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The Air Bed Deconstructed: How an Air Bed is Really Made

We are amazed a how much “leading brand” charges for their overpriced air bed.  It’s unbelievable what an expensive advertising campaign and a few “magic” numbers do to make people think they should pay twice as much as they need to for a quality air bed.  “Leading brand” spends about 40 million dollars a year on marketing and advertising and passes on those cost to you, the consumer.

We’ve been in the specialty bedding business for over 15 years and spent the last two years developing our own air beds, the Arise and Ascend Air Beds Systems, to give you a better quality air bed than “leading brand” at half the price of their lower end best seller.

So how is an air bed constructed anyway?  An air bed is quite simple really – just 5 basic ingredients.  You have the the air bladder, a pump, some foam rails around the air bladder to help support it and provide shape, the outer quilted top, and a remote control.  We don’t think an air bed needs to be overpriced and overrated and we are happy to be able to bring our quality air bed to you for half the priced of “leading brand.”

We are so confident that you will love one of our air beds that we give you 180 days to try it in your own home.  If you don’t like it, you can get your money back.  All we ask is that you pay $75 (subtracted from your refund) to help defray the return shipping costs.  We ship it to you for free!  To learn more about our quality air beds and natural latex mattresses, check out Habitat Furnishings.