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We created our lineup of 100% Natural Latex Mattresses, Latex Hybrid Mattresses, Habitat Premium Air Bed Systems, and our Regal Tranquility Mattress using the finest ingredients on the planet. Our Habitat Pure Latex mattresses are rated the finest in the industry by third party sites, featured in USA Today’s Living Healthy issue, and our Habitat Arise®, Aloft®, and Habitat Ascend® Air Bed Systems are reasonably priced and easy to choose from.  All of our mattresses offer extended no questions asked trial periods, with liberal return policies and excellent customer service!

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Our Pure Latex, Regal Tranquility, Titan Big&Tall, & Premium Air Beds Have A 365 Day No Questions Asked Trial Period And Our Habitat Hybrid Mattress Has A 90 Day Trial Period

Our company founder and owner, Marc Anderson, who works the phones alongside his highly trained sales team- and loves to spend time with customers, spent years developing our product line, and our company has sold thousands of mattresses to loyal customers, many of whom come back again and again to purchase additional mattresses and accessories from our pure latex pillows, latex topper pads, and many other products.

When you purchase one of our mattresses, you’ll get a comprehensive factory warranty, and a feeling of confidence knowing that you can return your mattress for any reason whatsoever, if you don’t like it. Our 365 night trial period provides a length of time which allows you to adapt to and experience the mattress over a long period of time, without counting the days on your calendar.

Any time you need any assistance, or if you have any questions, give us a call. Our sales team uses the products we sell, and are very easy going-you’ll never feel like you’re pressured and we can fit you to the correct mattress using a variety of preferences, medical conditions, and height and weight considerations.

Special Needs? Higher Weight Or Larger Build? We’ve Got A Mattress Designed For You

We’re always working on something new, or testing new products or components in our lineup of mattresses. For example, our pure latex mattresses have slowly changed over the years as customers have given us feedback. Our mattress designs, using carefully calibrated densities and thicknesses of latex layers, and our premium outer cover, have been largely influenced and re-invented by our customers through the years.

For larger framed folks (over 250 lbs) we’ve developed a mattress called the Titan, built exactly like our 8″ pure latex model, but using much more dense layers, both top and bottom. We’ve sold hundreds of these mattresses, and our customers love them. No sinking or bottoming out, easy to turn on, which is harder for folks of stature. Give us a call if you think our Titan mattress can help you, or visit the Titan page here.

For bed bound folks, or for those who spend more than eight hours a day in bed, we can also provide alternative solutions using different densities and kinds of latex for your application. We’re here to help.

Get A Free Organic Cotton Cover With Any Natural Latex Mattress, Regal Tranquility, Or Latex Hybrid - A Value Worth Up To $450

For a limited time, all of our Pure Latex, Latex Hybrid, and Regal Tranquility mattresses are automatically shipped to you with our premium organic cover. To get your FREE Organic cover on our 100% Pure Natural Latex Mattress, simply order your mattress through our shopping cart or call 800-313-2591 to place your order! Our organic coverings are sewn in the USA. They are double stitched, have flexible yet strong and responsive feel so that our Pure Latex responds precisely with the material, and is the finest organic material available. Our Habitat Air Bed Systems are built with a Natural Bamboo Outer Covering, a natural fiber that is also flexible and highly durable.