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Natural Latex Foam Mattresses

Are we the only place that really stresses the difference between what is called a “latex foam mattress” and a 100% all natural latex mattress?  Once again I have come across an article that seeks to inform the consumer, but yet fails to point out that nearly 80% of all latex mattresses have synthetic petrochemicals in them.  We strive to help people who come to our site understand the difference between latex mattresses that are synthetic and contain petrochemicals and 100% all natural latex mattresses.

The author of Latex Foam Mattresses does make some good points about what a latex mattress offers, but he fails to really point out that “latex” may not necessarily mean that a product is natural latex.

We aim to educate our site visitors so they know the difference between synthetic latex and 100% all natural latex.  We even have a video on our latex mattress page.  Check it out and you will know the difference.