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Man Stays Awake for 11 Days

When I saw the article entitled How can someone stay awake for 11 days? my first thought was – Why on Earth would someone want to stay awake that long?! The guy had to be nuts! (My opinion because I could never imagine even trying that.)

Apparently there used to be a category for this in the Guinness Book of World Records but the category is no longer acknowledged and was removed entirely in 1989 due to the fact that it is too dangerous.  A previous record acknowledged by the famous record book was 264 hours (exactly 11 days) set in 1964 by a 17-year-old American boy.  Some claim that the 1964 record was beaten by a Finnish man who went 276 hours without sleep and that the record was in the Guinness Book until the category was removed entirely in 1989.

How did Tony Wright, the English man who claims to be the new record holder, stay awake for over 11 days?  Who cares?!  The record doesn’t exist and going without sleep that long is extremely dangerous.  On the fifth day of Wright’s experiment he wrote in his blog that he saw “giggling dancing pixies and elves” in place of the text on his computer screen.  If that isn’t enough for someone to realize they are putting their brain and body in serious jeopardy, I don’t know what is!

Even small amounts of sleep deprivation are unhealthy and put a tremendous amount of strain on the body and brain.  Sleepy drivers are a dangerous threat on our roads and sleepy workers are less productive than rested ones.  In order to stay happy and healthy, people need to get enough proper sleep.  One way to improve your sleep is by making sure you are sleeping on a comfortable bed.  Two specialty beds that are rapidly gaining popularity for their comfort are the air bed and the natural latex mattress.  Check them out to see how you can sleep more easily.

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