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The Future for the All Natural Latex Foam Mattress

In Is There A Future For Organic And Foam Mattresses?, the writer ponders whether there is indeed a future for organic and foam mattresses.  My response to this is, “Are you kidding me?  Of course there is!”

More and more people are looking to remove unhealthy chemicals and synthetic products from their lives.  People are seeing the connection between chemicals and illness.  People are also wising up and realizing how important regular restful sleep is to their health.  All of this awareness of healthy living and healthy sleep has contributed to the increase in those who look for all natural and organic products, including mattresses.

Our 100% all natural latex mattress is completely all natural and botanically derived.  Up to 80% of latex mattresses are made synthetically with potentially harmful petrochemicals.  It is important to understand this and really know what you are buying when you choose a latex mattress.  To read more about the difference between synthetic latex and 100% all natural latex, check out our latex mattress page at Habitat Furnishings.