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A Copper Mattress is the most natural mattress you can get


Buying a mattress these days is a lot like buying a car, something we know we need to do, but dread all the same. In today's mattress marketplace however, bedding retailers are doing whatever they can to make your buying experience so cool and so much fun that you might tend to disregard the fact that many of today's most popular options are made using inexpensive, petroleum based foams, rather than naturally sourced, eco-friendly ingredients that don't continually "off gas" noxious fumes. When you consider that your nose is immediately adjacent to these chemicals at least 6-8 hours a day, it may be wise to consider a mattress that offers ingredients that are not laden with volatile organic compounds and other petroleum distillates. To make matters even worse, throw in the quick drying, formaldehyde based adhesives most companies use to glue their petroleum based foam layers together and you've got a toxic milkshake right under your nose, all night long. Even worse, as time goes on, your mattress becomes home to all kinds of unwanted guests.

The fact is, the average mattress is made using primarily synthetic components which do not repel these stowaways, and when you add heat and moisture,  your bed essentially becomes a giant specimen jar if you will, slowly collecting a host of microbes, dead skin cells- (whether ours or our pets), food and makeup residue, and chemicals of every unimaginable kind, all creating a film on the porous surface on both the outside and the inside of your mattress. Check out our chart below just to get an overview of what most of us are sleeping on eight hours a day, every day, 365 days a year.

Copper Mattresses help avoid bacteria, bugs, and other gross problems that can afflict mattresses.

When Habitat Furnishings first began selling our all natural latex mattresses years ago, we set out to offer an alternative sleep surface that was naturally antimicrobial, resisted dust mites, did not off gas petroleum based fumes, and was the most comfortable and supportive mattress we could engineer. Our natural latex mattresses quickly became the most popular selling, forward thinking mattress in the industry. We even use a water based, non VOC adhesive that eliminates the formaldehyde we're all used to breathing on a nightly basis. It's harder to work with, but it's clean, chemical free, and even labelled for use in neonatal and infant bedding.

Many of our customers suffer from allergies, have autoimmune disorders, feel lethargic, lack energy, agonize from back or extremity pain, or just don't feel well even after eight hours on their backs, and are eager to try our chemical free, all natural beds. We work closely with our owners, and constantly reinvent or improve upon our mattresses, almost daily.

We have inside access to hard science and research, and are always trying to create a mattress that is not only comfortable and supportive, but also improves your health, by eliminating the effects of "the specimen jar" as we mentioned, and can even help to heal and soothe your body, while you sleep.

We've been in the background, working quietly and intently in our sleep lab on a project for two years, that is now available for the first time since we launched our pure latex mattress program more than a decade ago. The Habitat CopperMade® Mattress takes a quantum leap forward in sleep science by delivering to you a bed that not only eradicates harmful bacteria, including infectious agents like methicillin resistant Staph (MRSA), but also new, more threatening organisms like Clostridium difficile ("C. diff"), as well as a spectrum of bacteria, fungal, and other microbes. Elemental copper, infused into a unique blend of luxurious latex, as shown below, also offers a host of other benefits.

The Habitat Copper Mattress is made of 5 different layers/sections

Potential Copper Mattress Benefits

A study conducted by the University Of Virginia Health system in 2016 demonstrated that the use of copper infused products, including bedding components and linens, reduced the incidence of pathogenic bacteria by up to 83% in a hospital setting in which there was a much higher load of pathogens than in a typical residential bedroom setting. You can read the study here.

To anyone familiar with the long history of copper in medicine, the notion that copper bracelets can convey beneficial effects should not seem surprising. In ancient Egypt, various copper compounds were used to hasten wound healing, treat headaches and epilepsy, and sterilize water. Copper acetate, known as "verdigris", became the anti-infective of choice in Greek medicine, and Roman medical treatises recommended a number of copper compounds for a range of skin, neurological, and inflammatory disorders.

Copper was used in ancient India and Persia to treat lung disorders, while the Aztecs used it, perhaps in a gargle, for “heat of the throat”. In India copper found extensive use for treatment of skin and internal disorders. In ancient China a law prohibited the use of paper money in bars and prescribed that payment be made with copper coins, for hygienic reasons.

