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Natural Latex Mattresses: How to Find a Reliable Latex Mattress Review Site

Are you thinking about buying a natural latex mattress?  Perhaps you have been reading latex mattress review sites.  How do you know if these are legitimate or if they are actually just sites created by latex manufacturers or retailers for their particular mattress or store?  It can be hard to tell.  That’s why it’s important to do a little homework and only shop at mattress retailers that are monitored by unbiased third parties.

The article Finding A Trustworthy Memory Foam Mattress Review points out the you will never find a negative review on a company’s own web site.  This is true, of course.  That is why you should only shop for a natural latex mattress (or any mattress) from a retailer that is monitored by an unbiased third party like Shopping.com or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  With Shopping.com what the customer writes is what you get to see – whether it is positive or negative.  The retailer can’t pick and choose what you see like it can on its own website or literature.  The BBB is also uncensored by the retailer and gives each retailer a letter grade based on its performance and any complaints that are filed.  Look for a retailer with an A+ or A rating with the BBB.

Habitat Furnishings offers both all natural latex mattresses and air beds.  We are happy to share our customer reviews with you through unbiased third parties and have a perfect 5-Star rating with Shopping.com and an A+ rating with the BBB.