The Health Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress

Everyone is looking for a comfortable mattress, but what about a mattress that can provide health benefits?  A 100% natural latex mattress can do just that.  It’s not only comfortable and durable, but it provides health benefits that no other mattress can equal.

The article entitled The Story behind Organic Latex Mattresses is what got me thinking about this topic.  Most people don’t think about health benefits from their mattress.  They just want to be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep (which is also necessary for good health).

The reason a natural latex mattress is so healthy is that it is antimicrobial, dust mite free, and resists mold and mildew.  When I read about how much dust and grime is in even the cleanest traditional mattress, I cringe.  I have pretty severe environmental allergies and dust mites are one of my bad allergens.  We all have dust around our houses, in our carpets, on our blinds, etc., but why lie right in it?

Unfortunately, up to 80% of the latex mattresses being sold today are actually made synthetically using petrochemicals. Those who sell these mattresses claim they are just as good as a 100% natural latex mattress, but this simply isn’t true.  They also claim they are cheaper.  The problem with that logic is that a natural latex mattress is much more durable than a synthetic one.  A natural latex mattress doesn’t develop the dips and sways that are common in a synthetic latex mattress.  This makes the natural latex mattress much more cost effective and a better bang for your buck.

A natural latex mattress does provides some great health benefits, but don’t be scammed by the “pretenders.”  To learn the difference between a true natural latex mattress and a synthetic latex mattress, go to Habitat Furnishings – the web’s specialty bedding experts.

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