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Pure Latex Pillowslatexpillow

Our natural talalay latex pillows are molded into one piece, not shredded, making them soft and giving, yet gently supportive without bottoming out. They are excellent for head and neck use, but flexible and elastic enough to use as a body pillow.

Our customers like the fact that latex pillows do not retain heat, so constant flipping is not required during the night to keep cool.

Available in 3 sizes (standard, queen and king). They are 100% natural pin core molded latex.  Natural Latex is dust mite proof, hypo-allergenic, and will not tolerate mold or mildew. Excellent for people with allergies or other sensitivities.

They are rectangular, like conventional bed pillows. If you like our natural latex pillows, you may want to check out our line of All Natural Latex Mattresses. If you’ve been searching for a supportive yet soft pillow, we invite you to try a latex pillows.

Free FedEx Shipping. Approximate delivery time is 7-10 days, unless you order with a latex mattress, then pillows are shipped along with the mattress.  

Latex pillows are not returnable or exchangeable.

Mattress Protectors


Our Healthy Sleep Supreme Mattress Protectors provides a breathable yet waterproof barrier which protects your mattress and keeps it clean. It's a must have for any mattress, protecting your bed from accidental liquid spills.

Equipped with an elastic stretchable edge all the way around, it slips over your mattress like a fitted sheet and it can be machine washed and dried with your bed linens.

A mattress protector is absolutely the best investment you can make for your mattress. Liquid spills are never covered under warranties, regardless of where you buy your mattress.

It will keep perspiration, dust mites, and allergens away from your mattress surface, keeping your bed looking brand new for years to come. The 10 year factory warranty protects the value of your mattress in the event of unlikely failure and it does not change the feel of your mattress.

Place the mattress protector directly over your mattress, then install your fitted sheet directly over the mattress protector. Doctor recommended. Fits all of our mattresses, since it can stretch from 6-17" in depth.


Low Profile Sheets

Handcrafted In The USA


Our customers sometimes tell us that they have difficulty finding sheets that fit lower profile mattresses. Many sheets are designed with deep pocketed corners for mattresses that are up to 18″ tall. With many mattresses, these sheets are often too baggy and do not provide a tailored fit.

We offer a low profile sheet set that fits mattresses 6-11″ thick. Our sheets are crafted using 100% combed cotton, with a sateen weave, giving the sheet a smoother feel than conventional sheets. Combed cotton sheets are very durable, wash well, and feel smooth. Our 618 thread count sheets are not heavy, breathe well (so they will not sleep hot), and can be machine washed and dried. All sewn edges are double stitched, and we source our sheets from a company in the U.S. that specializes in just that…sheets.

Available in white only. Each set comes with a fitted and flat sheet, and pillow case(s) in corresponding sizes. Twin and Twin Long sets include 1 standard pillow case, Full sheet sets include 2 standard pillow cases, Queen sets include two queen pillow cases, King and Cal King include two king pillow cases.

100% Mulberry Silk Filled Comforter


When we discovered this Mulberry Silk Comforter and compared it against others that we had tested, we were astonished at just how different this comforter was.

With 4.1 lbs of pure silk fill inside a Queen comforter, and 4.6 lbs inside a King, the breathability of these comforters is amazing. The outer encasement is 300 thread count sateen cotton, which helps ventilate the silk so that it holds the optimal amount of body heat. A natural silk comforter does not feel excessively heavy but rather glides upon you and offers enough weight to give you a cozy and secure feeling.

Made using the world's finest Mulberry silk, which is produced by silkworms consuming a strict diet of Mulberry leaves. Only Mulberry silk offers the finer, softer threads that provide better insulation and a smoother feel.

The unique box stitching prevents migration and movement of the silk fibers. This compartmentalizes the silk and prevents lumpiness, a major problem with many comforters.

Dry clean only.  Approximate ship time is 10 days. 

Pillow Options:

Pure Latex Pillow


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Standard 15×24, Queen 15×30, King 15×36

Mattress Protector Sizes:

Mattress Protector


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Twin 39×75, Twin Long 38×80, Full 54×75, Queen 60×80, King 76×80, Cal. King 72×84

Low Profile Sheet Sizes:

Low Profile Sheets


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Twin 39×75, Twin Long 38×80, Full 54×75, Queen 60×80, King 76×80, Cal. King 72×84, Split Queen, Split King, Split Cal. King

Mulberry Silk Comforter:

100% Mulberry Silk Comforter


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Twin 64×88 – 2.8lbs, Queen 89×92 – 4.1lbs, King 89×102 – 4.6lbs