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Air Beds That Offer Highest Owner Satisfaction According To Respected 3rd Party Source

Time for a new mattress?  Want to find a comfortable air bed? Need independent adjustability on both sides of your bed?  Maybe you are thinking about an adjustable air bed,but who wants to pay thousands for a quality air bed?  Don’t worry… You can get a high-end air bed for about half the price of many digital air beds that are out there. And, Habitat Furnishings Air Beds have the highest owner satisfaction rating of all adjustable air beds on the market today, according to SleepLikeTheDead.Com – Check it out:

At Habitat Furnishings, we spent two years designing our extremely comfortable, high quality air beds.  These three extraordinary beds are specially crafted to be extremely comfortable cost half the price of many other brands offering similar components and features.  Afraid you won’t like our air beds?  We want to make sure you do.  That’s why we offer a full 365 days for you to try our air bed in your own home.  If you don’t like it, you can return it and get your money back.

The three models we have designed have their own specialized features and benefits to offer, even though each model is built using our proprietary perimeter side rail foam system (which makes it easy to transfer in and out of bed, putting shoes on, etc.), our super quiet air controller and LED hardwired remote control.

Our Arise model is designed for those who prefer a firmer bed, are back sleepers, but still want some control on the degree of firmness from one side to the other.


Our Aloft model is designed to provide great support while offering pressure point reduction for those seeking a supportive surface, but who made also need added weight distribution and a more nestled in feel, without that sinking effect. Equipped with a layer of super premium 4lb. memory foam (not cheaper 2 or 3 lb. density, which simply doesn’t have the durability) along with a layer of our high resiliency support foam, it’s designed to provide optimal pressure point relief and float factor, with no sinking or digging your way out of the bed.

And finally, our biggest selling model, the Habitat Ascend Air Bed, offers both the pressure relieving qualities you get from our 4lb density super premium memory foam layer and the added benefit of the buoyant, uplifting qualities of pure natural latex. No sinking, no digging your way out of an abyss, but rather effortless turning, a sumptuous floating sensation, and excellent “fill-in” of pocketed areas like your lumbar region, between shoulder blades, and between hip and rib cage, when on your side.

To learn more about our premium digital air beds and all natural latex mattresses, check out Habitat Furnishings, the most established bedding company on the web, offering superior, luxury grade mattresses since 1994. Featured in USA Today, tens of thousands of satisfied owners.