Habitat Pure Latex Mattress FAQs

Habitat Pure Natural Latex FAQs

There are so many companies selling latex mattresses online now…why would I buy from you?

Good question. Our company has probably been in business building beds longer than almost any other manufacturer of latex beds- since 1994. Many companies are so new, and so technically unfamiliar with pure latex, or they use filler ingredients and only some latex components, that you are not really capitalizing on experience. We are seasoned veterans in the industry and we back it up-

We’re the only company that offers a full year- that’s 365 days- no questions asked trial period. You can return your pure latex mattress, your digital air bed, our Regal Tranquility, or our Titan mattresses any time within a full year.

Also, we only use pure, botanically derived latex, not synthetic or blended. We use a non toxic, non VOC, non formaldehyde based adhesive (most companies don’t tell you about their glues which continue to off gas for years) and offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our beds.

We also offer better customer service. During the work week, you’ll speak to a live person, and someone who likely owns and uses one of our mattresses. What you won’t get is a pushy salesperson talking to you from a cellphone in a Starbucks.

Our Air Beds are far more advanced technically than the leading brand air beds, and cost far less, too.

Where are you guys located and were do you ship from?

Our company was founded in the Washington, DC area, after which our sales and corporate headquarters were located to New Orleans, Louisiana (a port city). As we grew, we began placing our manufacturing facilities in strategic areas in the US to maximize efficiency and product consistency.

We build all of our mattresses in the US, in facilities in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Maryland.

How long does it take to get my mattress and how are they shipped?

From the day you place you order, the ship time varies on certain items. Pure latex mattresses generally arrive within 10-14 business days after order date. Remember, nothing is sitting around in our shops…your mattress is made from scratch to order.

If you order an adjustable base, please be aware that you will receive your mattress first, and split king and queen adjustable bases arrive approximately 4 weeks after the date you place your order.

Adjustable base deliveries and setups are pre-scheduled by phone, but most pure latex mattress are shipped via FedEx ground with tracking notification to email address supplied by you when you place your order.

The exceptions are King and Cal King 9” Skybeds, which are shipped via FedEx freight because of weight considerations and are delivered only after contacting you and scheduling an appointment. ALL OTHER latex mattress deliveries are shipped without signature required, and will de dropped off at your threshold unannounced on the day of delivery available by tracking your shipment online. We have never, ever had an incident of a mattress being stolen because it was left on a doorstep, and we’ve sold tens of thousands of our beds.

Is there a page where I can see all the various videos you have on your latex mattresses, foundations, and adjustable bed options?

Because people have asked to have a page with all our videos about the latex mattresses and its support options (foundation or adjustable base), we put together a page where you can find all this information.
Click Here To See All Our Latex Mattress, Foundation, And Adjustable Base Videos

What is the ILD of your pure latex mattresses?

First of all, ILD is short for Indentation Load Deflection, an industry term which simply means how much a square foot of any material would have to weigh to depress a sample of latex one inch. It’s a general guide to the density of latex.
Most people buy latex mattresses that are too firm- we have carefully adjusted and tweaked our recipes based on tens of thousands of mattresses sold and the feedback obtained from their owners.

We also factor in the fact that Dunlop latex, used as our 6” layer in all three of our models, is springier and livelier than latex grown in Sri Lanka, South America, or Asia. Our premium white Dunlop latex is from India, which offers the finest white latex rubber available.

The ILD of the bottom or 6” base layer is roughly 28 -it does vary a bit but generally hovers around that mark. The Pure Talalay layer that is used in our 8” and 9” beds is about 16 ILD. This may sound exceedingly soft, but it turns out that it is perceived as comfortable and buoyant for most people up to about 225 lbs.

If you weigh more than 225 lbs, you would be advised to look at our Big and Tall Pure Latex mattress, which is made using a base Dunlop layer of 50 ILD, considerably firmer, with a 36 ILD top piece to allow for some “cush factor”.

