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Alert: Carcinogenic Adhesives Used In "Natural" Latex Beds

Lately, I've received a number of calls from customers asking us very specifically about the adhesives we use in our Natural latex mattresses.  We carry three models, the 6" slightly firmer Natural Latex Mattress, our cushier, plusher, yet more supportive 8" Natural Latex Mattres, and our 9" model, which is plusher, more giving and yielding, and our most popular model.

With our 6" model, there are no layers laminated together, so the adhesive issue is not applicable, but we do layer together our 8" model, which consists of our base 6" firmer layer, and our 2" softer blend up top. Offering a totally "green" Natural Botanical Latex mattress is not easy to do...when you consider that most mattresses, whether conventional innerspring or pillow top, the leading brand of visco-elastic memory foam, or even a "natural" latex mattress, contains, almost always, a formaldehyde type adhesive. These compounds are volatile organic compound type glues that potentially can off gas fumes and vapors for years. These materials have also been found to be carcinogenic. To defeat this, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to find a "natural" glue to maintain the integrity and true to form,  "All Natural Botanical Product" that we offer.

Our adhesive is commercially known as Simalfa 308, and despite it's spiffy and kind of "chemical" sounding name, it is one of the more robust, cutting edge, completely safe and non-toxic adhesives available. It costs more to use, but it's made from liquid natural latex and acrylic resin (like the acrylic used in artist's paint, non-toxic), is water based, contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds (offgassing compounds that produce vapors) and is technically inert. Always wanting to field test everything that goes into our beds, we took a piece of laminated (glued) latex mattress, and tried to rip it into two pieces, at the seam where it was glued suing our Simalfa latex adhesive- and we tore the latex in half along the edges, the seamed pieces remaining completely tightly sealed.

If you're considering a latex mattress, a memory foam bed, even a conventional mattress, ASK specifically-what adhesives are used? Are they water based? Are they VOC's?  We're proud to offer our totally Natural Latex Mattress with the safest water based adhesives available. Hey, we sleep on our own beds, along with our kids, cats, and dogs, too!