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Lifting Properly to Avoid Back Pain During the Holidays

The article Christmas turkeys are a pain in the ‘back’, literally gave me a chuckle but also spurred me to write about lifting properly to avoid back pain.  At one time or another, most people are guilty of lifting heavy items improperly.

This article, which is out of London, states that the British College of Osteopathic Medicine reports more back injuries after Christmas than any other time.  The BCOM claims that failing to bend the knees properly when lower the turkey into the oven can pull muscles in the back and lead to strained ligaments.  They also suggest that carrying too many heavy shopping bags also can lead to “turkey back.”

Dr. Ian Drysdale is quoted as saying, “When you’re lifting the turkey out of the oven, bend your knees and keep your back straight.  Don’t stoop or twist and you’ll avoid unnecessary pulled muscles.”  When it comes to shopping, Dr. Drysdale says, “When it comes to shopping sprees, make sure you avoid carrying all your bags in one hand – try and distribute the weight as evenly as you can.”

I think there are other factors that contribute to back pain this time of year.  They include shoveling snow, cutting down or carrying Christmas trees, reaching and over stretching to decorate trees, pulling decorations out of the attic, hanging lights, putting items together, and tossing your young relatives into the air during family visits.

One way to help ease your back pain is by sleeping on a comfortable mattress.  Two comfortable specialty beds you should look into are the air bed and the latex mattress.

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