What is latex and what makes it different from other materials used in bedding?

Latex rubber is an all natural material derived from the sap of the Rubber Tree, Hevea brasiliensis. The trees are a renewable and sustainable resource, found plentifully in places such as South America (in similar environments where premium coffee beans are grown) India, and parts of southeast Asia, typically in tropical climates where there is a rainy season and a sunny, dry season.

Pure latex rubber is the only material used for the production of superior sleep surfaces because it is buoyant, supportive, instantly responsive to body movements, is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, and distributes weight and pressure points laterally (sideways) rather than downward, making it the world’s most sought after material for use in bedding.

We work only with plantations and growers that implement robust renewable resource techniques and policies, which insure responsible management so that as latex trees no longer produce latex, they can be harvested for their lumber, and another sapling is planted directly in the spot where the mature tree was removed.

Liquid latex rubber, harvested by hand from hundreds of thousands of trees on a typical plantation, is solidified into elastic rubber cores about 6″ thick, using a process called vulcanization, in giant “Belgian Waffle” like steam ovens.

It does not settle or pack down over time, and sleeps cool in summer and warm in winter because of its inherent breathability and open cell structure.

It is extremely durable, unlike petroleum based foams (memory foam, high density foams) which tend to degrade, discolor, and even collapse within a few years. Natural Latex has a lifespan of up to 40 years as a useful mattress, with virtually no deterioration over long spans of time.
Also, there is a distinction to be made between natural latex rubber, and the man made synthetic version, which is a petroleum based product. The synthetic version can produce “off-gassing” of petroleum based chemicals,and stink for years to come.

Where do you obtain your latex that is used in your mattress construction?

Our latex cores are obtained from two specific sources. Our Dunlop latex, used in our bottom 6” layer, the foundation of all three of our models, is obtained from India and Sri Lanka. These regions produce what we believe is the highest quality Dunlop latex due to the climate and quality control measures used by the on site facilities there to produce a clean liquid latex that is unadulterated with particulate matter, and whose consistency is reliable over a long period of time. Because we have been involved with latex for many, many years, we have had the ability to evaluate many sources for consistency and quality over time.

The second source for our latex is US based, though the raw ingredients are imported from various countries around the world, and is used to make the Talalay top layers of our 8” and 9” SkyBed models. You can read more about distinguishing about Dunlop and Talalay in more enhanced questions below.

Liquid latex cannot be produced in the U.S., because the climate is not tropical enough to provide year round temperature and humidity requirements, much like growing the ultimate coffee bean.

Why would I purchase a latex bed instead of a memory foam bed, air bed, or coil mattress?

Natural Latex has unique properties that make it different from other sleep surfaces. It tends to be more elastic, responds faster to body shifting than many memory foams, and will not indent with body impressions like many coil and pillow top mattresses. By pushing upward against the body rather than consuming it, latex provides the most effective support, cradling the body, filling in void areas in your lower back and between shoulder blades, and because it is so elastic, it is far easier to turn on than other sleep surfaces.

Unlike memory foam, pillow top coil mattresses, and other kinds of mattresses, you don’t have to dig your way out of your bed. Because it is not made from petroleum based materials, and is a naturally derived resource, there is no need for concern about off-gassing of chemicals from the mattress. User satisfaction ratings tend to be much higher because natural latex is so extraordinarily comfortable.

A Pure Natural Latex bed assists in improving circulation by softening pressure points without the “caved-in” or wet sand type feel, and tends to provide a “hovering” kind of sensation rather than a sinking feeling. There are no metal coils to contend with, no leaking air bladders, and no remote controls.

So, what is the difference between Dunlop and Talalay Latex?-it seems very confusing…

Probably the most commonly asked question out there. Very simply, all liquid latex rubber is collected exactly the same way…by hand, tapping thousands upon thousands of trees, exactly how you would collect maple syrup. We use Indian Dunlop because, like a fine coffee bean, it is grown in a climate that is perfect “habitable zone” for latex trees (Hevea brasiliensis trees).

