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Sleep Inducing Milk

Brian Yalung introduces us to sleep inducing milk in Sleep Inducing Milk Being Tested in Taiwan.  According to the article, New Image Group is currently working on a new sleep inducing milk for those who have trouble sleeping.

According to the article, the milk has high levels of peptides (or protein fractions), which are believed (who believes?) to help people sleep.  This sleep inducing milk could be on the market by the middle of 2010.

Are you kidding me?  There better be a lot of heavy duty research behind this before people start to drink altered milk to sleep better.  I’m sure you would seem to sleep much better if your milk contained narcotics or depressants too, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea either.

What sounds better than altered milk is a comfortable bed.  Why not check out our custom designed air bed before pouring something into your body that is probably best left in the lab?

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