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Habitat Furnishings Mattress Collection | Superior in Value & Quality

Habitat Furnishings Mattress Collection | Superior in Value & Quality

The quality of sleep that is achieved every night is directly proportional to our activities in our daily life. Dreams require sweat, determination and hard work to be fulfilled. This can only be achieved if you wake up in the morning refreshed and refreshed.

Comfortable and supportive mattresses play an important role in achieving a rejuvenating dream. With the variety of options available in the market, finding the best mattress that guarantees a good sleep is an uncomfortable task.

Habitat Furnishings airbeds mattresses have arrived to rescue your mattress requirement with the right selections that best suit your specific needs and preferences.

Two key benefits: comfort and support are always necessary for a mattress to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The third and fourth additional benefit, that is, the value and choice that Habitat Furnishings airbed mattresses provide, distinguish them in the bedding industry. With the Habitat Furnishings beds you are assured of the best quality over price.

The range of options offered by this brand of bedding is long. Here we have compiled the best types of bedding manufactured by this bedding company. These include:


Its function of temperature sensitive mode is infused with gel to provide pressure relief and temperature regulation. The mattress is reversible and features natural wool on one side and refreshing gel on the other. The combination of natural wool, plush foam and cooling gel allows you to stay cool during your night’s sleep.

Both sides of the mattress are protected with antimicrobial fiber. Therefore, these beds are resistant to molds and dust mites, which guarantees their long duration.

If you aspire to satisfaction, then Habitat Furnishings Cottage Collection is the best option.

These beds feature an advanced coil construction along with fiber and foam support to help improve body alignment. The beds are impregnated with unique gel foam that offers durability, comfort and pressure relief, keys to sleep well at night.

To reduce the decomposition of the edges, these beds are reinforced with metal edge wire at the edges. This prevents wear on the edges of the bed and, therefore, improves the life of the bed.

Experience the opulent comfort and support resolved with the Habitat Furnishings Paradise collection. These mattresses feature memory foam memory that reduces stress and offers a pleasant comfort. The final combination of high quality foam layers provides a higher density that adapts to the shape of the body and provides exceptional support.

These beds, along with the ability to eliminate pressure points, also offer long-term durability, which makes this material an excellent choice for exuberant comfort and reliable support.


These beds have the traditional concept of inner spring integrated with the technologically advanced construction of the coils. The Habitat Furnishings Veridian collection is 100% made in the United States.

The beds are designed to improve torso alignment to reduce throwing and twisting, improving sleep quality. Its exclusive infused gel foam improves sleep with luxurious comfort and helps regulate body temperature for a restful sleep.

The list of mattress variants offered by Habitat Furnishings never ends. In addition to the collection mentioned above, the brand is also famous for the manufacture of other products for beds.

The manufacturers of Habitat Furnishings mattresses along with luxury and comfort also care about the cost of the mattress so that they are affordable for the population. Habitat Furnishings also provides Airbed pump & Airbed chambers.

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