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Natural Latex Mattresses: The Importance of the Money Back Guarantee

Are you thinking about an all natural latex mattress?  Maybe you think you’d like one, but you’re afraid that if you try one and don’t like that you will be stuck with it and out a whole lot of money.  This is why a true money-back guarantee is so important.

Only buy your all natural latex mattress from a retailer that lets you try it in your own home for an extended period.  We recommend at least 180 days.  You want to only buy if you have a money-back guarantee.  If you don’t like it, you want to be able to get your money back.  Don’t fall for a store credit or “comfort” guarantee (tricky way of saying store credit).  Either of those could leave you out a bunch of money and stuck with a mattress you don’t want.

To make sure a mattress retailer follows through on its return policies and money-back guarantees, make sure they are monitored by a third party like Shopping.com or the Better Business Bureau.  They will allow you to check on a company’s record and show that they do return money and follow their policies as promised.

At Habitat Furnishings, we are the web’s specialty bedding experts.  We offer money-back guarantees on all our air beds and all natural latex mattresses.  Check out our site to learn more.