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Sleep Stages

The Bedzine.com article Stages of Sleep is written by “guest.”  It seems factual, but since there are no references cited, I would say it is pleasure reading rather than non-fiction.

My interest in the stages of sleep comes from being tested in a sleep lab when I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder.  I find it fascinating that by hooking a bunch of wires and sleep machines to you that researchers can actually tell how long it takes to get to each stage of sleep, what stage of sleep you are in, and how long you stay in each stage.  Having this type of ability has allowed researchers learn so much about how we sleep and how we should sleep.

In the end, it was determined that I get to deep sleep very quickly, but that I fall asleep abnormally too fast in the day.  The researcher said, “Ahhh, you sleep so well…”  Too bad it was 2 p.m.

One thing many people have learned is that in order to sleep well, you need to have a comfortable bed.  The latex mattress, or, more specifically, the natural latex mattress is becoming more and more popular as people understand the importance of good sleep to their health and well-being.  Another comfortable bed that you should look into to improve your sleep is a custom designed air bed.

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