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Great Reasons an Air Mattress is a Great Buy

This blog is an example of what most people think about when they think of an air bed — a portable bed that you can take camping or pull out of a closet when you have guests.  Many people don’t know that air beds are actually one of the fastest growing segments of the specialty bed market.  More and more people are choosing air beds for their primary bed.

Why are more and more people choosing an air bed for their primary bed?  People choose air beds because they are adjustable and can be custom set from soft to firm as your needs or desires change (great for sleeping partners with different comfort needs).  An air mattress has flotation and buoyancy qualities that people love and they have a supportive feel without the “bottoming out” problems you find in a traditional mattress.  Bottom line:  Air beds offer comfort and qualities that a traditional mattress can’t match.  You can learn more about air beds by going to Habitat Furnishings.

To read this article in its entirety, go to http://www.wanghinclub.com/mattress-firm-articles/great-reasons-an-air-mattress-is-a-great-buy/

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