There is plenty of historical evidence to demonstrate that copper has been used for thousands of years to sanitize water and to sterilize battle wounds, but the anecdotal evidence that has long suggested that elemental copper offers many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, providing relief for arthritis and bursitis, and improving skin tone and softening facial wrinkles, is only now receiving plenty of robust scientific attention.

Copper has been shown in studies to provide health benefits

When used in sleep products, mattresses containing elemental copper can provide users with a variety of unique health benefits such as relief from many ailments caused by inflammation. This is accomplished by transdermal absorption of copper in minute quantities, and the Habitat CopperMade® Mattress is specially designed to deliver elemental copper and its benefits in this manner.

We build our copper infused mattress by first starting with a firm and supportive base layer of non-toxic high density foam made by CertiPur®, a company that uses a proprietary system to produce a synthetic foam which has ultra low VOC emission, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde, or other toxic ingredients. Immediately above that layer, we provide a suportive, yet yielding, 4" thick piece of pure botanical Dunlop latex, which offers a floating, buoyant sensation, eliminates any "bottoming out" feel, and makes turning and movement across the surface of the mattress effortless and easy. On top of the 4" Dunlop layer is a 1.5" layer of very soft pure Talalay latex, designed to provide a soft, motion dampening sensation that allows sharp points like shoulders and hips to immerse ever so slightly, creating a sumptuous, wonderfully immersive experience.

Finally, the top layer is a 2" thick piece of copper infused Talalay latex which imparts the anti-microbial and other health benefits we've discussed. Most importantly, the outer covering of the CopperMade® Mattress is our technologically advanced knit material which ventilates so effectively, it wicks away moisture, keeping your body and your mattress cool and dry. The fabric is woven with pure copper metal fiber, which allows for close body contact in order to provide the transdermal benefit required to absorb elemental copper. The mattress is also trimmed with a line of copper metallic material around the entire perimeter. Here is an illustration showing a cross section of the Habitat CopperMade®:

A copper mattress can be the most hygienic sleep option

You'll get a 20 year Factory Warranty (with our unbeatable 10 year full replacement component up front and 10 years pro-rated on the back side). You'll experience our convenient packaging system which protects the mattress and makes installation easy. We vacuum package and roll our CopperMade® mattresses, so they ship in a smaller, more manageable box, directly to your threshold (front door or garage).

Seen other copper mattresses around? We know you'll find other copper mattresses online that sell for a bit less than the Habitat CopperMade® Bed- and there's a reason for that. Most copper mattresses offer only a 2" layer of infused latex, stacked on top of  poorer quality synthetic foam layers that simply don't offer support and comfort. With the Habitat bed, you'll get a whopping 6.5" of latex, and one layer of super high quality support foam on the bottom. With 3 times the amount of latex, you'll enjoy 3 times the amount of luxurious comfort and support.

To check out our entire latex mattress lineup, including our Habitat Latex Hybrid Mattress and our Pure Latex Mattress Lineup (non-copper latex) click here.



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Habitat CopperMade® Latex Hybrid Mattress


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Twin Long (38×80), Queen (60×80), King (76×80), Split King (2 pcs. 38×80 each)

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Features & Advantages Of The Habitat CopperMade® Mattress

  • Copper Infused Latex Eliminates Microbes, Prevents Mattress "Breeding Ground" Problem
  • 2" Copper Infused Latex And Additional 2" Talalay Latex Layer To Provide Comfort And Buoyant Support
  • Supportive Certi-Pur Base Layers Offers Uplifting Support and Prevents Bottoming Out
  • Effortless Turning, Which Keeps You In Deep, Restorative Sleep
  • Copper May Offer Relief From Arthritis, Inflammation, May Improve Skin Tone.
  • Copper May Relieve Fatigue And Energize Your Body
  • Minimal To Zero Motion Transfer, By Calming Restless Sleepers Due To Nestled In And Subtle Body Immersion With Gel Foam Layer
  • 120 Day Trial Period - $99 Removal Charge, Picked Up by Appoitnment
  • 20 Year Warranty– 10 Years Full Replacement and 10 Years Pro-Rated
  • Outer Covering Crafted With Copper Threading And Blended Cotton/Poly Cover-Sleeps Cool, Keeps You In Close Proximity With Elemental Copper
  • Distributes Load Horizontally, Rather Than Vertically, Obliterating Pressure Points And Hot Spots
  • Overall Mattress Height Is 10.5"
  • An Investment In Yourself And Your Well Being