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How To Patch An Air Mattress At Home?

How To Patch An Air Mattress At Home?

We were newbies in the camp and it was winter. We went up to our tents, we lay down on our inflatable mattresses and in our warm sleeping bags and we prepared ourselves to accommodate a cozy dream. And we wait that the dream comes and we wait a little longer.

And then we ask ourselves, why are we so cold? Are not our sleeping bags high enough? The cold was still rising below us, but we could not get warm enough. More layers of clothing were added to our bodies, but the cold lasted for 8 hours. As soon as the birds woke us up, we left our igloo like tents to get heat from a bonfire.

Upon our return to the city, we investigated and found in others that had preceded us, that these premium mattress foundation in winter can be a nightmare for campers. Your body can not heat the amount of air that circulates in the mattress, plus the cold that comes from the floor and that filters into the mattress, it just means that we were sleeping in a soft bed of ice that night.
Our lesson was learned in the most difficult way: invest in large mattresses and eliminate inflatable mattresses (more suitable for resting in a pool).
So when we returned to the city, we read about airbed System and started buying the right camping equipment!
Going to your bed, after a busy day outdoors while camping, should be a pleasant experience, so if you have questions about what to buy for your bedding, choose quality, not price.

While it may seem difficult to spend that extra money on a airbed mattresses, your body will thank you on a cold night! (In addition, they are much easier to store and do not require a pump to inflate).