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Natural Latex Mattress Or Air Bed…Which One?

If you've studied our beds deeply, you know that we use natural latex in one of our Air Bed models as well as well as in our 100% natural latex bed program. Many folks who come onto our site looking for natural latex mattresses, get onto our Air Bed page, and after much deliberation and several phone calls to our expert bedding sales staff, often select one of our Habitat Air Bed systems instead of a pure Natural Latex mattress.

You might ask, why would I buy an Air Bed over a Natural Latex mattress?..or vicey versey, so to speak...First of all, Air Bed wise, many of you already have done the leading brand's Sleep Number bed, didn't like it, want a really good quality Air Bed system, and opt to buy either our Arise, Aloft, or Ascend Air Bed System. You're going to get major bang for your buck, and you're getting a bed that is built from the ground up using individually sourced components, engineered to our ridiculously picky and annoying standards (we drive our manufacturers crazy, squeezing them to find the best components on the planet, but at the right price).

So if you're set on an Air Bed, the discussion is over there. What if you like the concept of an Air Bed, and it's independent adjustability  with our dual remote control system, but you also like the all natural, eco-friendly, greener design and extreme comfort factor offered by one of our Natural Latex beds? Answer: Since we build in the natural latex layer into our Ascend model, you're getting the wonderfully elastic, yet giving and yielding qualities of latex...but also with the tweakability factor to customize your bed with our air chamber system.

It's likely that you may find the bed less bouncy and springy, or responsive, as our Natural latex, since the natural latex is immersed a bit deeper under the quilted top. You get "nestling in" qualities in our Air Beds, with the 2" natural latex layer working in concert with other support foam layers including our memory foam layer in the Ascend model, but it provides more muted elasticity, so motion transfer is a bit more controlled, an important issue for some.

Also, our Air Bed is made from some man-made, though quite sophisticated materials...so, if you're trying to buy an all natural mattress, you probably need to consider our Natural Latex program.

With any of our Natural Latex mattress models, you are in close proximity with 100% pure latex rubber and the end result is a mattress that offers up a whole lot of effervescent personality. Our natural latex mattress also has more of a "drifting on calm waters" floating, buoyant feel, as one customer described it, but offers no way to change or adjust one side from the other.

Bottom line, if there are two of you and one likes firm, and the other like plush and softer, it's an obvious choice to opt for one of our Air Bed systems.

And again, if there are two of you and you can share similar qualities in a mattress, but you insist on a more lively, bouncier, springier feel, without the pillowtop "nestle factor", and you like the green, eco-friendly design, our Natural Latex mattress is totally up your alley. If you're still confused, give us a call and we can sort of "diagnose" your specific needs. Remember, we offer 3 models in our Natural Latex program, our firmer 6" model, and our slightly softer, but still supportive 8" model, or our plusher, more giving 9" model.