Dunlop latex is made by collecting liquid latex and quickly pouring it into a big belgium waffle like steam oven, which has thousand of pins in the grid of the cook surface which, contrary to popular belief that they are there for creating effective ventilation in a latex mattress, are actually there to rapidly disperse heat so as to avoid scorching the latex.

The steam pressure ovens quickly solidify the liquid latex into a solid directly, in about 5 minutes. The solid core cools, and it removed and is ready for cutting and shipping. The resulting product is ideal for the base layer of any latex mattress since it is highly resilient, very elastic and buoyant, and has been time tested in the industry for over 60 years…battlefield prove to not depress or form ruts…even after decades of use.

This is why we build a Dunlop base layer into all three of our popular models.

The Talalay process is exactly the same technique or process, but once the liquid is poured into the steam oven, the liquid is quickly flash frozen immediately after the pour or when desired, depending upon where the manufacturer chooses to contain the bubble size in the foamy mixture..the smaller the bubble, the more firm the latex will feel, the large the bubble, the softer.

After the quick flash freeze step which sort of puts the bubbles into suspended animation, the oven quickly heats up to solidify the latex exactly at that density.

The Talalay method allows for finer control over the density of the material, it is also best for the top finished layer of a pure latex mattress because it is slightly less “jiggly”, great for motion dampening, but still allows for elastic, yielding pressure point reduction and can be made with only botanical materials just like Dunlop latex.

Why do you only make a 6″, 8″, and 9″ thick natural latex mattress? Why do you think that there’s no need to make a thicker mattress?

It is a common misperception in the mattress industry that the more stuff you build into the mattress, and the thicker it is, the better it must be. We call it the “piling on” phenomenon. When we designed our line of mattresses, we engineered our beds with comfort and support in mind .. each has their own specific kind of feel, providing the optimal amount of natural latex without adding unmanageable weight and materials.

It simply is not necessary to build a 12 inch thick latex mattress. Since the material is so resilient and elastic, even our 6″ model is designed to accommodate the typical adult, without the sensation that you’ve bottomed out because there is not enough support below.

The end result is a reasonably priced natural latex mattress made with pure, botanical materials, that is easy to handle and will last the full lifespan for which it was intended.

We have sold tens of thousands of our three simplistically designed pure latex beds, and the proof is in the pudding…over 95% of our bed owners will tell their friends about our pure latex mattresses.

Why do you not offer a “build your own mattress” selection, or offer the ability to switch out layers?

Many customers who research latex mattresses are very specific about their needs, and find manufacturers and stores that allow you to custom build your own latex mattress by selecting different densities of latex to give you a personalized feel to your bed. Before we designed our three models, our 6″ medium firm natural latex mattress, our 8″ medium soft natural latex model, and our 9″ plush SkyBed model, we experimented with this option, but soon discovered many problems and unique observations with the idea of “individually customized” latex mattresses.

One, latex mattresses that have layers that are not laminated together have shifting problems over time, with various layers bunching and migrating during use.
That is why we use a non-toxic latex based adhesive to laminate the 2 layers together in our 8″ and 9″ models. With our completely non-toxic adhesives keeping everything together and neatly in place, you won’t have to worry about constantly realigning and adjusting the layers in your mattress.

The difference between natural latex and other materials, is that you just don’t need to pile on multiple layers of different foams. Our research indicats that designing more complicated ( and therefore more expensive) mattresses with too many options and variations, did not necessarily add any benefit whatsoever .. the simpler the mattress, the less likelihood for failure.

I sleep really hot…Will a latex bed provide some benefit?

Among many of the characteristics of Latex is its ability to effectively dissipate heat. This is due to its open cell structure and the fact that it is less dense than memory foam and other bedding materials, which some people find warmer than other sleep surfaces. In fact, many people end up researching Latex beds for the sole purpose of finding a bed which does not “sleep hot”. Our advanced covering also maintains consistent body temperature, allowing you to sleep cool in summer, and warm in winter.

