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The All Natural Latex Mattress: Yes, It's Really That Great!

Maybe you have heard about the benefits of an all natural latex mattress.  Maybe you’re thinking it’s just a lot of hype.  What’s the real deal?  Is an all natural latex mattress really as good as you’ve heard?  If you’ve heard it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, then yes, it’s as good as you’ve heard.

An all natural latex mattress is very comfortable. It’s also antimicrobial, dust mite free, and resists mold and mildew.  It is 100% all natural and botanically derived and will last 20 – 30 years (look for one with a 20 year warranty).  A 100% all natural latex mattress is great for those with allergies, asthma, or those who just want a healthier sleeping environment.  (Who doesn’t want that?)

Now that you know what an all natural latex mattress is all about, I have to warn you about the “pretenders.”  Up to 80% of latex mattresses are actually not all natural, but are made synthetically using potentially harmful petrochemicals.  Manufacturers and retailers use the word “natural” because there is some natural latex in these products, but they aren’t even close to being the same thing as a 100% botanically derived natural latex mattress.

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