & Airbed chambers for your comfort.


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Benefits of Adjustable Air bed Mattress

Benefits of Adjustable Air bed Mattress:

The three main categories for the use of airbed mattresses are camping, temporary domestic use (guests) and permanent full-time use (in the bedroom). Some air mattresses are specifically designed to perform both functions (camping and guest use), while others are designed specifically for a single purpose (permanent use at home or RV). Other air mattresses are designed in forms with wheel well cutouts specifically designed for use in vehicles such as vans or SUVs.

Light air mattresses, reduced in size and thin, specifically designed for camping and backpacking, are sometimes called sleeping pads, especially when a layer of insulating foam is added underneath the air chambers. The best quality air chambers, which are designed for permanent use in the home, are constructed of vulcanized rubber, covered with canvas or polyurethane. These cameras are then installed in a fabric cover or brand (ing). The permanent air beds will look almost like conventional beds, with the exception of having a hose (an air chamber) or hoses (two air chambers) that leave the head of the bed. These hoses will be connected to an air inflation device, with two outlet valves, which will have a remote control so that each person can adjust the firmness of their side to their own needs. The firmness can be adjusted up or down, with the push of a button, on the remote controls. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

Benefits of health:

Airbeds mattresses can also improve the quality of life (and potentially provide some relief) for people who suffer from back pain. Having the ability to adjust the firmness of a mattress to adapt to different body shapes, sizes and weights can be a factor in the healing process. Air mattresses are sometimes used to protect bedridden people from pressure ulcers, which can create life-threatening ulcers. [Citation needed] In addition, air mattresses are manufactured without the use of materials that can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


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