If you are using very high thread count sheets, 700 or higher, they provide minimal ventilation and can be the reason that a person sleeps hot. We recommend sheets with a thread count of 300-650.

What about a pillowtop or mattress pad ? Is that necessary to make a latex bed more comfortable?

We encourage our customers to sleep on our pure latex mattresses exactly the way we designed them. Adding various toppers will take away from sleeping directly on the latex. But, if you have a need for even more cushiness and support, or just a need to make it slightly higher, in which case you could add one of our latex topper pads to build up the sumptuous comfort of your mattress.

Most latex bed manufacturers offer a basic cover which is usually a stretch knit material, or a terrycloth type fabric. It is a thinner material which does not add unnecessary “fluffiness” to the bed, but rather allows you to be closer to the latex material underneath.

That is our intention, by offering thinner coverings, we can keep you close to what you are paying for, the latex. Often, most consumers are accustomed to buying the most “luxurious” poofy pillowtops they can find, and although it may add a degree of “sumptuousness” to the bed, you may be spending money on unnecessary embellishments that keep you too far from what’s underneath, that provides the benefits that you were after to begin with.
Bottom line, avoid overkill. Latex beds vary greatly in price. A 12″ thick piece of Natural latex in a mattress is probably not going to provide any more benefit than a 6″ piece. But you will certainly pay for it. Get the best materials for your need. But keep it simple in design.

I live in Wisconsin, and have really cold winters which makes my memory foam bed feel like a rock. Will a Latex bed be any different?

Pure, botanically derived Latex is highly elastic, even in cooler climes. Other materials, especially memory foam, since it is temperature reactive because of its higher density, aggressively responds to lower temperatures by becoming much stiffer, the colder it gets. Of course, it reacts equally as fast to a warm body, but in very cold environments, this may take some time. Expect latex bedding to be more reactive and responsive, even during colder times of year, or if you prefer to keep your ambient room temperature a little lower.

Does your company charge for shipping, and how is your product shipped?

We ship totally free of charge to you, via FedEx for all of our Natural Latex products. There are no hidden freight or shipping charges.

Our latex beds are packaged in an innovative vacuum packaging method. When your order is processed for shipping, the mattress is gently rolled and double bagged using heavy plastic. This rolling process will not harm the mattress in any way. This method has been field tested and used for many years by our factory.

A vacuum system is used to remove air to reduce the thickness of the bed during the shipping process. It is then sleeved into a heavy duty corrugated box, and shipped. We do not require signatures on any of our beds, except our 9″ SkyBed King and California King models that are shipped via FedEx freight because they exceed the FedEx Ground weight limit.

Remove the outer box and keep the mattress inside of the plastic bag until you bring it into the bedroom. Do not use knives, boxcutters, or any sharp objects to cut the plastic. Tear open the plastic bag and remove by unsleeving it from the mattress. The bed will immediately start to return to its original shape.

Place the mattress onto your existing foundation or platform. Adjust the four corners in place. The mattress is ready for use immediately.

What if I don’t like it and want to return it?

If for any reason, our Latex beds are not what you expected them to be, you may return it within 365 days of the date of delivery for a full refund, less a modest $99 return ship charge, no questions asked. Because we package our latex mattresses using a unique and proprietary vacuum packaging system, you will not be able to repackage your mattress back into the original container.

You would only be required to fold your mattress in half, wrap in sheet or drop cloth plastic (available at Home Depot or Lowes) and tape it up. We use a nation wide removal service that will pick up your mattress.

Simply call us at 1-800-313-2591 to arrange for removal and we will handle the details for you. A rebate check for the full amount less a $99 return ship charge, will be issued within 10-12 business days.

Why do you offer only 3 models? I see some companies that offer over 15 models. How do I know which one is right for me?

We have been in the bedding business for over 22 years, and we have sold many different kinds of mattresses. Most consumers start out enthusiastically searching for a bed for one basic reason…they want something comfortable that is reasonably priced. The bedding industry is so highly competitive these days, that most manufacturers add endless features and new models which only makes choosing a mattress more confusing. This can turn the experience of buying a new mattress into a nightmare…how do you choose from so many options. That’s why we keep it simple and streamlined.

Read through our Natural Latex page and you’ll find hundreds of reviews on our three model lineup, all written by customers who own them. Each model offers unique features. Carefully calibrating our lineup so that anyone can find the perfect bed. Here’s a brief overview of what most of our customers tell us about each model.

6″ Habitat Pure Latex Mattress– provides a firmer, more resilient feel. Best for back and stomach sleepers, but provides enough “cushiness” for side sleeper who prefer a firmer feel. Excellent if you’ve had back or neck surgery, have lower back problems or spine issues in general.

8″ Habitat Pure Latex Mattress- most popular model- provides same supportive feel but with an added 2″ softer layer on top, reduces shoulder and hip pressure points for side sleepers, allows for some immersion into the mattress, which gives it a comfy, yet buoyant feel, easy to turn over on.

9″ Habitat Pure Latex Mattress- highly popular, offers softest, most sumptuous feel…for folks used to softer mattress or wanting a cushier, higher level of immersion, yet still buoyantly supportive. Excellent for back, belly and side sleepers. Very beneficial for those with shoulder or hip injuries, back surgeries, fused vertebrae, offers a kind of “built in pillow top” effect. Tip- Most Habitat employees own this mattress!

Is it really necessary to have an 18″ tall mattress?

We talked about this in the previous question, but, how much of the “good stuff” (in our case, natural Latex material) is required to make a comfortable bed? The answer is not an easy one. Our first task was to determine what people wanted from a Latex Bed. We knew lots of people were looking for them, and lots of people were aware of the unique properties they have. Over the last couple of years, we reviewed dozens of retailers product lines, looked at many different beds with many combinations of latex with different densities and thicknesses at shows, and talked to industry reps about their opinions.

We test drove a variety of Natural Latex mattress configurations, and we have evaluated and worked with every kind of pure latex that is available today. That is why we chose 100% Natural Dunlop and Talalay Latex for our layers, and designed our three model lineup using highly proprietary densities and thicknesses of these high quality materials.

Finally, we simply distilled everything down to what we thought would be a simplistic lineup that offered generous comfort at a reasonable price, with the benefits of Natural Latex being the primary consideration. You don’t get all the unnecessary “piling on” of layers that simply separate you from the wonderful qualities of natural latex, which is what you are buying to deliver the best benefits possible that help you sleep better.

We offer 3 very simplistically designed models. The price you pay includes free shipping and a 365 night trial period. We think they provide a good range of comfort choices which maximize the benefits of Natural Latex.

What kind of warranty do I get with my Latex bed?

We offer a 20 Year Factory Warranty with every bed we sell. This means that the warranty covers you for a full 20 years, with full replacement coverage for the first 10 years, and after that,the warranty is pro-rated, meaning the amount the warranty covers at the beginning of year 11 is 50% of the original purchase price, and this decreases by 5% every year until the end of the 20 year period.

The warranty is comprehensive, and specifically covers any manufacturers defect, and also specifically addresses body impressions and rutting, something which does not normally happen with Natural Latex. Liquid spillage or stains of any kind voids the warranty. We highly recommend using a waterproof mattress protector, which is a product we carry that you can add to your order.

How long will my Natural Latex bed last?

We’ve seen Natural Latex beds which date from the 1970’s, still pliable, flexible, a little worn from use, but amazingly intact, after being visibly torn open to reveal the latex and the dated bedding tag from that era. When treated with proper care and used in a typical household environment, it can be reasonably expected to last 20-30 years, especially if you use a protective water proof cover on the mattress.